How to use Amazon Echo?

As A Speaker

Set up Amazon Echo before using it as a speaker. Echo is a standalone speaker that use a WiFi connection

Step 1

Once the Amazon Echo is paired to the device, Open the Alexa App and navigate to play

Step 2

From Amazon Music, tap the soundtrack you want to listen on your Amazon echo device

Or scroll down to the bottom of the app to link the new music service such as pandora

Step 3

Step 4

After selecting new service, Tap "Enable To Use Button" on the Alexa app

Step 5

Enter the credentials and give Alexa a permission to link your new service account

Step 6

After linking your new service account, close the window

Step 7

Link as many services you want to listen on your Amazon Echo device

Step 8

At last, Simply Use your linked music service by saying “Alexa, play Pandora”

Either ask Alexa to play music or simply use Alexa App to listen to your favorite music track on the Amazon echo device