Best Espresso Machine For College Students (2022)

How many college students do you know who own an espresso machine? Probably not too many, which means that your coffee-drinking friends are relying on whatever coffee shop is nearby and affordable to get their caffeine fix every morning.

But what if there is an espresso machine out there that could be used to make the same quality coffee at home as in the coffee shops, and still be affordable and portable enough for a dorm room?

The Tchibo Super Automatic Espresso Machine checks all those boxes and more, making it our top pick for the best espresso machine for college students!

The best espresso machine for college students needs to be easy to use, small enough to fit in a dorm room, and durable enough to handle the wear and tear of heavy use.

Best Espresso Machine For College

Best Espresso Machine For College

Brand – Tchibo Color – Black Capacity – 1 Litre Grinder – Burr grinder Coffee Varieties – Regular coffee/Espresso Touchscreen – Yes Weight – 16 Pounds Dimensions – 15.7 x 7.1 x 12.4 inches


Affordable espresso maker machine

Strong brewing Power

Fully automatic and easy to descale

Produce different cup sizes. Max 8oz

No waste from pods

Much easier to clean than most coffee makers

Sealed hopper with good bean holding capacity


Small water tank

Little heavy to move

Warming/Heating up – Tchibo automatic espresso machine

Tchicho automatic espresso machine is a lot faster than any big espresso machine. Without spending lots of money, it makes good espresso at home, college or office.

If you are using the espresso machine for the first time or after some days, it will heat or warm up automatically. To warm up the Tchibo coffee machine please follow the steps below.

  • Make sure everything is inserted correctly.
  • Fill up the fresh water in the water tank at the back.
  • Place a coffee cup under the spout and connect the machine plug to the socket.
  • Push the start button on the left side tchibo coffee machine.
  • Once the espresso machine is on, it will eject the small quantity of water into the cup.
  • This means the Tchibo machine is heating up to brew coffee.
  • Pour away the water and place the cup again under the spout.
  • Make sure to eject the water 2 to 3 times by pressing the water dispenser button.
  • The process will not only heat up the machine but it will also heat up the cup.

Now Tchibo is ready for making espresso shots or regular coffee. Heating up the espresso machine cleans up the inside mechanism whereas heating up the cup helps your cup of coffee taste its best.

How to use Tchibo coffee machine for college

Learning how to use an espresso machine for college students is a great way to start your day, and it can be even better if you are making your own coffee.

While it may seem intimidating at first, using one is quite simple. To get started, make sure to heat up your espresso machine as well as the cup.

Making Regular coffee

Making regular coffee on the Tchibo coffee maker is quick and easy. All you have to do is plug it in, Fill the bean hopper with whole coffee beans, add water to the tank, and hit start.

Best Espresso Machine For College

It will heat up first. So to make a regular coffee (4 Ounces) just press the second button (from left) on the touch panel. It is a regular coffee button.

Do make sure to set the level of the burr grinder inside the bean hopper. It has 5 different levels. The perfect grinding level is 2 or 3.

To make a large coffee ( 6 ounces), press the third button. The machine will eject and fill the hot coffee into the cup under the spout in less than 2 minutes.

So at college making regular coffee with Tchibo is very easy.

Note – the Tchibo has a coffee booster button (4th button from left). By using this button you can actually grind more coffee into the brewer. The boost button will increase the amount of coffee by 2 or 3 grams.

Making Espresso shot

The Tchibo Coffee machine makes it easy to enjoy a well-made espresso in your dorm room or apartment. After heating the machine just press the first button to pull the espresso shot (2 ounces).

The machine will make a noise and after 1 and a half minutes it will pour the espresso shot into the cup. The Crema it makes is beautiful.

As said earlier use the coffee boost button to grind a little more coffee.

Cleaning the Espresso maker

Keeping your espresso machine clean and maintained is a must if you want to drink delicious, high-quality espresso every time. You should clean it at least once a week.

tchibo grind

Simply remove everything from the inside (the basket and filter, too), give it a good rinse with warm water, then reassemble and run a cycle of just water through it.

How to set a new volume of espresso/ Coffee button?

Just tap and hold the espresso button or regular coffee button. Keep holding the button until the volume you want into your espresso cup.

Release the button and this will set a new volume of coffee/espresso button.

Which coffee to use? ground or whole coffee beans?

For the Tchibo college coffee machine, use only whole coffee beans for a tasty, fresh, and aromatic cup of coffee every time.

Can we Mix 2 types of beans in bean hopper?

No, only use one type of coffee beans in the Tchibo bean hopper.

What is super automatic espresso machine?

Super automatic espresso machine is a system that brews a single cup of coffee by automatically grinding fresh beans, measuring precisely, and brewing immediately.

The name super automatic comes from its ability to operate independently like an automatic car. The super automatic espresso machine is easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Just one press of a button and your machine will do everything for you while you can do other things like enjoying your breakfast.

Is Tchibo a fully automatic espresso machine?

Yes, Tchibo is a fully automatic espresso machine. Automatic espresso machines like Tchibo automatically grind and tamp your beans, extract and dispense your brew.

So when you’re ready to take a shot of espresso at 2 am in your dorm room, all you have to do is push or touch a button.

tchibo water tank

It makes normal coffee and espresso as good as any costly espresso machine, and that’s more than enough for college students who just want a quick cup of caffeinated goodness before hitting the books again.

Do I need a coffee maker for college?

If you love waking up and heading to college, but hate having to go to class without your favorite coffee drink, then it’s time to get yourself an automatic espresso machine.

This way, in the morning, all you have to do is flip on your college coffee maker and you’ll soon be drinking hot espresso drinks any time of day. They are super easy to use and easy to clean up.

A coffee Maker machine that will do everything for you and even come with a frother! Perfect if you want your daily cappuccino, latte, or just a simple espresso shot.

Is coffee good for college students?

Coffee is great, especially when we’re feeling tired and listless. A super automatic espresso machine or Tchibo coffee machine can let you make a fresh cup at any time during your day, which will help keep you awake during those early classes and late nights studying in the library.

Final words

Coffee can cost a lot if purchased every day on campus. Fortunately, you can enjoy great coffee at home without breaking your budget by getting an affordable espresso maker.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to get espresso made, then an automatic espresso machine is what you need. This easy-to-use Tchibo super automatic espresso machine gives you quick shots of espresso without any fuss.

There’s no manual button pushing and messing around with milk; instead, it has a built-in, intuitive LED panel with touchscreen operation. So, if all you want is a cup of coffee (or several) then the Tchibo coffee machine is hard to beat at its price.