Video Presentation Maker With Voice Over: Create Stunning Presentations 2021

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Making just a video will not do the job. The main thing is how the video is presented. The reason why the numbers of views are less on the video because of the boring video with zero presentation.

The various catchy elements in the video play a vital role to force any viewer to press the like button. And a unique voice to do the rest of the job. 

Video Presentation Maker With Voice Over

In this article, we are making our viewers aware of the best video presentation maker available online with voice-over and various other features.

Best Video Presentation Maker With Voice Over

The name of the video presentation software with voice-over is VIDGEOS. Grab The discount now by clicking the link above.

  • Smart Elements
  • Voiceover recording and audio editing
  • One-Click Pro animations
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Sleek Video Player
  • Marketing Call to actions
  • Dozens of ready to use slides
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud-Based Amazon S3 hosting
  • 30 days Money Back guarantee
  • No Monthly Fee

There are tons of reasons to buy VIDGEOS video software. Let’s have a look at its features one by one.

 Animated Presentation Templates 

With VIDGEOS video maker, you can add your own customized animated presentation templates. All you have to do is to go inside the VIDGEOS studio and pick the template that fits your topic.

If a custom animated presentation template is available related to your niche then all you have to do is to add the template slides one by one to your video background depends on how long you want to make your video.

And if you won’t find any good animated template then you can create it manually with tools available on the left side in the VIDGEOS Video presentation software studio.

Once you have added the sides to the background then you have to work on each slide one by one. You can change the animation of the text or the style of the whole template slide. You can set the animation time accordingly.

Using a video presentation maker is very easy once you make a purchase. The official website has tutorials that will make things easy for you.

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 Voice Over Recording Studio 

Recording your voice with the video presentation maker is the process of just a few and easy steps. Voice recorded will be crystal clear with almost zero percent noise in it. To record your voice-overs there is an option( named voiceover) providing in the video maker studio right in front. 

Click that voiceover option and then start recording normally or while watching the video presentation you have created. Add your voice to different parts of your video and once you have finished click on the stop recording button. 

At last, name your recording and save it. Once you have saved your recording you can find it in the saved audios. You can edit it and adjust your voiceover accordingly in the VIDGEOS Video Presentation software studio.

 Call To Action Button 

The coolest feature of this presentation maker is a live call-to-action button like the buy button or email signup form etc.

With the Video Presentation software adding a live call to action is very easy in the running video. This will help to get the email of the viewers so you can approach them any time. 

So make the best out of it once you will purchase VIDGEOS video presentation maker.

 Real-Time Language Translator 

No matter from which country your viewer is, the VIDGEOS presentation video maker will detect the viewer’s location automatically and the real-time text translator will translate the video to the viewer’s country language. How cool is that isn’t it?

This feature is going to save you lots of time because you don’t have to create your video in different languages.

So no need to work hard and never worry about your conversions as this unique real-time language translator feature will not make you lose even a single sale or subscription. 

 Customizing Video Player in Video presentation maker 

The VIDGEOS video presentation software provides you the option to customize your video player. Change the looks of your player according to your video topic. Any style and color of the video player can be set by going to your projects.

Once you are in you can modify how you want your video player to look. Change icons or anything within the video player settings. 

 Amazon S3 Hosting  

The Video presentation maker with voice-over will host your videos on the famous amazon S3 platform. There is no video hosting required at all. Once you have created your video all you have to do is to click on publish button and boom.

The video will get published on the amazon s3 platform and once it is done you can copy the embedded code and paste it on your website. The video will be yours with the amazon video host provider.

Why Video presentation maker with voice over?

There is no need to hire a professional video creator for you when you can create your own by yourself. Even for a small child, it is very easy to use the VIDGEOS  video presentation software once he/she will watch the tutorials in the app studio.

This video Software supports Over 60 languages. There is no limit on how many videos you can create and no monthly fee is charged except one-time fees. There is also 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the VIDGEOS video presentation maker.

So what are you waiting for? This kind of video-creating product is not available in the market which will make things easier for you.

The way of presenting your videos will be way better once you start using this software. In the end, Do take a chance and change your video-making style with the brand new VIDGEOS video presentation maker with voice over and many more features. 

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