Apple MacBook Air 2022



 The new Macbook Air could be launched in June 2022. The changes in the design are expected.


The expectations are that the bezels will be slimmer and apple will not stick to just 2 colors this time. Macbook Air is expected to be available in different colors

M2 Chip

The Macbook Air is likely to be powered by M2 Chip which is faster than Its previous M1 Chip Model.

Long Battery Life

The M2 Chip will not only boost the performance but it will also improve the battery life of upcoming Macbook Air


Magsafe Charging is back on MacBook pro  and is likely to make it's way to the new 2022 MacBook Air

Thunderbolt Ports

According to the rumors, the Apple will add two thunderbolt ports to this year Macbook Air


The M2 Chip will bring the more powerful 10-Core GPU. The addition of 2-Core to GPU from the last generation Macbook Air


The leaks claim that this year Macbook Air will stick to the USB-C ports only.


The new Macbook Air may get an Improved FaceTime HD Camera With 1080p Resolution


It is Expected that the new Macbook Air may get be available in 16GB RAM and Storage of 1TB

The Price Of Macbook Air 2022

Apple Macbook Price is expected to jump due to some new additions.