Mac Mini M2 2022

The 2022 Mac Mini M2 is expected to retain the same design as the current M1 Mac Mini

Apple is likely to launch the Mac Mini 2022 in two versions.

 One version will be Mac Mini with an M2 chip much Faster than M1 Chip Model

And, the other version will be Mac Mini with an M2 Pro Chip. The Pro chip Mac Mini Model is going to be even faster than Simple M2 chip model

The M2 Chip is expected to have an 8-Core CPU and 10-Core GPU

 The M2 Pro Chip  is expected to come out with an 10-Core CPU and More than 16-Core GPU

With the addition of more cores in the GPU, the graphical performance of Mac Mini 2022 is going to increase by 40 Percent 

The Storage options for Mac Mini M2 will be 256Gb, 512Gb,1TB,2TB and 4TB

The Mac Mini M2 is expected to be available in 8GB RAM which will go up to a Max of 32GB

The Price Of Mac Mini M2 2022

Apple Mac Mini Price is expected to jump due to powerful M2 Chip and design improvements