Best Tablet Computers 

1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9

With a good battery, life iPad pro 12.9 can run for a day. The blacks are properly blacks and the contrast, as well as HDR, is a lot brighter which is quite impressive. 

2. Ipad Pro 11 M1 Chip

The HDR content looks really good on the 11" M1 iPad pro even without a Mini LED. In daily usage, it feels incredibly snappy and fast. 

3. iPad Mini 6th Gen

Apple iPad Mini 6 is powered by an A15 Bionic chip or processor with 6 core GPU and 5 Core CPU. This chip makes iPad mini 6 slightly faster than iPad Air 2021.

4. Apple iPad Air 5th Gen

People prefer the iPad air because of its small size which is very easy to hold in hands. The screen works flawlessly without any lag. 

5. Apple iPad 10th Gen

Apple iPad 10th generation is cheaper of all and one of the best tablets for note taking in college. The build quality is fantastic  and better.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung galaxy tab s7 plus is A perfect tab with good touch ability and a pen. 120 Hz refresh rate of the bright and colorful screen for a better user experience.

7. Samsung Galaxy tab s7

he S7 tab is the best study aid ever that produces very clear pictures. With small bezels, the device looks very much attractive.

Tablets are way more intuitive than laptops or PCs. They make tasks very smooth with a multi-touch experience. Every college-going student must have a nice tablet for studying or writing notes. But

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