MacOS Mode For iPads?

The Apple is working on giving the iPads a MacOS like UI.

This Means the future iPads could include the ability to transform tablet into MacOS like user experience 

iPad/ MacBook hybrid is not a rumor anymore. The new patent from apple confirmsed MacOs mode for iPads

iPad and MacBook combo is going to merge in the future

With this, it will be possible to do Mac-Like Multitasking and run several windows at once on ipads.

According to apple patent, this new patent involves hinged ipad keyboard accessory

Just connect or attach an iPad  to external keyboard to get full MacOS like system on the tablet

If detached from keyboard, the combo serves as an ‌iPad‌ with the ‌Apple Pencil‌ and when attached to a keyboard, it transforms into a Mac with touchscreen capabilities.

The MacOS mode in the ipad will also improve the lagging experience of iPad OS