4 Best Automatic Pet Feeder 2022

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Are you a pet lover? And have a dog, cat, or any other pet at your home then this article is for you.

Feeding your pet is the most important thing. You don’t have to grab the bowl and put food in it to feed your pet anymore.

No more manual feeding when there are automatic pet feeders in the market. 

4 Best Automatic Pet Feeder

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71aatn03cXL. AC SL1500PETLIBRO Best Automatic Cat Feeder
61vbrXTHLdL. AC SL1500VEKEN Automatic Dog Feeder
61486QxzDCL. AC SL1156WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

An automatic pet feeder not only saves your time but also makes it a habit for your pet to eat the food after listening to your recorded voice in the automatic pet feeder.

An automatic feeder will help you more when you are not home and your fur baby is on its own.

The feeder is going to take care of your fur baby’s diet. 

 Let’s have a look at the best 4 Automatic pet feeders one by one. 

1. MOERUN Automatic Smart Pet Feeder

4 Best Automatic Pet Feeder US 2021

Brand – MOERUN | Material – Stainless Steel body | Colour -Black | Capacity – 6L | Food type – Dry food | Species – Cat and dogs | Operation – Power Supply or Battery | Dimension – 15.4 x 10.6 x 10.3 inches | Weight – 6.24 pounds.

 6 Reasons To Purchase 

  •  Inbuilt  LCD screen for quick setup and the FEED button.
  • Arrange up to 4 meals a day, and each meal can add 1 to 9 portions of food.
  • A key lock function to prevent accidental touches by fur babies.
  • The food tank and tray are removable for cleaning.
  • Record a 20s message in a smart pet feeder for calling your pet.
  • Charge it with 3 D batteries or via the USB cable. 

 Our Thoughts 

MOERUN smart pet feeder will catch your attention with its appealing design. Open the feeder with the button on the right side or Install the ” smart Life APP” from the app store to control it smartly with your phone.

Set the timer and record the 20S voice clip, the voice will not let the pet feel alone when the house is empty.

When the meal time arrives your voice is going to call your pet. The MOERUN smart pet feeder is worth every penny with its smart and unique features.

2. PETLIBRO Best Automatic Cat Feeder

4 Best Automatic Pet Feeder US 2021

Brand – PETLIBRO| Colour -Black/White | Capacity – 4L | Food type – Dry food | Species – Cat/Dog/Small  or medium pet | Operation – Power Supply or Battery | Dimension- 9.5 x 7.7 x 14 inches | Weight – 3.85  pounds.

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Feed up to 6 meals daily with 1-50 portions(15ml each).
  • The built-in infrared sensor tells the situation of insufficient food.
  • Twist-lock lid to keep dry food crunchy, flavorful, and secure from any poaches.
  • A clog-free auto cat food dispenser with a timer keeps your pet fed consistently.
  • Best Automatic Cat Feeder allows you to record a 10s message.

 Our Thoughts 

PETLIBRO  best automatic cat feeder has a very sleek design. The LCD panel in the front will do all the job for you. Just adjust the timer once the food dispenser is filled with the food.

And when the food is low in the smart pet feeder the red light indicates the food needs to be filled and the blue light shows the food is full.

Overall the PETLIBRO pet feeder is a very good and handy product embedded with unique features. The cats gonna love it.

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3. VEKEN Automatic Dog Feeder

4 Best Automatic Pet Feeder US 2021

Brand – VEKEN| Colour -Black/White | Capacity – 4L | Food type – Dry food | Species – Cat/Dog/Small  or medium pet | Operation – Power Supply or Battery | Dimension- 8.3 x 8.3 x 11 inches | Weight – 4.49  pounds.

  6 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Set 1-5 meals per day and up to 40 portions of dry food per meal.
  • Made of easy-to-clean food-grade material.
  • The automatic food dispenser contains 2 desiccant bags and a secure twist-lock lid.
  • The automatic dog feeder runs with a memory function.
  • Never reset the feeding schedule if power is lost.
  • Record up to 30 seconds of personalized audio to call your pet to eat.

 Our Thoughts 

With a Veken smart pet feeder, your pet is never going to be hungry. Pets will get the food on time.

They will listen to your recorded voice more than the real voice as the VEKEN automatic dog feeder records high-quality voice with just one press. 

Without the power supply, Batteries are going to help. So never worry about your fur babies Nutrition as they gonna be in love with this feeder.

4. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

61486QxzDCL. AC SL1156

Brand – WOPET| Colour – White | Capacity – 6L | Food type – Dry food | Species – Cat/Dog | Operation – Power Supply or Battery | Dimension- 15.67 x 10.04 x 8.19 inches | Weight – 4.8  pounds | Control – Manual/App | WIFI enabled – Yes

 8 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Great for Dogs, Cats, and Small Animals of Various Sizes.
  • Control your pet’s mealtime from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Program up to 15 meals to feed on your pet’s schedule
  • 1-50 portions per meal, about 5g per portions.
  • With the Feed Now option feed cat or dog outside of normal feeding times.
  • Press and hold the record button to record a voice message.
  • The WOPET automatic pet feeder notifies you when food levels are low.
  • In case of a power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries.

 Our Thoughts 

WOPET Automatic pet feeder is another feeder in the competition. The best thing about this feeder is that it is smartphone-operated.

Control the feeder with the smartphone by setting up the wifi connection. In other words, connect the feeder to the wifi. 

No spillage of food from the food tray. It is all because of the built-in infrared sensor.

The sensor senses when the food tray is full or the food is stuck. Overall the feeder is a five-star product perfect for pets. 

MOERUN vs PETLIBRO vs VEKEN vs WOPET Automatic Pet Feeders

 CAPACITY:  Looking for a larger capacity feeder? Then go for MOERUN smart pet feeder ( 6L) and WOPET automatic pet feeder which also has 6L capacity if the owner has more than 2 pets.

Whereas the 4L capacity of the PETLIBRO best automatic cat feeder and VEKEN automatic dog feeder is good enough for 2 pets owners.

 APP-ENABLED:  Looking to control the pet feeder with your smartphone? then go for MOERUN smart pet feeder and WOPET automatic pet feeder.

Both these feeders’ smart App features will help you to feed your babies in the right amount of time.

Change the system of manual pet feeding with the 4 best automatic pet feeders. These smart pet feeders are going to bring change to the pet. 

They will help pets to establish good eating habits. And with the controlled body weight, pets are gonna live a long and healthy life.

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