Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter 350W Review

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The electric scooter is a fantastic choice for getting around town with its speedy rides and easy charging. Like any other electric vehicle, the e-scooter is known to make your journey smoother and greener.

Gotrax is one of the popular companies to make electric scooters, ebikes, hoverboards, etc. And one of the best Gotrax company scooters is Gotrax flex e-scooter. But most people are unaware of Gotrax astro electric scooter model. Astro model is a highly rated gotrax scooter on amazon.

In this review, we’ll delve into the features, performance, and overall experience of the Gotrax Astro, to help you make an informed decision about your next mode of transportation. We will also discuss what sets Gotrax astro apart from Gotrax flex e-scooter.

Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter 350W Review | Check Price

So, is the Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter made for you? Or is the Gotrax flex a better choice for you? To know keep reading…

Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter 350W
User Height4.9 to 6.1 Ft
Weight Capacity 264 Lbs (120 Kg)
Range12.4 – 15.5 Miles
Max Speed15.5 MPH
Tire Size14″
Charging Time5.5 hours
Includes1 x saddle
1 x battery charger
1 x saddle tube
1 x manual
1 x carrier
1 x 5mm hex socke
1 x 13mm wrench

Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter is an e-scooter made for people above the age of 13. Its maximum speed is 15.5 MPH or 25 Km/h. The tires are medium sized to go around the town for shopping or office work or school commuting.

The recommended PSI for the tires is 36. The Motor power for the Gotrax astro is 350W and the scooter is available in 2 colors: Black or white.

You will get the attached basket/carrier above the rear wheel of the scooter to put things like groceries, etc. in it. The weight capacity of the basket is 39.6lbs/18kg.

Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter headlight

Here are some key Features of Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter 350W

  • You can fold the handlebar of the Gotrax Astro inwards to store it in trunks.
  • The astro scooter comes with front headlight and red tail-light at the back.
  • On the left of the handlebar there is a bell and on the right side you will get LCD display/key start attached.
  • The dual drum brake system makes commuting easy in heavy traffic city areas.
  • You can tighten or loose the brake cable to adjust the brake according to your needs.

Here are pros and cons of Gotrax scooter Astro Model


  • The key start feature is the best feature of gotrax astro e-scooter which reduces the need of additional lock.
  • Smooth and gradual acceleration experience with Throttle shifter.
  • 2 keys add extra security to the astro scooter.
  • The seat is comfortable and can be adjusted to three different heights.
  • In astro you can also adjust shock absorption.


  • No speedometer.
  • No cruise control.
Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter handlebar

What sets Gotrax Astro Electric Scooter apart from Gotrax Flex?

Gotrax flex is one of the famous gotrax scooters. And the gotrax astro is a different model. The things that set Gotrax astro and Gotrax flex/flex ultra are listed below.

  • Gotrax flex/flex ultra has more range (16 Miles/25 miles) and more power (400W/500W) than gotrax astro 350W model.
  • The Peak Power of the astro is 500W and that of Gotrax flex is 550W.
  • The price of gotrax flex is $40 more than Gotrax astro.
  • The saddle tube & 13mm wrench are included in the Astro model and not in flex.
  • The charging port in astro is underneath the scooter whereas in flex it is at the base of the steering column.
  • The accelerator on the ASTRO resides next to the grip and is independent of the grip.
  • The Gotrax flex Ultra has bigger wheels and more ground clearance than Astro and flex.
  • Gotrax Flex ultra has both front & rear suspensions, whereas flex and astro have just rear suspensions.
  • The Speed of Flex ultra is 20MPH which is greater than flex and Astro (15.5MPH).

What is the range and speed of the Gotrax ASTRO electric scooter on flat and hilly terrain per charge?

On the hilly terrain, the range of the astro scooter is about 15 miles and gives speed around 14.2 MPH. And on the flat terrain, the range of the scooter is about 15.5 miles and gives speed of 15.5 MPH.

So, the average or combined range per charge will be between 15 to 15.6 MPH. But still the numbers will depend on your weight and the weight you are carrying in the rear basket.

Gotrax Astro Folding Electric Scooter

Can I use the ASTRO Gotrax electric scooter in wet conditions?

Astro Gotrax scooter is not water-resistant, it is not recommended to ride it in heavy rain or through standing water to prevent potential damage to the battery.

Extreme heat, wet and cold conditons can affect the battery life of the Gotrax scooter.

Astro Gotrax Scooter Battery

The power source for the Astro Gotrax Electric Scooter is a high-capacity 36V battery pack. With a range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge, this scooter is suitable for both urban and hill commuting needs.

The battery takes around 5 hours to reach a full charge, making it convenient for overnight charging. The battery performance is outstanding and it is long lasting but not Removable.

Also, the deck height is high enough to go up/down steps without hitting the battery’s bottom.

Final Thoughts

Gotrax Astro e-scooter may not have the highest top speed and range in the market, it excels in areas that truly matter for everyday commuters: comfort, safety, and overall ride quality.

Astro brakes and rear shocks can be adjusted like the flex model.  The head and tail lights aren’t very strong but still good enough to ride in the city night lights. The power Of Gotrax astro is not good as Gotrax flex, but still, it delivers smooth and efficient performance in bumpy and flat roads. It can accelerate swiftly and is one of the best groceries shopping electric scooters on the market.

The Gotrax Astro E-Scooter isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a promise of a more sustainable and efficient future. Click here to buy.

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