Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Leaks

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to power Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip

Fold 4 screen size is expected to be the same as the Galaxy Z fold 3 (7.6" interior and 6.2" exterior) 

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is rumored to feature 50MP rear camera with 3X zoom and 4 MP under display camera with 10 MP exterior front camera

Unlike the performance boosts, the battery life might not be boosted as it is expected that the Samsung Z fold 4 to have the same 4,400 Mah battery

The newly leaked images show that colors in which the Galaxy Fold 4 will be available are: Cream, Black and Gray

10 August will be the date we expect Samsung to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 at unpacked event

We assume that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be above $1500

You can watch the unpacked Samsung's event at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT / 3 p.m. BST on 10th of August 2022 on YouTube