IBQ Monocular Telescope Review

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Monocular telescopes are single-tube optical instruments that offer a wealth of applications across various fields, from stargazing and birdwatching to sports events and hiking adventures.

Unlike traditional binoculars that consist of two eyepieces, monocular condense the optical system into a single eyepiece, resulting in a sleek and lightweight design that easily fits into pockets or bags.

We recently found the Monocular Telescope of IBQ brand on amazon, and we are genuinely intrigued by its compact design and promises of enhanced visual experiences. Which is why we are reviewing IBQ Monocular Telescope in this article with its pros and cons.

IBQ Monocular Telescope Review | 12X55 Monocular Telescope

IBQ Monocular Telescope
Exit Pupil Diameter4.2 mm
Objective Lens Diameter55mm
 BAK4 Prism Diameter16.5mm
Field of View 263 feet/1000 yards
Dimensions6.34″D x 5.35″W x 2.36″H
Includes1 x monocular
1 x adjustable tripod
1 x phone holder
1 x lens cap
1 x hand strap
1 x cloth bag
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x user manual

IBQ 12×55 Monocular Telescope supports 12x High Power with a 55mm diameter of Objective Lens. It is very easy to see things with IBQ monocular and it quickly and smoothly focus on objects far and near.

It easily fits in the bag and is very comfortable to hold in your hands. There is a hand strap (right hander) to give a support to hand while holding monocular. It comes with a useful accessory like a small tripod and phone holder to capture crystal-clear images.


  • IBQ monocular is very easy to operate.
  • Zooming is quicker in IBQ 12×55 monocular.
  • It is very easy to set up on a tripod.
  • Take quality pictures by connecting it to smartphone.
  • Gives perfect magnification of the image with no distortion.
  • It is easy to adjust with small hands.
  • Impressive optics and focus.


  • The range is limited to 300 meters.

What do I need to install on my phone to connect with the IBQ monocular telescope?

Install the bracket on your smartphone in order to connect it with IBQ monocular. Then also install the bracket on the monocular.

What is the magnification power of an IBQ monocular telescope?

IBQ Monocular telescope has a magnification power of 12x, allowing you to bring distant subjects closer for detailed observation.

What are the useful features of IBQ monocular telescope and its accessories?

The IBQ monocular has many useful features and some of them are listed below.

Low light capability

The low light capability of IBQ monocular is a wonderful feature. The lens has a green tint on it which allows users to see better in low light conditions.

Waterproof and Large view

IBQ monocular is IPX7 waterproof and has a large light gathering view.

Rubberized lens cover

The rubberized lens cover of IBQ monocular protects the lens from a fall in uneven situations.

Adjustable rubber extension

The adjustable rubber extension of the eyepiece allows users to continue wearing glasses while using the IBQ monocular.

IBQ Monocular Telescope

Non slip pattern

The high-grade rubber and leather give a non slip pattern to the body of the IBQ monocular which makes it easy to grip with one hand.

Fabric case with a belt strap

IBQ monocular comes with a fabric case with a belt strap that helps users to attach it to the belt of backpack.

Close Focus

With the IBQ monocular you can easily check on the animals that are very close to you. So unlike binoculars, monoculars have the plus point of focusing on closer objects as well.

One hand compatible

The compactness and lightweight of IBQ monocular makes it compatible to use with one hand. It is easy to hold and adjust the focus with one hand.

Is IBQ monocular telescope compatible with eyeglasses?

The IBQ monocular ensures comfortable viewing without needing to remove your glasses because it comes with adjustable eyecups that can accommodate eyeglass wearers.

What to do if you see only black through the viewer?

If you face an issue of seeing black through the viewer, just rotate the eyecup out and adjust the angle of your face to the IBQ monocular.

IBQ Monocular Telescope

Is the IBQ monocular and its accessories easy to use?

Yes, using the IBQ monocular is very easy and even beginners will not face any issues. But setting up the adaptor can be difficult for most users.

What users are complaining about the IBQ monocular telescope and its accessories?

The IBQ HD Monocular with BAK4 Prism & FMC Lens has very a small number of complaints but still there are some.

  1. There is only a hand strap option on the right side of the monocular and not on the left. For left hand or left-eye dominant people this is a big problem.
  2. The loose lens cap for an eyepiece.
  3. The tripod legs are a little short.
  4. The IBQ monocular comes with a case. But the monocular does not fit in the case with the accessories.

What are the benefits of monocular telescope over binoculars?

Monocular telescopes offer several benefits over binoculars such as:

  1. Monocular telescopes are typically smaller and lighter than binoculars.
  2. Using a monocular telescope requires only one hand, leaving your other hand free for other tasks.
  3. Monocular telescopes often provide precise focus quickly and better image clarity compared to binoculars with only one eyepiece to adjust.
  4. Monocular telescopes are more budget-friendly than high-quality binoculars.

Conclusion: IBQ Monocular Telescope Review

In conclusion, IBQ Monocular Telescope proves to be a capable and portable optical device that caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists. Its lightweight design, impressive optical performance, and smartphone compatibility make it a versatile companion for various activities.

Equipped with a high-quality BAK4 prism and fully multi-coated lens, the IBQ Monocular Telescope delivers commendable optical performance.

The 12x magnification is suitable for most outdoor activities, bringing distant objects into sharp focus. The clarity and color rendition are impressive, especially under adequate lighting conditions.

Without any doubt IBQ monocular is the best monocular telescope for beginners as well as professionals. Click here to buy.

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