3 Best Color Changing LED Strip Lights 2022

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Fashion up the old-looking rooms with the eye-catchy color changing LED strip Lights. Decorate the Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, stairs, back of the TV, or any interior part of the house with the strip lights.

LED strip lights make dark warmer nights colorful. They bring a glow to your nightlife. 

Best Color Changing LED Strip Lights 

81vry7UOC1L. AC SL1500QINTIANL LED Strip Lights

3 Best Color-Changing LED Strip Lights 2021LIJUN LED Strip Lights 

3 Best Color-Changing LED Strip Lights 2021GOVEE LED Strip Lights 

Color changing strip LED lights are the best and the cheapest home improvement material.

The option of Controlling them with a remote and the smartphone is quite cool. And nowadays led strip lights indoor can be controlled with the voice which is really impressive feature to add.

With lots of features like this, the 3 brand-new LED color changing strip lights will enhance the looks of the house interior.

Let’s have a look at them in detail with a comparison at the end.

1. QINTIANL LED Strip Lights Indoor

3 Best Color-Changing LED Strip Lights 2021

Brand – QINTIANL | How Long – 100ft | Material – Plastic | Colour -Multicolor | LxWxH – 72 x 75.6 x 24 inches | Weight – 1.92 pounds | Water Resistant – No | No of Lights – 540 | Voltage require – 12 V(AC) | Connectivity – Bluetooth/Wifi |  Control – 3 button switch/ APP/IR Remote

 8 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Turn on and turn off the Bluetooth led strip lights automatically at the set time.
  • Led strip lights Indoor are music sync with a built-in mic.
  • Control the lights via the “HappyLighting” APP. 
  • 3 button switch to change led colors, dynamic modes, and microphone modes.
  • Control led lights by 24 Keys IR remote controller.
  • Install the LED lights on any dry, clean surface.
  • Use adhesive and support clips to install
  • The Light strips can be cut into 3 LEDs along the marks. 
  • Once cut, they are connectable too. 

 Our Thoughts 

The QINTIANL strip LED lights indoor are highly in demand because of their unique features.

With 16 million colors and 28 modes is the best LED strip light to illuminate not only your home but your life.

With the music mode, mic mode, and time mode you will be able to lit your party, Christmas, or any festival eve.

The best thing about QINTIANL color changing strip lights is that they are Bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to your phone easily.

Change the light to any color and sit back and relax while hearing soothing music.

2. LIJUN LED Strip Lights

3 Best Color-Changing LED Strip Lights 2021

Brand – LIJUN | How Long – 65.6ft | Material – Plastic | Colour -Multicolor | LxWxH – 8.03 x 6.81 x 2.32 inches | Weight – 1.12 pounds | Water Resistant – No | Connectivity – Wifi/Bluetooth | Control – Voice/Smart App/Remote/Alexa/Google Assistant

 10 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Lights bedroom, living room, kitchen, cabinet, stairs, Tv, etc.
  • Change colors or adjust brightness with simple voice commands.
  • Work with both Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • The led Strip lights indoor are wifi enabled.
  • Install the Smart Life app for advanced control over the best Strip light.
  • Access to incredible features like the customizable DIY mode and a convenient Timer function.
  • 65.6ft smart strip lights are equipped with 5050 LED beads.
  • Dynamic and Mild modes are designed for different types of music. 
  • The UL-certified power adapter and low voltage make the lights safe to use.

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 Our Thoughts 

The LIJUN color changing LED strip lights are not behind in a competition. All you need is a strong wifi connection to run these LED lights.

Once the connection is done you have to install an app or you can use a remote to control the strip light. Change your room to any color every night and enable the mild music mode to have a deep and nice sleep.

In case if there is a party in the house turn on the dynamic music mode and dance with your friends in the beautiful lighting of LED Strip Lights.

In order to spend some time alone turn on the  Mild music mode for soft piano-type music. 

3. GOVEE Best LED Strip Light

3 Best Color-Changing LED Strip Lights 2021

Brand – GOVEE | How Long – 32.8ft | Material – Plastic | Colour -Multicolor | LxWxH – 8.15 x 6.69 x 2.6 inches | Weight – 1.5 pounds | Water Resistant – No | Control – Siri/Smart App/Remote/Alexa/Google | Voltage require – 12 V(AC) | Connectivity – Wifi/Bluetooth.

 7 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Use in bedroom, living room, kitchen, and anything inside your home.
  • Govee lights contain thousands of color combinations to style your home.
  • Strip will stick to dry and clean surfaces to get colorful lighting.
  • This best LED strip light supports voice control as well.
  • Not able to cut and reconnect.
  • 2 Rolls of 16.4 ft and also include screws, clips, adaptor.
  • Comes with various modes to make us entertain.

 Our Thoughts 

GOVEE color changing LED strip lights indoor are impressive with so many features at such a genuine price.

Features like timer mode, scenes mode, music mode, color mode, and brightness adjustment can be used with one click of your phone.

If you are sleepy enough and can’t use your phone then your voice is going to job for you. 

when you are in sleep they will glow the whole night and when you wake up, Strip lights will shut down with a timer feature.

One best thing about GOVEE led strip lights indoor is that it is compatible to Siri, Google, Alexa like devices.

Comparing LED Strip Lights

 LENGTH : In terms of Length the QINTIANL Strip lights indoor come more in a package. So if you want 100ft length go for QINTIANL.

If you are ok with a 65.6 ft length of LIJUN or 32.8 ft Lenght of GOVEE LED strip lights do check them out as well.

 Do remember to measure the area of the room or kitchen before purchasing the best led strip light. 

 COMPATIBLE : QINTIANL LED lights are compatible with IR remote controller, 3 button switch, and Bluetooth device.

Whereas GOVEE lights are compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Control box, and remote.

Talking about LIJUN led strip lights indoor, it is compatible with Alexa. Google assistant, tuya, and smart life.

 CUTTABLE AND LINKABLE Best Color changing Led strip lights of the QINTIANL  brand are cuttable as well as linkable and the same goes for LINJUN led strip lights.

BUT GOVEE strip light can not be cut or reconnected.

 LIGHT ROLLS : QINTIANL LED strip lights comes with 3 Rolls of 32.8 ft.

On the other hand, LINJUN comes with 2 roles of 32.8 ft, and GOVEE  best led light comes with 1 roll of 32.8 ft.

 No matter which LEd strip light you pick they all are unique in their own way. And yes they are worth purchasing and will enhance the looks of the home interior without any doubt. So what are you waiting for? Lights are limited. Grab them now. 

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