Blocksy Theme Review – Best WordPress Theme or not? (2022)

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Do you own a website? Have you ever tried “Blocksy theme”? If not, you haven’t witnessed the best WordPress theme with many custom features in both FREE and PRO versions. It is the SEO-friendly recommended theme compatible with any website built for WordPress.

Blocksy theme is ultimately for multi or micro-niche dynamic websites. Blocksy is fully integrated with WooCommerce and has a lot of customization options that will help you to create your dream store in minutes. Check out why Blocksy is worth it for your online business.

Blocksy Theme Review

>>>Get a site license of Blocksy Theme  

Blocksy WordPress theme is unique due to its flexibility and mobile-friendly interfaces, the footer editors, the menu overlays, and tons of other features. Blocksy is the most innovative, intuitive, and lightning fast WordPress theme. Use it to build your next web project visually, in no time.

Starter Sites

Once the Blocksy theme is installed, it allows you to import the available starter sites with just a few clicks. Each starter site will import the needed pages as well as the actual theme options settings.

Blocksy Theme Review - Best WordPress Theme or not?

A total of 15 starter sites is available to import. Some starters sites are available for Gutenberg page builder and some are for Brizy page builder. Even starter sites for Elementor page builder are available. Blocksy team will also notify when the new starter sites are available in the future.

 No doubt the starter sites will boost the website building process but you need to install a plugin called Blocksy companion to access the starter sites library, free and pro extensions, useful plugins, and important updates regarding Blocksy.  

Click here to check the Starter sites of Blocksy Theme.

Blocksy Child Theme

To modify Blocksy’s core files it is highly recommended to install first and activate the Blocksy Child Theme.  With a child theme, you will be able to modify all files without the fear of breaking something in the parent theme.

To learn about and download the child theme click here.

What is Blocksy Pro?

Though the Blocksy is also available in the free version. But it lacks a lot of important features that are available in the Blocksy pro.

Blocksy PRO is a plugin. It replaces the original Blocksy Companion plugin with a lot of additions and enhancements.

Premium Package Features Blocksy

Blocksy Pro Features

With the pro version of Blocksy WordPress theme receive access to all the great features for designing the most advanced WordPress site.

1. Enhanced WordPress Header and Footer Builder

With Header and footer builder create an unlimited number of advanced headers and footers. Apply your own conditions and place them on individual pages without any hassle.

Add one or more conditions in order to display your header and footer. Also, add pro elements that will open unlimited possibilities for your headers and footers.

Premium Package Features Blocksy 1

Pro elements like Contacts, divider, language switcher, widgets, and more will give a very professional look to the headers and footers of your website.

2. Content Blocks

With the help of content blocks, display content anywhere on the page. Insert the content block on any location or group of locations from your site with the help of display conditions.

You can also set the time of content blocks. Display the content blocks for a limited amount of time and once the time is up, the content blocks will disappear. This feature is really cool.

Blocksy Theme Review - Best WordPress Theme or not?

Set the position of the content block anywhere you want and even replace the default and boring 404 page with a custom content block.

3. Mega Menu

Yes not just a menu, create a mega menu with the pro version of Blocksy. Display content blocks even in the menu. Display and style the menu in the way you want to and even insert the icons to it.

4. Custom Sidebars and Google Fonts

In case you want different sidebars for different pages on your blog then Blocksy custom sidebars will do it for you. Add multiple sidebars to every page as well.

Even apply user role/login state conditions to every sidebar that you’ve created.

Blocksy Theme Review - Best WordPress Theme or not?

Fonts are a big deal, and loading google fonts off the google server are not really the right thing to do if you’re looking to confirm with GDPR laws.

With Blocksy Pro pick which fonts you need and stay compliant with GDPR rules by offloading Google Fonts from your own server. Integrate your Adobe Fonts kit.

5. Custom Code Snippets

Add custom code snippets in your header and footer, globally and per post or page individually. Apply a piece of CSS or JavaScript to load on every page of your site. Useful for loading various libraries or analytics code snippets.

Enable the custom code snippet plugin by purchasing the Blocksy pro version. Buy here.

6. Unlock WooCommerce features

Unlock the top class features of Woocommerce by purchasing the Blocksy Pro. The floating cart will stay always be visible to the customers when they will explore products on your website.

Grab the attention of your visitors with beautiful layouts of single product pages. With the all new SKU features, visitors can search for products by SKU.

Important Woocommerce features are:

  • Quick View
  • Floating cart
  • Off canvas filter and cart
  • Products Wishlist
  • Gallery slider
  • Search by SKU
  • New single product layouts

Pricing Of Blocksy WordPress Pro

Blocksy developers are offering different prices for both annual and lifetime. After purchasing if you think the theme is not like what you have expected then you can ask for a refund.

Get a 100% money back guarantee for 14 days.

 1 Site License  One site license is perfect for personal use. Purchase it for 49$ only for a year and 149$ for a lifetime.

 5 Sites License  5 sites license is for business professionals. Purchase it for 69$ only for a year and 199$ for a lifetime.

 Unlimited Sites License  Unlimited sites license is for freelancers are agencies. Purchase it for 99$ only for a year and 299$ for a lifetime.

What will happen if you don’t renew your Blocksy License?

Not renewing the license means you will not get any theme updates, more features, and support from the team. But this will not affect your website. It will run smoothly like before.

Final Words: Is Blocksy Worth It?

Honestly, Blocksy is made for a WordPress website. It runs smooth, classy, flexible, and never breaks. Thanks to the developers and all time customer support. They will guide you through any problem.

Its exclusive innovative features and social structure make it the most successful theme opted by many users for their multi or vast niche websites.

Blocksy gives a very tough competition to all the popular themes out there. And it is doing quite well. To give an attractive look to the website we highly recommend Blocksy free as well as Pro version. It is worth spending money on.

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