Amazon Echo

Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that works with Alexa voice assistant.

With Alexa, Echo tells you about number of things like weather info, playing music, control smart devices, setting alarms, and much more. 

Wake up Amazon Echo device by using 'Alexa' command. Alexa default command is changeable and can be set to anything like 'hi echo'.

After hearing the wake word, Amazon Echo Device records everything you say.

Amazon is not spying on you by recording your voice. You can view and listen to the recordings to ensure that it's not capturing personal information.

Amazon Echo is a smart home device. It can act as a hub to monitor other smart home devices like television, Air conditioner or anything.

Pairing any device such as phone or tablet to an amazon echo is just a matter of seconds.

Do I need to have an Amazon account to use Echo?

You need to have a basic Amazon account in order to set up and use an amazon Echo device with Alexa. 

Some of the best Amazon Echo Devices are

 Amazon Echo Flex

 Amazon Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation 

 Amazon Echo 4th Generation 

 Amazon Echo Dot With Clock