Build A Lead Generation Sales Funnel: High Converting Funnels 2022

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A high converting lead generation sales funnel helps to convert visitors or lead into trustable paying customers. To grow your business and capture leads to convert them into sales, the sales funnel plays an important role.

Any customer who shows interest in your brand is your lead. And the tools to generate the leads are website, blog, Email, and search engine optimization.

Let’s say a visitor showed his interest in your website. So he will be your lead, Right? This means he is interested in one of the products on your website. But he will not buy it directly, you have to make them purchase the product.

 At this point the concept of Lead generation sales funnel comes in. The sales funnel helps to build the relationship with the customer and gives them a solution and makes them purchase the product at the very end. 

Stages: Lead Generation Sales Funnel

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The lead generation marketing funnel is a 4 stage process.

 Stage 1: Awareness Stage 

Make people aware of your brand by advertising the products of your brand, creating quality content (SEO) that will rank in Google or any other search engine, and Making a page or account related to your brand on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

After creating Brand awareness the next step is to know their interest.

 Stage 2: Interest Stage 

Visitors will try to find the solution to their problem on various websites on the internet. After searching google the visitors are now on your website. They will evaluate your brand based on their interest level.

They are interested so take advantage and collect their contact number or email address using the contact form or email subscription form.

 Stage 3: Desire Stage 

Your educational content will guide the visitors to buy your product. Their desire for the product on your website brought them to 3rd stage of the marketing funnel. So at this point of the funnel introduce them with product comparisons, webinars, and quality video content.

If your content is fruitful, visitors will move to the next stage and if the content is not valuable they will move back.

 Stage 4: Action Stage 

Once the visitors find that your content is valuable they will instantly make a purchase. To make them act immediately give them discounts, offers, money back guarantee, and FAQ.

Your visitors have now become your customers with the help of 4 stage lead gen sales funnel.

Best platform To Build Sales Funnel

Now you are aware of what the lead gen sales funnel is. Now you must know about the highly popular platform of creating a sales funnel or any kind of funnel.

 The Website or software name is The system io is the platform that has all the features you need to build effective, high-converting sales funnels in just a few easy clicks. 

Build A Lead Generation Sales Funnel: High Converting Funnels 2021

How To Create Sales Funnel With System io

System io is the best sales funnel builder. It will build any kind of funnel in few clicks, just use automation tools and drag and drop editor to create beautiful landing pages.

To grow and scale your online business & courses just focus on building an effective lead generation sales funnel with that will increase your sales to the maximum.

Now let’s have a look at how to create sales funnel with the platform.

1. Create A New Funnel

How to build a sales funnel with systeme io

In the system io software create a new funnel. If you want to collect emails or want to run a webinar or want to create a custom funnel pick any of three. But in order to sell a product do select the sales funnel.

2. Create A Squeeze Page

After selecting the sales funnel the next step is to choose a lead generation funnel template from the different beautiful templates available on system io. Pick any attractive template and this will create a squeeze page of your funnel.

Change the squeeze page to any name and edit the template by clicking the pencil icon in the step configuration. Simply drag and drop the elements and give an attractive look to the squeeze page template.


Build A Lead Generation Sales Funnel: High Converting Funnels 2021

3. System io Editor

The best sales funnel builder has an inbuilt editor to edit the given templates. Add text, image, audio, video, form, or columns to the selected template. The blocks can be added as well if you don’t want to drag and drop the different elements one by one.

At the left bottom of the system io editor, there is a mobile and desktop view option as well. So preview the page and see how it looks on desktop and mobile.

Build A Lead Generation Sales Funnel: High Converting Funnels 2021

Once the editing is done just click on the saving changes on the top right corner.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Once you finish the page just scroll down and jump to the search engine optimization option in system io editor settings. Add keywords, title, description, and social images and complete the SEO of the squeeze page you have created.

5. Create Sales Page

After creating a squeeze page on now create another page on the lead gen sales funnel. This page will be a product page where a customer is going to make a purchase.

Once the customer clicks on the button on the squeeze page it will redirect the customer to the sales page and boom. It doesn’t matter how many pages you create in the funnel. After all, it is you who have to design your own unique sales marketing funnel.

6. Email Campaign To Sync It with Funnel

Systeme io email

Let’s say your funnel is ready, now the next step is to create an email campaign. Create the emails you want to send to the customers who gave away their emails after they landed on your landing page.

Create tons of emails and forward them to your customers on a daily or weekly basis. It depends totally on you.

And the last step is to sync the email campaign to the sales funnel. To do so just click on the funnel you have created and click on the automation rules. Here you can sync the automated sales funnel with the email campaign.

And it is done. You have created your first lead generation sales funnel with the automated sales funnel creator i.e

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