Borosil Vs Kent Egg Boiler: Don’t Make A Mistake

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Title: Borosil Vs Kent Egg Boiler

Both Kent and Borosil egg boilers make life easier by saving time and effort in boiling eggs at home. They both comes in silver color and same price range.

Cook a maximum of 7 eggs in Kent egg boiler and up to 8 eggs in Borosil egg boiler with a single push of a button. The best thing about both the boilers is that you don’t have to monitor the egg boiling process because they come with an automatic shutdown feature.

There are few similarities between Borosil and Kent egg boilers but many differences which we will cover in our article. So, keep reading!

Borosil Vs Kent Egg Boiler

First, we have Kent egg boiler. People love this product which is why it is the best selling egg boiler on amazon. Kent egg boiler comes in 2 different models: 16069 model, and 16053 model.

kent Electric egg boiler, 6 or 7 Egg Boiler, 16069

1. kent Electric egg boiler 400W, 6 Egg Boiler, 16069

  • Stainless Steel and ABS plastic rectangular body.
  • Boil 6 eggs at a time.
  • 3 modes of boiling: Soft, Medium, and Hard.
  • 20.5L x 13W x 14H Cm in dimensions.
  • 2 Steam vents and one on/off switch.

Kent 16069 egg boiler can boil eggs in 5 to 7 minutes. It has a heating plate which gets dirty very often with egg spillage but is very easy to clean as well. Just make sure to pure proper water in Kent 16069 egg boiler in order to boil the eggs properly.

16069 egg boiler comes with a measuring cup and user manual. The only negative this about this product is that even though it has an auto switch off feature, it turns on again after some time once it cuts off automatically after completing the boiling process. To tackle this problem, you need to turn off the Kent 16069 egg boiler manually.

KENT 16053 Egg Boiler

2. KENT 16053 Egg Boiler, 7 Egg Boiler, 360W

  • Plastic and stainless-steel body.
  • Boil 7 eggs at a time.
  • 3 Boiling modes: Soft, Medium, and Hard.
  • 18.5L x 15.5W x 16H Cm in dimensions.
  • Includes Steaming Bowl, Egg Needle, and Measuring Cup

KENT 16053 Egg Boiler is available in white color. It is a cute mini egg boiler with overheating protection and automatic power off feature. It has a stable cooking time and is 200 Rs. cheaper than 16069 Kent Egg boiler.

Second, we have Borosil Egg boiler. The selling of Borosil boiler is not as high as Kent. But it is not less than a KENT egg boiler in any way. Like KENT, BOROSIL electric egg boiler is available in 2 different models: 7 egg model and 8 egg model.

Borosil Electric 7 Egg Boiler

1. Borosil Electric 7 Egg Boiler, 360W Egg boiler

  • Stainless Steel round body with plastic top.
  • Boil 7 eggs at a time.
  • 3 modes of boiling and 3 steam vents.
  • ‎19L x 19W x 12.5H Cm in dimensions.
  • On/off switch. Includes Steaming Bowl, Measuring cup with needle, Egg Tray & User Manual.

Borosil 7 egg boiler and 8 egg boilers are different in many ways. They have a price difference of approx Rs 600 and a power wattage difference of 140W. Borosil 7 egg boiler is 360W and can save you more electricity compared to the 500W Borosil egg boiler.

With BOROSIL 8 egg boiler, you are getting poaching tray which you will not get in 7 egg boiler. Another difference is the shape: one is round and the other is rectangular. Both have stainless steel body, 3 boiling modes and 3 steam vents with Power On/off button.

Borosil Electric 8 Egg Boiler

2. Borosil Electric 8 Egg Boiler, 500W Egg boiler

  • Stainless Steel rectangular body.
  • Boil 8 eggs at once.
  • 3 modes of boiling: Soft, Medium, and Hard.
  • Includes Poaching Tray, Measuring cup with needle, Egg Tray & User Manual.
  • 3 Steam vents and Power button.

What is the main DIFFERENCE between Kent and borosil egg boiler?

Borosil egg boiler has more egg capacity than Kent egg boiler. You can’t boil more than 7 eggs in any Kent Egg boiler model available. Also, there is no poaching tray with the KENT egg boiler like BOROSIL.

On the other hand, BOROSIL egg boiler can take up to 15 minutes to boil eggs whereas KENT can boil eggs in less than 10 minutes. But the power cable of BOROSIL is better than that of KENT.

Do electric egg boilers actually have boiling modes?

No, Electric egg boilers have no buttons for soft, hard, or medium boiling. So, don’t get confused.

All electric egg boilers advertise that they have 3 boiling modes. But there are no actual boiling mode buttons on the device.

By boiling modes, company means quantity of water to be used in boiler. Use less water for soft egg boil and more water for hard egg boil.

Remember, Eggs do not boil properly in medium and soft mode (less water). Eggs boil only in hard mode (more water), the remaining two modes are just names.

What are the common ISSUES with electric egg boilers?

1. Electric egg boilers produce more steam. More steam melts the top plastic. This is a very common issue most people experience.

2. They have electric heating plates inside which get dirty very easily. Cleaning it is very difficult.

3. Even though electric egg boilers have automatic off feature. Once they cool down, they will turn on again. So, you have to turn off them manually.

4. Overcooking or uneven cooking is the main issue seen in electric egg boilers. So, one has to keep an eye on eggs boiling inside the boiler all the time.

5. Electric egg boilers are not accurate in showing water requirements. Sometimes they show less water requirement for a greater number of eggs which is senseless. Egg boilers are electronic devices, you can’t expect them to be fully accurate.

Conclusion: Borosil Vs Kent Egg Boiler

Borosil and kent egg boilers are best in their own way. If you want to boil a greater number of eggs at once you can go for Borosil.

And if you want less egg boiling time, then KENT egg boiler is perfect option for you.

KENT AND BOROSIL electric egg boilers are very attractive looking kitchen devices. They are priced almost the same. So, first think and then choose the suitable egg boiler for your family now. And a tadka in your kitchen looks with it.

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