Make Your Video Appear First On YouTube: Stick on 1st Page

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Title: Make Your Video Appear First On YouTube

Stick on 1st Page of Google/Youtube – Learn More

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. The approximate watching hours that YouTube users watch is six billion per month. These states show the importance of YouTube.

Whether you are a marketing company or social media influencer or just have a craze to make fun of; YouTube is the best option for you. You can also utilize this platform and publish videos after creating a YouTube channel.

To become a successful YouTuber, you have to learn some tactics. Because millions of videos from different channels post on YouTube per year, and it is not an easy task to rank your video on the top among all of them.

 Let us discuss some factors that involved to make your video appear first on youtube ranking ( Youtube Seo).  

Factors to Consider for Youtube Video Ranking

YouTube is based on a complex algorithm system that decides which video shows on the top, and which video is not valuable.

Therefore, you should keep in mind many factors during the shooting and posting of a video on YouTube. Some aspects are present below, which help you to rank youtube videos.

1.  Find out Target Keywords (Youtube Keyword Search)

To rank youtube videos, finding out target keywords is the first step. YouTube is a pretty smart software that does not require a lot of effort in researching quality keywords. The search bar of YouTube helps to find out potential keywords because of its search suggestion. Therefore, you can get a deep insight into user activity on it.

Secondly, you can know the worth of a video topic through competitors’ research. You can find out a famous YouTube channel according to your niche. Analyze that which competitors’ video has highest views and engagement. Then, start to work on making a YouTube video on those popular keywords.

 Youtube Keyword Search is a time-consuming and very hard thing to do.  But not anymore with Youtube video ranking software( Videly).


It will do the youtube keyword search based on your youtube video in few seconds. Click here to get Videly youtube video ranking software now.

2.  Use Optimized Title For YouTube Seo

Besides researching a target keyword, another crucial element to rank youtube videos is a video title. The video title should be SEO-focused.

Follow the “left theory” during the insertion of a video title. YouTube algorithm checks the video title left to right as we read from left to right.

For example, suppose you are creating a video on lipstick tutorial and want to show it against makeup searches. In that case, your optimized article should be comprised of a “Makeup tutorial for best lipstick practices.”

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3.  Insert Keywords in Video Description

YouTube, a video search engine needs a great description with suitable keywords against a video to rank youtube videos. Therefore, the description must contain the actual as well as the synonym of the main keywords.

Do not overuse the keywords. Because it does not look good and has an unnatural impact on the YouTube algorithm and your viewers.

Avoid using the same description for different videos. Instead, make sure that you are using a unique description for each video.

 With just 3 clicks Videly youtube video ranking software will create a title and description and tags. All you have to copy the description keywords combination to your main youtube video. It will do the youtube SEO in just a few seconds to make your video appear first on youtube. 

How To Make Your Video Appear First On YouTube | Rank On Top

4.   Choose The Best Tags for YouTube Videos.

Without using good tags for YouTube videos, you cannot come over your competitors. Furthermore, you cannot get potential viewers for your videos.

The best tags aid the YouTube algorithm in understanding the content of your video. Utilize target and supportive keywords for making tags.

 The youtube video ranking software( Videly) will automatically generate the tags that will rank youtube videos in just 10  minutes on the first page of google/Youtube. 

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5.    Maintain Audience Retention

Audience retention actually shows the engagement of your users for a particular video. The videos with longer view rates show that the video is good and the audience is interested in your video topic. YouTube promotes such videos that have maximum view rates.

The best tip for maintaining audience retention is to keep yourself on the specific topic you have chosen for your video. Do youtube SEO for a particular audience.

6.  Video Engagement

A video engagement depends upon the critical points of likes, subscribers, comments, and shares on your channel or videos.

YouTube takes account of these points to rank youtube videos. If you have a higher video engagement, you have a greater chance that the search engine will make your video appear first on youtube/Google.

 The video engagement is possible only when your youtube video ranks on top. To stay on top for years to come videly youtube ranking software will help.  Even change the title without knowledge of youtube SEO, tags, and description of older videos with Videly and see the jump in youtube ranking. 

How To Make Your Video Appear First On YouTube | Rank On Top

7.  Length of a YouTube Video

Many people do not give importance to this fundamental factor. But it matters when you want to rank youtube videos.

The ideal length of a YouTube should not exceed 15 minutes. According to the research, the audience does not tend to view those videos which are much longer and beautifully organized with a natural voice.

Always try to make a video with a moderate length and not to bore the audience. A proper youtube keyword search is required to make a short video with quality content in it.

 The videly youtube SEO software will do all keyword research automatically to make even the longest videos appear on top of google. 

8.    Quality of a YouTube Video ( Resolution and Content)

Last but not least, it is an eighth factor that plays an indispensable role in youtube video ranking. According to the research, it proves that 68.2% of videos on the top are HD. So, quality is the driving force to enhance the viewership and engagement of youtube videos.

No doubt, high-quality videos demand more hard work, but they give excellent benefits. Hence try to put your efforts into making a high-quality content video to get more fruitful results.

Do remember Videly software will do rank your video on top but if your video content is not good there is no way you will get more views and subscribers to your channel. 

Videly will help to make your video appear first on youtube but it is you who have to create a powerful content video that will catch people’s attention.

Final Words

The ranking of videos is vital for a youtube channel. You can apply the factors mentioned earlier to rank videos.

Moreover, one more thing that needs to consider is to know the demand of your target audience. Research what an audience wants to see by doing a youtube keyword search.

   The youtube keyword powerful research tool is videly. Moreover, it has many positive reviews from various users.  

Take a look at the video presentation

This concludes our article on “Make Your Video Appear First On YouTube”.

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