Big Changes To Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 could get a brand new flat design and lots of new features

The Apple is expected to launch three new models of apple watch series 8

The Apple watch series 8 announcment and release/Launch will be between September to november

One of the models of Apple watch series 8 will especially be made for atheles, hikers, etc. This model will have rugged casting

The series 8 watch will also come in 3 sizes. The large, the small, and finally the medium size.

The new temperature sensor and the blood glucose tracking can be the new additions to the Apple watch series 8

The major upgrade we could see is the S8 chip. This can improve performance and battery life of Series 8

1. Fast Charging

2. Car crash detection feature

3. Updates to activity tracking

4. Low power mode 

What's More to expect in Apple Watch Series 8?

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