Create Online Course That Sells For Years – Complete Guide (2022)

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How many times have you wanted to create an online course but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you knew how to get started, but had no idea what to do once the project was in your hands?

In this article, we’ll break down the process of creating an online course into easy-to-follow steps. We’ll also include all the elements that go into creating and launching an online course, so by the end of it, you’ll be able to create your own online course from scratch!

Research Your Topic – Create Online Course

Remember that you don’t need a fully formed idea of what your course will be about before you start researching. This is your chance to discover whether or not there is a market for what you want to teach, and what sort of course will appeal most.

The research can include things like checking out competitors, reading up on how other courses are created, or finding out what problems students may be having in your area of expertise.

Whatever information comes up during your research, make sure it gets saved for later: it might just come in handy when the time comes to actually create Online course.

Create and promote your First Online Course

Here are some tips on creating your first online course. Whether you’re a guru of knowledge or just want to try out teaching, here are some things you should know about creating and promoting your first online course.

1. Create Something that is Unique

When you create something unique, people will take notice. Take advantage of that by starting a free giveaway! This way they can download it for free (and hopefully even refer their friends).

Once they have been conditioned into doing so, they will also be more willing to spend money in order to get instant access – as opposed to waiting several days/weeks until they receive it through email.

Also, make sure that what you are creating is unique in terms of your message and how effective it is presented.

Create Online Course That Sells For Years

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2. Make Sure Your Audience Will Benefit From Course

We all want to learn from those who are considered masters at their craft but most of us won’t purchase courses by complete unknowns simply because we trust them less or we don’t see ourselves benefiting from those courses in particular.

So create something based on exactly who your target audience is and where they might feel stuck (perhaps because of lack of confidence). Having said that, make sure there is clearly value within whatever material you create; if not then why would anyone else see value either?

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Even if you don’t have an audience, just focus on creating a quality course. Create a course on what you love to do. On something you know and others don’t. Teach that will benefit Your audience.

3. Make good teaching videos

Great teaching videos don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. You can make a video in your office or home, with little more than a smartphone and a steady hand.

But creating good teaching videos that help students learn better isn’t just about pointing a camera at yourself—it’s about creating content that is engaging and clear, so you capture your audience’s attention right away.

Create Online Course That Sells For Years

Your online courses are meant to be personal experiences and learning interactions between you and each student. Showcase your personality: People want teachers to whom they feel connected. Buy a nice camera or even if you do not want to show your face it is okay.

The main thing is content. Make great quality content videos of what you wanna teach.

4. Pricing your Course

Now the online course videos are completely done. The next step is to set a price for the course you have created. Choosing a price for your course is difficult. You want it low enough that people will be able to afford it but high enough that you’re making a profit and can continue creating great content.

The best way to price a course is by looking at other similar courses and evaluating their pricing. People are usually willing to pay between $200 – $1000 for a high-quality online course with good information, so feel free to adjust your pricing based on that range. People will definitely pay if the online course is worth the price.

5. Hosting the Created Course

Once you’ve created your course, you’ll need to host it. You can choose between a self-hosted or third-party hosted option. If you are planning on selling your courses, it is best that you go with a third-party platform (in order to get more views) like Udemy.

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However, if you will be using your course in tandem with another marketing strategy (webinar series, content marketing campaign), then self-hosting could work for you. Both hosting options have their benefits and downsides. It all depends on what fits better into your overall strategy as a business owner.

6. Marketing the online Course

After you’ve created your course, there are several ways to market it. Knowing how to market and promote your online course is vital. If you create something but nobody sees it, then it doesn’t matter. There are three major channels that you can use when it comes to promoting your online course:

SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. While they might all work differently, they all accomplish similar goals—getting more eyes on your product!

 Promoting Course hosted on third-party platform Like Udemy 

For third-party platforms simply Do SEO or advertise or drive traffic to your course by social media platforms like Facebook and youtube. People will land on your course and purchase it directly.

 Promoting Self hosted Course 

To promote a self-hosted course or webinar or training it is better to create a funnel. When it comes to online marketing, there are two general categories: top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel.

Top of the funnel means you’re trying to generate interest in your course in order to drive traffic and leads, while the bottom of the funnel is when you have a lead interested in purchasing and you need things like sales copy or a video sequence on how they can purchase your product.

System io is the best sales funnel builder. It will build any kind of funnel in a few clicks, just use automation tools and drag and drop editor to create beautiful landing pages.

To grow and scale your online Course just focus on building an effective funnel with that will increase your sales to the maximum.

How to build a sales funnel with systeme io

Read Full Article On Sales Funnel

7. Certifications and credentials

Certifications and credentials can give students an extra boost of confidence in their skills and allow them to develop their personal brand. Courses that have certifications give students peace of mind that they’re learning proper methods.

Create Online Course That Sells For Years

The expert instruction paired with these certifications helps students gain real skills they can put on their resume, like web design or digital marketing course, or more.

So do provide certification and credentials to your online students. When trying to build up Their own personal brand, these certifications give something that belongs solely to them. Getting certified also gives Them a chance to stand out from the competition.

Final Words

Creating an online course is not an easy thing. But it is not even difficult as it looks. Your main focus must be on creating content. Create content that will value the audience. And earn thousands of dollars by promoting your created course for years to come.

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But remember one thing never lose hope. Keep putting in effort and motivation. Work hard to make and sell your courses on platforms like udemy or create a funnel to generate converting leads that will make you a millionaire one day.

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