Image Source: Apple

Pre-Order M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch

Apple Reveals the M2 Macbook Pro 13 inch at WWDC June event

The new M2 MacBook Pro is 1.4 times faster than the previous M1 MacBook Pro

The starting price of the new 13" MacBook Pro is $1299

Apple will take the orders of the Latest 2022 Macbook Pro M2 from June 24

Or you can pre-order your M2 MacBook Pro At 5.30 PM (IST) on June 17 (Friday)

New M2 Macbook pro 13" Model will only be available in 2 colors: Silver And Space grey

Image Source: Apple

Only MacBook Pro is available for pre-orders, not M2 Macbook Air

1. 20 hours battery Life

2. Upto 2TB storage

3. Upto 24 GB RAM

4. Matching Magsafe Charging cable

What else about  13 inch MacBook Pro M2?

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