Echo Dot Vs Echo: Which One Is Better?

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Title: Echo Dot Vs Echo: Which One Is Better?

Both echo and echo dot are smart speakers that work with Alexa. Alexa is basically an amazon voice assistant which does a number of things like playing music, tells weather info, set alarms, and much more. 

Alexa is getting smarter and so are the new generation echo and echo dot smart speakers. But which speaker is Better? That is the question.

Echo Dot Vs Echo: Which One Is Better?

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Echo 4th Generation

Echo Dot Vs Echo: Which One Is Better?
Echo Dot 4th Generation with clock

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Echo Dot 4th Generation

Echo Dot Vs Echo: Which One Is Better?
Echo Dot 3rd Generation

 In this article, we will compare the echo dot 3rd generation and echo dot 4th gen with the echo 4th generation as this will help our readers to know which smart speaker is better for them to buy. 

Before we point out the difference let’s have a look at the similarities between echo dot 3rd  generation, echo dot 4th generation, and echo 4th generation. 

 What is Similar? 

  • Smart speakers are compatible with the Alexa voice assistant.
  • Wake up the device (echo or echo dot) by using a wake word like “Alexa, What’s the time”. These types of wake words will wake up echo devices.
  • Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and anything you want. 
  • Both Echo dot and Echo come with light indicators. The Blue light indicator will be lit when the device is on. 

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  • The voice history is recorded in Alexa App. Check your voice texts or hear them or delete them at any time in the Alexa app.
  • Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and others.
  • The microphone button is available on the echo dot and echo as well. Turn on and off the microphone anytime to protect your privacy.
  • Echo and Echo dot comes with 4 buttons: volume up, Volume down, Mic on/off, and action button.
  • Regardless of generation, connect echo or echo dot with any of the other models of Echo devices. 
  • Alexa speaks two languages: English and Spanish.

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Echo Dot 3rd Generation Vs Echo 4th Generation

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Shape And Design

The echo 4th generation is like a ball that is spherical in shape whereas the echo dot 3rd gen (with and without clock) has a small cylinder-type shape. 

Coming to the size, the echo dot 3rd gen (with and without clock) is 3.9″ wide and 1.7″ in height. On the other hand, the Echo 4th generation is 5.7″ wider and 5.2″ in height. 

It depends on which shape and size interest you. 


Talking about the audio quality, the echo 4th generation sound quality is better than the echo dot 3rd generation. It’s because of the bigger size speakers and powerful Dolby audio technology.

The echo dot 3rd gen speakers size is 1.6″ and lacks the Dolby audio technology is the reason the sound quality will be average. Whereas 3.0″ woofer and dual front-firing 0.8″ tweeters of Echo 4th generation boost the audio. 

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It also depends on how big the room is. For a small room, the echo dot 3rd gen is better whereas for big rooms and halls the echo 4th generation will be perfect. But for better audio and sound quality we have to pay more. 

LED Display

Echo dot 3rd Gen has an inbuilt LED display. The display will show time, the outdoor temperature, and alarms, etc. The adaptive brightness feature is the best thing about the Echo dot LED display.

The Echo 4th Generation doesn’t come with the inbuilt LED display. Even though it is high in price but it lacks a beautiful screen to display time.

Smart Home Hub

Smart hub home is the reason why Echo 4th Generation is better than the echo dot. So basically the smart devices that use the ZigBee can be managed with the in-built smart hub home of Echo. 

Control smart plugs, lights, and smart locks with the Echo 4th generation easily. 

On the other hand, the Echo dot does have an LED display but lacks a smart home hub.

Echo Dot 4th Generation Vs Echo 4th Generation

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Shape And Design

The shape of all fourth-generation echo devices is spherical. Whether it is echo dot 4th gen (with or without clock) or echo 4th generation, they all look like a ball with a light ring at the bottom. 

Taking about the size, the echo dot 4th generation is smaller than the echo 4th generation. The echo dot 4th gen with or without the clock is 3.9″ wide and 3.5″ in height. Way smaller than Echo whose dimension is 5.7” x 5.7” x 5.2”. 

But small balls are way cuter. What do you guys think?

Audion and Sound

The Echo (4th gen) audio quality is definitely better because of its 3.0″ woofer and dual front-firing 0.8″ tweeters and Dolby technology. 

Whereas the 1.6″ front-firing speaker of Echo dot 4th gen is good and delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass. 

Overall Both echo devices have nice sound quality. They are loud as well. 

So which one you will pick? 

LED Display 

No Display in echo (4th gen) as said before. Whereas the echo dot 4th generation device does come with an LED display.

The LED display makes the echo dot (4th gen) more attractive than the echo (4th gen). The time and alarms on the display combined with Alexa voice are things that someone does not wants to miss at such a cheap price.

Smart Home Hub

If LED Display is a plus point of Echo dot 4th gen then not having an inbuilt smart hub home is a negative point. Echo dot will not be able to control the Zigbee compatible smart devices. 

What makes Echo 4th generation worth buying is the Smart hub home feature.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation Vs Echo 4th Generation Vs Echo Dot 4th Generation: COLOR

Echo dot 3rd gen with clock comes in sandstone (white) color only.

And Echo Dot 3rd Gen is available in 4 colors: Charcoal, Heather Gray, Plum, and sandstone.

Echo 4th Generation is also available in 4 different colors: Charcoal, Glacier white, Red, and Twilight Blue

The Echo dot 4th gen is available in 3 different colors: Charcoal, Glacier White, and Twilight Blue.

Lastly, the Echo dot 4th gen With clock is available in 2 different colors: Glacier White and Twilight Blue.


  Honestly, the 4th generation Echo and Echo dot are better than the 3rd generation in terms of sound quality and improved speakers. But as per our article which one is better? Echo dot vs Echo.

The 4th generation is no doubt better than the 3rd generation but it is not easy to pick if echo is better or echo dot of 4th generation. They both are unique in their own way. For better sound and smart hub home go for Echo 4th generation but for LED display go for Echo dot (4th gen).

But still, it is you who has to pick the better Echo device for your daily needs.   

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