Freesky Swift Horse 1600w Review

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In an era where sustainable transportation solutions are becoming increasingly vital, electric bikes have emerged as a compelling alternative for both commuting and recreation.

With advancements in technology, electric bikes have become more powerful, reliable, and stylish. One such standout model is the Freesky Swift Horse ebike.

But is the Freesky really impressive with its features, battery life, and overall performance? To know, check out our detailed review.

Freesky Swift Horse 1600w Review | Check Price

Freesky Swift Horse Electric Bike
User Height5.3 to 6.8 Ft
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs.
Range45 to 90 Miles
Max Speed35 MPH
Tire Size26″ x 4.0″
Charging Time4-6 hours
Includes1 x Allen wrench set
1 x Tool kit bag
2 x Open end wrench
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Charger

Freesky 1000w electric bike swift horse model is a well-designed and well-balanced full suspension electric bike under $2000. It is one of the fastest ebike with 35+ MPH speed.

It has a strong 1000W BAFANG motor and 48V 20AH SAMSUNG cells battery for long rides while commuting on different terrains.

Key Features of Swift Horse Freesky 1000W Ebike

  • The bike has adjustable double shoulder front suspension and rear suspension to prevent bumps during a ride.
  • It has 5 riding modes which are Electric Mode, Pedal-assist Mode, Cruise Mode, Manual Mode, and Walk Mode.
  • The LCD display of the freesky bike shows speed, battery life, and everything important.
  • It has a quick release adjustable seat feature.
  • The 600 lumen headlights are very useful in the dark and the horn button on the left handle is of great use while riding in traffic areas.

What sets Freesky swift horse electric bike apart from other e-bikes?

  • Freesky swift horse battery is safer (packed and protected inside) and has long service life as compared to normal batteries.
  • It uses 1000W bafang motor which is very powerful than normal motors.
  • Swift motor bike uses waterproof cable connectors which means you can even ride in rainy weather. And can wash the bike easily by removing the battery.
  • The bike uses an aluminum front fork and not an iron front fork like most ebikes.
Freesky Electric Bike 1000W

How does the 1000W bafang brushless motor perform in various terrains and conditions?

The normal power of the bafang brushless motor is 1000W and the peak power is 1600W. The high 100NM torque capability of the motor offers strong climbing power. Which makes the swift horse bike suitable for different trains: snow, beach, mountain, and city road.

The 1000W motor is strong enough to climb the bike easily on a 40-degree slope. You will get excellent riding experience even on the off road riding.

What is the exact range of Freesky bike (swift horse) in miles?

The exact range of the Freesky swift horse ebike depends on its throttle speed, road condition, riding mode, weather conditions, user weight, and battery power.

It comes with an inbuild speed controller. This controller doesn’t let the throttle speed of the bike exceed 20 MPH.

Because of the set throttle speed (20MPH), the Freesky electric bike range can go longer distance (From 45 Miles to 90 Miles). If you want to exceed the throttle speed of the swift horse bike then you need to replace the controller with the one that does not have a speed limit. But doing so will reduce the range of your bike.

How to increase the speed of the swift horse ebike to maximum?

As the throttle speed of the bike is set to 20MPH, you can increase the speed of the bike to maximum (35MPH) in the Pedal-assist Mode. Just put the bike in 5th gear when the battery is above 80% to experience the maximum speed (35MPH).

Freesky Swift Horse Review Electric Bike 1000W

What is the battery life experience of swift horse?

Swift horse has plenty of battery mileage and power. The faster the speed of the bike, the less battery life.

If a user rides at the speed of 20 to 25mph in the 5th gear of pedal assist, he/she can easily achieve a good battery life out of the bike. And can save about 50% battery life even after driving for 40 miles. But this result will depend on the rider’s weight.

Just make sure to charge the bike to full before taking a ride. Swift horse bike takes about 5 to 6 hours to get fully charged.

Do I need a bike rack for a swift horse Bike?

In case you are travelling by car and want to take a swift horse bike with you. Then you need a high-quality hitch rack to carry it.

The swift horse bike is too heavy and big to put inside the back of your car. So, it is recommended to use a hitch rack for safe travelling.

Check out V70 hitch rack. It holds fat tires and heavy electric bikes like ACTBEST Zcool pretty well.

What users are complaining about the Swift horse bike?

The Freesky swift horse is a great bike but it has few complaints.

  1. The bike is too heavy to carry from one place to another.
  2. You need to purchase the unlocked throttle controller separately to increase the speed limit of the bike. Because the bike’s built in speed controller is set to 20MPH.
  3. The chain lock is too short.
  4. The LCD display is not fully visible in the sunlight. Brightness is low.
  5. The front forks and fenders of the bike are not high-end.

Final Thoughts

The Freesky Swift Horse 1600W transcends the boundaries of conventional commuting. Its robust motor, efficient battery, and thoughtful design elements work together to deliver an exceptional riding experience.

Whether tackling city streets or exploring off-road trails, the swift horse model of Freesky brand proves itself as a versatile and reliable companion.

You can also buy a swift horse ebike with a Rear Rack, basket, font and back bike Fenders, and chain lock. Click here to purchase.

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