Amazon Kindle

Know Secrets of using Kindle e-reader

The kindle has a parental control which is very useful for parents to prevent childrens from finding inappropriate content.

1. Turn Kindle into Children's Device

Access News site directly through kindle web browser. The news sites supports reading mode

2. Kindle’s web browser

Make your book library private by enabling the password to the ebook reader.

3. Lock Kindle with password

Simply add your favorite book into your created group. Make collections of your favorite books with ease.

4. Create groups of collection

 If you forget to take kindle with you, no need to worry. View kindle annotations on any device. Kindle Notes and bookmarks sync across all your devices

5. View annotations from kindle on any device

Kindle advanced filters will allow you to manage books better.

6. Kindle Search Filters

The hidden share button on the reading page will let you share a book to a family or friend via email

7. Share Kindle Books

Remove the permission to collect personal data by clicking the 3 dots in the library and going to settings. 

8. Remove the permission to collect personal data for advertising

Kindle ebook reader is becoming popular among readers

Amazon kindle is available in 3 Models

 Kindle Oasis

 Kindle Paper White

 Kindle traditionalists