Laresar L6 Nex Vs L6 Pro Robot Vacuum

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Title: Laresar L6 Nex Vs L6 Pro Robot Vacuum

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Selecting the ideal robot vacuum for your home can be daunting, especially when faced with seemingly similar models within the same brand as Laresar.

Laresar offers two impressive options: the L6 Nex and the L6 Pro. Both models boast advanced features designed to make your cleaning routine easier and more efficient.

While the Laresar L6 Nex and L6 Pro boast impressive features like self-emptying, mopping capabilities, and app control, subtle differences can significantly impact their performance and user experience.

This in-depth comparison delves into the core functionalities, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each model to help you make an informed decision.

Laresar L6 Nex Vs L6 Pro Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Laresar L6 Nex Robot Vacuum

Laresar L6 Nex Robot Vacuum

Color: Black
Weight: 19.6 Pounds
DustBag: 3L
Run Time: 180 minutes
Suction: 3500 Pa
L6 pro

Laresar L6 Pro Robot Vacuum

Color: Black
Weight: 21.6 Pounds
DustBag: 3.5 L
Run Time: 250 minutes
Suction: 3500 Pa

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these two models across several key parameters:

1. Cleaning Performance

Suction Power: Both models pack a punch with 3500 Pa suction power, effectively tackling dust, debris, and pet hair from most surfaces like hard floors, low-pile carpets, and ceramic tiles. This ensures consistent cleaning performance across your home’s common areas.

However, users with thicker carpets or homes with shedding pets might find the L6 Pro’s larger dust bag capacity (3.5L compared to the L6 Nex’s 3L) slightly advantageous, especially for handling extended cleaning sessions.

Navigation: Navigation plays a crucial role in achieving thorough cleaning. Both L6 Pro and L6 Nex utilize cutting-edge Lidar technology, employing laser beams to create highly accurate maps of your home environment.

This translates to efficient navigation, ensuring the robot doesn’t miss any spots, even in complex layouts with tight spaces or intricate furniture arrangements.

Cleaning Modes: Both Laresar robot vacuum models offer multiple cleaning modes for customized cleaning experiences. The L6 Nex provides two primary options: Y-shaped cleaning for detailed tasks and a quick zig-zag pattern for general cleaning. This allows you to choose the most suitable mode based on your specific needs.

The L6 Pro takes customization a step further, allowing you to personalize both vacuuming and mopping settings for each room and floor type. Depending on the desired cleaning intensity and floor surface, you can choose quiet, standard, power, and max suction levels for vacuuming.

Similarly, the L6 Pro’s app allows you to adjust the water flow rate (dry, low, middle, high) for mopping, ensuring tailored cleaning based on the individual needs of each space in your home. This level of comprehensive cleaning customization caters to diverse user preferences and floor types.

Laresar L6 Nex Vs L6 Pro Robot Vacuum

2. Runtime and Battery Life

The L6 Pro boasts a longer battery life of up to 250 minutes compared to the L6 Nex’s 180 minutes. L6 Nex covers an area of up to 1800 square feet and L6 Pro covers a larger area on a single charge.

This extended runtime allows the L6 Pro to complete more extensive cleaning cycles on a single charge, increasing its efficiency and convenience.

3. Self-Emptying Base

Both models boast self-emptying bases with 60-day dust bag capacity, freeing you from the hassle of frequent manual emptying. This significantly enhances convenience, especially for users with busy lifestyles or large homes.

However, some users report that the L6 Pro can be slightly louder during the self-emptying process compared to the L6 Nex.

4. Mop Function

While both models offer a mopping function, it’s crucial to remember that it’s primarily for light maintenance, not deep cleaning.

The L6 Pro’s app allows some level of customization by letting you control the water flow rate, but neither model has a water tank empty sensor. You’ll need to refill the water tank manually during mopping sessions.

L6 pro

5. Smart Features and App Control

Both Laresar robot vacuum models connect through the Laresar app, granting remote control, monitoring, scheduling, and cleaning mode customization.

  • Multi-floor mapping: This is a game-changer for multi-story homes. The L6 Pro and L6 Nex can create and store maps for up to 5 different floors, eliminating the need to constantly re-map the robot when moving it between levels. This significantly improves convenience and eliminates the frustration of re-mapping different floors.
  • Virtual walls and “no-go zones”: This allows you to restrict the robot’s movement to specific areas within the map, ensuring it doesn’t venture into undesired spaces like laundry rooms or pet feeding areas. This feature is particularly useful for protecting delicate objects or preventing the robot from getting stuck in tight spaces or under furniture.

6. Price and Accessories

The L6 Pro is more expensive ($499) than the L6 Nex ($399.99).

If you have a tighter budget, the L6 Nex is a good option. However, if you prioritize advanced features and customization, the L6 Pro might be worth the extra investment.

The L6 Nex Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo comes with accessories such as filters, dirt disposal bags, a docking station, and side brushes.

Similarly, the L6 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo include accessories like an auto-emptying station, dust bags, a water tank, and washable mop cloths.

7. Dimensions and Control type

Both models can be controlled via the Laresar app, remote, and voice commands, offering flexibility and convenience in operation. Both have 4 cliff sensors at the bottom of the machine to prevent the robot vacuums from falling.

The L6 Nex has dimensions of 15.75″ L x 3.94″ H x 15.75″ W, making it a substantial yet manageable home appliance.

On the other hand, the L6 Pro is slightly smaller, with dimensions of 13.78″ L x 13.78″ W x 3.86″ H. Despite being heavier, its more compact design may be preferable for some users.


In conclusion, both the Laresar L6 Nex and L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaners offer advanced features and robust performance, catering to different user preferences and cleaning needs.

While the L6 Nex may appeal to those looking for new design and affordability, the L6 Pro’s extended runtime and 4 suction levels make it a compelling choice for larger homes or more demanding cleaning tasks.

Ultimately, the decision between the two models will depend on factors such as budget, specific cleaning requirements, and desired features.

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