5 Best Portable Mini Projectors Under $200 ( 2022)

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To enjoy movies and TV serials at home or outdoor in the evening with friends and family, the portable mini projector is what you must have. With great Sharpness and picture quality, the video projectors are proven way better than expensive TVs.

Projector project pictures as good as TV and delivers sound as clear and louder as TV. Things to look at in a home video projector are picture quality, connectivity, build quality, and audio.

Experience the theatre-like feel with the 5 best portable mini projectors.

Best Portable Mini Projectors

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MOOKA Gaming Mini Projector

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DBPOWER Outdoor Movie Projector

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GXX Home Theatre Projector

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COOAU Mini Video Projector

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GOBRAN Mini Pocket Projector

These five Mini projectors have a display resolution of 1080P. They are WIFI and Bluetooth compatible and delivers detailed, sharp images for home theatre and outdoor movies. There are many more features that we will uncover soon.

Most importantly they are the latest HD video projectors in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

1. MOOKA Gaming Mini Projector

5 Best Portable Mini Projectors Under $200 ( 2021)

Brand – MOOKA | Color -White | Brightness – 7500 Lumen | Display Image Size – 200″ | Image contrast Ratio – 5000:1 | Connectivity Via – WiFi,HDMI+USB/VGA/AV/TV/DVD/Android or iOS Phone | Weight – 2.20 Pounds
 5 Reasons To Purchase  
  • Easy Sync with Latest WiFi Screen Sync Technology.
  • Protect Eyes with diffuse Reflection technology.
  • Compatible with TV Stick/PS4/PS5/HDMI/AV(DVD).
  • Built-in Hi-Fi dual stereo speakers and 50% zoom function.
  • Gaming mini projector with 17 Million Colors and 50000 hours lamp life.


MOOKA Gaming Mini Projector produces vibrant and crystal clear images. It takes the gaming experience to another level. Use it at home or take it with you on trips as the projector can be easily connected with the phone wirelessly.

Don’t want to use a Wifi connection? then use a USB cable to connect the gaming mini projector. There is an inbuilt fan inside to keep the video projector cool and it is not that noisy.

The best thing about this home theatre projector is that you can adjust the keystone in case the projector is placed at an angle of up to 15 degrees. It works flawlessly on any connection and comes with a nice carrying case. Worth spending money on this 5-star gaming mini projector.

2. DBPOWER Outdoor Movie Projector

5 Best Portable Mini Projectors Under $200 ( 2021)

Brand – DBPOWER | Color – Silver | Brightness – 8000 Lumen | Display Resolution – 1920 x 1080P | Image contrast Ratio – 10000:1 | Connectivity Via – Wireless/ HDMI/ USB/ VGA /AV /SD/Android or iOS Phone | Weight – ‎4.63 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase  

  • The projector has built-in 3W dual stereo speakers.
  • The silent cooling system reduces the noise of the fan.
  • Compatible with TV stick, Tablet, Laptop, Video Games, etc.
  • Customize screen size from 75% to 100% by remote.
  • Outdoor movie projector provides 60% more brightness than others.


DBPOWER Outdoor movie projector has a better color balance than any other projector in the market. There are plenty of well-working ports in this mini projector. Also, it has an adjustable keystone knob in case the projector is placed on uneven surfaces.

The picture quality it delivers at night and daytime is excellent. The inbuilt speakers are very much louder but in case if they don’t put out the sound very well then connect the external speakers via Bluetooth with the outdoor movie projector.

There is a small compartment on the side of the projector to place pen drives etc. Overall the outdoor movie projector is value for money. The DBPOWER is giving tons of features at such a low price.

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3. GXX Home Theatre Projector

5 Best Portable Mini Projectors Under $200 ( 2021)

Brand – GXX | Color – White | Brightness – 500 ANSI-lumen (over 9000Lux) | Display Resolution – 1920 x 1080P | Image contrast Ratio – 8000:1 | Connectivity Via – Wireless/HDMI/USB/AV/Android or iOS Phone | Weight – ‎4.9 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase  

  • Delivers an astounding 1080p image.
  • Lag-free Streaming with Ultra-fast 5G wifi.
  • Incredible detail with LED advanced lighting technology.
  • HiFi built-in speaker and easy setup of home theatre projector.
  • It has a lifespan of 20,000+ hours and a 250″ widescreen.


GXX Home theatre projector is a great high-quality projector for night movies. The screen mirroring feature is awesome for checking out the photos and watching videos straight through the mobile phone. Ultra-fast 5G Wifi is a big plus.

With new technology, it produces much clearer and brighter pictures than expected. Also, it is very light and runs quietly without overheating. The best part is a digital zoom feature that helps to adjust the screen size according to the room.

Overall a big thumbs up to the GXX home theatre projector with great resolution and connectivity. Definitely one of the best portable mini projectors. It worth every penny.

4. COOAU Mini Video Projector

5 Best Portable Mini Projectors Under $200 ( 2021)

Brand – COOAU | Color – White | Brightness – 6000 lumen | Display Resolution – 1280 x 720P  | Image contrast Ratio – 6000:1 | Connectivity Via – Wireless/HDMI/USB/AV/Android or iOS Phone | Weight – ‎‎3.89 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase  

  • No blurring with high light transmission glass lens.
  • Innovative low-noise cooling system with 2 inbuilt fans.
  • The video projector supports 20-200 inches of the screen display.
  • Mini video projector supports 25% zoom function adjustment.
  • Connect on TV stick/PS3/PS4/DVD/USB stick/X-Box/Phone.


COOAU mini video projector Works excellent on the painted walls and comes with 4 installation methods like front and rear projection set up. The mini projector works like a huge TV screen with no blur at the edges of the screen.

The picture quality works really well with HDMI cable as compared to Wifi connection. The focus wheel and the tilt dial ( keystone) make the projection better in case you are not satisfied with the orientation or sharpness of the picture.

It is very easy to operate with the remote control and from appearance to performance, COOAU is a 5-star mini video projector. Compatible with amazon fire TV Stick, Roku, and tons of devices.

5. GOBRAN Mini Pocket Projector

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Brand – GOBRAN | Color – White | Brightness – 8000 lumen | Display Resolution – 1280 x 720P  | Image contrast Ratio – 10000:1 | Connectivity Via – Wireless/HDMI/USB/AV/SD/Android or iOS Phone | Weight – ‎4.02 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase  

  • Mini Pocket Projector has 50000 Hours Lamp Life.
  • Compatible with TV stick/tablets/TV/USB sticks and more.
  • Ultra-quiet design with an advanced cooling system.
  • 200″ display image size for the theatre-like experience.
  • Supports 50% to 100% zoom function adjustment.


GOBRAN Mini pocket projector has a great video and sound quality. The mini projector includes the HDMI cable, Aux cable, power plug, and remote control. The best thing about this projector is the new smart eco-technology that extends the life span of the lamp by minimizing the lamp power.

The images are better in the dark and the colors are vivid. The fluorescent buttons of the remote control are very helpful in order to control the big screen in the dark. Overall for the money, this GOBRAN mini pocket projector is a really great beamer.

It is one of the best portable mini projectors with almost all features included. So in order to kill time with friends we recommend GOBRAN projector.

Final Thoughts

No matter which portable mini projector you pick, they all are unique in their own way. Both DBPOWER Outdoor movie projector and GOBRAN Mini pocket projector have a high image contrast ratio.

Whereas MOOKA gaming mini projector has the highest hours lamp life among all. On the other hand, the GXX Home theatre projector supports a max of 250″ widescreen.

So which one is your favorite? Do comment.

In the end, Why wasting money on expensive TV when these 5 best portable Mini projectors will deliver impressive videos and pictures.

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