50+ Natural Voices Text To Speech Software (2022)

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Video without a good voiceover will not perform well, and videos with robotic voices will never get clicks, sales, or attention. For those who create videos daily, their content deserves a professional voice. The real human like voice will make people engage more with videos.

A good voice over gives support to the video to attract more views and subscribers. No No N0! we are not talking about hiring a professional voice over artist as he will charge hundreds of dollars for a one minute voice over.

 We are talking about the best natural voices text to speech software that will add inflections in the robotic voice to turn it into a more realistic human voice. . Find out more about Speechelo and whether it’s right for you in this review.

Natural Voices Text To Speech Software – Speechelo

Speechelo is one of the most popular text to speech software applications available on the market today. There are plenty of benefits to using this service.

The number one software on the internet that transforms any text into speech is SPEECHELO. The reason why it is number one is that it read the text in 3 ways (Normal Tone, Joyful Tone, and Serious Tone).

And it works with any video creation software (Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, etc.). The SPEECHELO supports 23+ languages and includes over 50+ human sounding voices( Both male and female voices).

3 Clicks are all it takes to turn any text into an emotion full voice with Speechelo artificial intelligence engine. Our Speechelo review will give a full overview of text-to-speech software.

50+ Natural Voices Text To Speech Software 2021

Why Speechelo Is The Best Voiceover Software?

Speechelo is an artificial intelligence Voiceover software. The A.I engine of Speechelo checks the text and adds the punctuation marks automatically. The Added punctuation marks make the speech sound natural.

The A.I engine will also add the breathtaking sounds or pauses automatically in the speech. Not just this, the A.I engine can produce 3 types of tone. For happy videos use a joyful tone, for serious videos use a serious tone, and use a normal tone for educational, training, or any type of video.

 The best thing about this voice over recording software is that it is cloud based software. It means there is nothing to download and install anything. Handle Speechelo from anywhere as the whole software is hosted on servers.  

This is why Speechelo is rated as the best Voiceover Software ever. Worth every penny. Highly recommended to people who are looking for text to speech with emotion.

How Text To Speech Works – Speechelo Text To Speech

We know Speechelo works on artificial intelligence. But the question is how Speechelo Transforms text into speech? How much time does it take to create a natural voice-over? And how lengthy the voice over can be created with this natural voices text to speech software?

Actually, Speechelo creates a natural text-to-speech voice in just 3 simple steps.

 Step 1 

The first step is to open the software and click on the voice generator option on the left-hand side in the members’ area. Take your time, and write the text or lines which you want to use as a voice over to your video. Now copy the text or lines you have written into a text editor of SPEECHELO.

50+ Natural Voices Text To Speech Software 2021

 Step 2 

After pasting the text now go to the right side of the Speechelo software area. The section name is voice. Pick any voice out of 50+ natural voices and don’t forget to choose the language out of 23 available languages. Add the breathing and pauses where needed in the speech. Finally, pick the tone related to your video and it is done.

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 Step 3 

After doing all the settings it is time to generate the voiceover by pressing the generate button. Click generate and your brand new voice-over is saved automatically. We have just created the human voiceover with the best voiceover software in less than 10 seconds.

The length of the speech can be anything, it depends on how long you want the voice-over to be. 10 minutes voice over can be created in 10 seconds.

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So basically in 3 steps, the best text to speech software ( Speechelo) will create a human sound voice over. Once the sample is generated, download it immediately for your project. Create as many projects and all you need to do is click here to purchase the most realistic text to speech software.

In Which Languages The Voices are Generated?

The Speechelo text-to-speech cloud software works in 24+ languages. The languages are English, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Hindi, Welsh, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Tamil.

Is Voice Over Easily Imported To Any Video Editor?

Yes, import the speech generated with the Speechelo to any video creator. The best thing is that the voice over will run with visuals in sync no matter which video software you are using.

What Do You Get With Speechelo Voiceover Software?

The team of Speechelo is providing 24 hours customer support. And beginners, who don’t know how to use this voice over recording software will get full training with videos.

Also, the Speechelo will get free updates and improvements. The updates will be automatic and hassle-free.

Do You Have To Pay on a monthly basis To Run Speechelo?

No, You have to pay one-time fees to create high-quality Voiceovers. There will no monthly charges and the Speechelo will be all yours. From its editing and customization section to its 50+ natural male and female voices.

The best thing about this Voice over Software is that You will get 60 days money-back guarantee as well.

What is text to speech?

Text to speech (TTS) is a technology that allows computers to read text aloud. A number of different terms are used for software that converts written language into synthetic speech or braille. These include text-to-speech synthesis, computer speech synthesis, and text reading.

When an application needs a voice, it’s more common for it to use TTS as a mechanism for converting text into audible sound rather than recording audio of someone speaking. The quality of text-to-speech conversion systems has improved dramatically in recent years with advances in machine learning, especially deep learning.

This is largely due to the availability of large amounts of data and huge amounts of computing power, both resulting from widespread use and access to cloud services.

Who can benefit from Speechelo?

Whether you are a student, an author, blogger, video marketer, YouTuber, or teacher, Speechelo is for everyone. Speechelo makes it easier for every individual to read a text as if it’s being narrated.

The software is made so well that there’s no difference between listening to speech or reading text!


 Search the internet and compare the text-to-speech software in the market and SPEECHELO will come out to be the winner without any doubt. It provides what any YouTuber, blogger, marketer, or teacher wants. A natural human sounding voice and Not a crappy robotic Voice which will drop views on a video. 

So Don’t waste time and grab the limited time deal. Get a 53% discount on this natural voice text to speech software. To rank youtube videos a trustworthy voice is needed which Speechelo will provide.

Make a move and attach the Speechelo human sounding voices with your videos. Invest in the most realistic text to speech and grow your views and subscribers. A 5 star voiceover software for youtube videos or any kind of video.

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