Sumsaty Espresso Machine Review 2024

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Craving café-quality coffee without the long lines and hefty price tags? The Sumsaty Espresso Machine promises to transform your kitchen into a mini coffee haven.

This review puts the machine to the test, delving into its features, user-friendliness, and overall performance to see if it can truly deliver barista-worthy coffee at home.

So, grab your mug and get ready to discover if the Sumsaty Espresso Machine can be your ticket to delicious coffee mornings.

Sumsaty Espresso Machine Review Espresso machines

Sumsaty Espresso Machine
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Dimensions L x W x H (inches): 6.02″ W x 12.6″ D x 12.9″ H
Model: EM3208-03
Tank Capacity: 1.8 liters
Power: 1350 watts
Material: Stainless Steel
Pressure: 15-20 bar
Accessories: Filter Holder, Powder Spoon, Portafilter, 2 Cups Filter, and Single Cup Filter.

Three-in-One Versatility

The Sumsaty coffee machine’s versatility shines through with its three-in-one filter holder, accommodating both single and double espresso shots. This allows for brewing one or two shots simultaneously, catering to individual preferences and brewing needs.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The Sumsaty Espresso Maker prioritizes user-friendliness. A large, transparent water tank allows for easy monitoring of water levels, while the removable drip tray facilitates effortless cleaning.

The adjustable bottom tray further enhances convenience by accommodating taller mugs, ensuring your favorite cup fits comfortably.

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Brewing Power and Coffee Versatility

With a 15-20 bar high-pressure extraction system, the machine delivers rich and flavorful espresso, complete with a satisfying crema. This pressure ensures optimal coffee extraction, resulting in a robust and full-bodied espresso experience.

Beyond espresso, the Sumsaty machine offers the versatility to brew hot water, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and americanos. This versatility caters to diverse coffee preferences, allowing you to explore a range of coffee creations.

Technical Specifications and Design Considerations

The machine utilizes a removable and replaceable filter cup, constructed from lightweight aluminum. While this material offers portability, some users might prefer the durability of a stainless steel filter.

It’s important to note that the Sumsaty Espresso Machine operates exclusively with ground coffee powder, not pods. This provides greater control over the coffee blend and freshness but necessitates a separate grinder for those who prefer freshly ground beans.

While the machine boasts a compact design, users should be aware of the limited clearance between the spout and the cup holder. This might restrict the size of mugs that can be comfortably placed beneath the spout.

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Reviews of the Sumsaty Espresso Machine reveal a blend of positive and constructive feedback. Users appreciate its ease of use, compact design, and efficient brewing capabilities.

The high-pressure extraction system is lauded for producing rich and flavorful espresso, while the lack of leakage ensures a mess-free experience.

However, some users have noted the milk frother’s tendency to be messy and loud during operation. Additionally, the time required for steaming milk to the desired temperature can be longer than ideal for some users.

Easy to Use: like turning on a light switch! When it’s ready, a light will stop blinking. You can also make milk foam by pressing a button and waiting for another light to stop blinking.
Easy to Clean
No Leakage: Reliable performance without messy drips.
High-Pressure Extraction
Compact Design
Fast Brewing
Milk Heating Time: Steaming milk to the desired temperature takes longer than ideal.
No Built-in Grinder: Requires purchasing a separate grinder for fresh coffee beans.
No Temperature Control or Pressure Gauge: Limits customization options.

Addressing Potential Issues

The occasional appearance of the E3 error code might cause concern. This typically occurs when switching from steaming to espresso mode due to the machine’s high temperature. Simply turning it off and allowing it to cool down resolves the issue.

Furthermore, the machine features an automatic time-out function, powering off after a period of inactivity for safety purposes.

It’s important to note that the temperature setting cannot be adjusted between Fahrenheit and Celsius, potentially limiting customization options for some users.

The main issue with the water tank is that some calcium builds up on the bottom of tank which makes the inside of the tank very hard to clean.

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This machine is ideal for users who prioritize simplicity and affordability in their home espresso setup.

For those seeking more precise control and quieter operation, consider purchasing a separate milk frother.

If you prefer using large mugs, ensure they fit comfortably within the limited clearance below the spout.

Investing in a good quality grinder is highly recommended for those who prioritize the freshest and most flavorful espresso.

With its balance of functionality, ease of use, and value, the Sumsaty Espresso Coffee Machine presents a solid contender for anyone looking to embark on their home barista journey.


The Sumsaty Espresso Machine with milk frother offers a user-friendly and budget-conscious solution for home baristas seeking to craft barista-quality espresso at home.

While it lacks advanced features like temperature control and a built-in grinder, its core functionalities deliver consistent and flavorful espresso.

Its ease of use, compact design, and efficient operation make it a suitable choice for those prioritizing convenience and a pleasant home espresso experience.

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