Best Treadmills Under $400 With and Without Incline

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Are you ready to start exercising and feeling fantastic, without spending too much? You’re in the right place! Treadmills are amazing machines that let you walk or run indoors.

In this guide you will explore some of the best treadmills under $400. Our focus will be on treadmills both with and without incline features.

The treadmills with incline offer an extra layer of versatility, allowing users to target different muscle groups and intensify their workouts. Conversely, the non-incline treadmills are made for just walking and jogging with low maximum speed functionality.

Best Treadmills Under $400 With and Without Incline

While treadmills in this price range may not be as high-end as more expensive models, many of them are still built to be durable and reliable. They have foldable design and pre-programmed workout options.

Now let’s find out the best treadmill under 400 of different brands.

1. THERUN Walking Pad: Best Under Desk Treadmill Under $200

THERUN Walking Pad
Speed3.8 MPH
Weight Capacity 265 Lbs.
Power2.5 HP
Deck40″x 16″

THERUN pad is a small space compact treadmill with 3 modes: Office Mode (0.6-2.0 MPH), Walking Mode (0.6- 3.0 MPH) and Jogging Mode (0.6- 3.8 MPH).

There is a start/stop button on the remote. It comes with a treadmill cover which is sun and water resistant.

The THERUN Walking Pad offers smart connectivity, allowing users to track their progress through a mobile app. It also supports remote control operation for added convenience.

2. BODIOO Auto Incline Folding Treadmill Under $400 | Budget Incline Treadmill | 15% Incline Treadmill

BODIOO Auto Incline Folding Treadmill 
Weight Capacity 220 Lbs.
Deck43.5″ x 17″
Power2.5 HP

The BODIOO Auto Incline Folding Treadmill provides a cost-effective solution for those seeking an incline option. With 25 built-in programs, it offers a diverse range of workouts tailored to different fitness levels.

The selling point of this incline treadmill is its bluetooth functionality and voice control function. Operate it with voice commands.

The 2.5 HP motor ensures smooth and steady performance, while the incline feature adds an extra dimension to your exercise routine.

3. Freepi Under Desk Folding Treadmill Under $400

Freepi Under Desk Folding Treadmill
Speed7.5 MPH (12KPH)
Weight Capacity 280 Lbs.
Power2.5 HP
Deck43″x 15.98″

Freepi walking pad is only for those people who prefer walking or jogging. There is no pause or mute button on the treadmill. There is a 3/6 button on the control panel of the Freepi treadmill and pressing it will get to a higher speed quickly.

The specs show that the max speed of this treadmill is 7.5 MPH or 12KPH. This actual speed makes this treadmill suitable for jogging or walking or light running only.

There is an M button on the remote of the treadmill. And this is not a mute button. Before ending your session if you press the M button on remote, treadmill will remember it.

4. OMA Treadmill Under $400 With Manual Incline

OMA Treadmill Under $400
BrandOMA 7200EB
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs.
Deck45.5″ x 17″
Incline3 Level
Power2.5 HP

OMA Treadmill is the only 300 lb weight capacity treadmill on our list under $400. It has 3 countdown modes and 36 preset programs. Its 6-layer shock absorption belt provides cushioning for joints and knees.

People 4 foot or below height can easily ride this treadmill if they are under 300 pounds in weight.

With a spacious running surface, it caters to both casual joggers and avid runners. Additionally, features like heart rate monitoring and multi-functional console make this treadmill a holistic fitness companion.

5. Sperax Pro 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill | Walking Pad under $400

Sperax Pro 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill
Speed7.4 MPH (12KPH)
Weight Capacity 280 Lbs.
Power2.5 HP
Deck43″x 16″
Incline1 % (Pre Inclined)
Includes1 x Lubricating oil
1 x Power Cord
1 x L-shaped wrench
1 x Remote Controller
1 x User manual

Sperax Pro is a low impact under desk treadmill. This treadmill is suitable for people with height of 5’10” and lower.

The specs show that the max speed of this treadmill is 7.4 MPH. But in actuality, the max speed of the treadmill according to the users is 6 to 6.5 MPH.

You can operate the treadmill at the highest speed with the handlebar folded completely. But the Treadmill only reads in kilometers and not in miles.

6. SereneLife SL26 Folding Treadmill Under $400 With Incline

SereneLife SL26 Folding Treadmill
Speed6 MPH
Weight Capacity 265 Lbs.
Deck15. 7” x 39. 3″
Incline4 Level (manual)
Power1.5 HP

The SereneLife SL26 is a unique under desk treadmill with a 4% incline function, allowing users to do incline workouts. The incline is not that much but still works for walkers or joggers.

Designed for home because it sounds less than 70 db. at the highest incline. The SereneLife Treadmill has a 6″ deck height without incline. And it has 4 levels of incline. The maximum incline is 12%. Also, it is Very Low impact on legs and can fit under 7 foot basement easily.

7. Impremey Folding Treadmill with Incline | Best Treadmill under $300 for Ladies and Kids

Impremey Folding Treadmill with Incline
Weight Capacity 265 Lbs.
Deck42″ x 16″
Incline3 Level Manual
Power2.5 HP

Impremey Folding Treadmill with 3 manual inclines is a prefect indoor excercise machine for kids and ladies. What sets this treadmill apart from others is its 64 preprogrammed workouts.

It provides consistent performance for brisk walks and light jogging. Its space-saving design is ideal for compact living spaces. The treadmill also integrates a tablet holder, allowing users to enhance their workout experience with multimedia entertainment.

Conclusion: Best Treadmills Under $400 With and Without Incline

Whether you opt for an inclined or level running surface, each treadmill on the above list represents a solid investment in your health and fitness journey without straining your wallet.

Our favorites from the list are BODIOO Auto Incline Folding Treadmill, SereneLife SL26, Sperax Walking pad, and Impremey Folding Treadmill. This does not mean that the rest of the 4 treadmills are not the best. They are best too, these treamills allows you to incorporate physical activity into your work routine, enabling you to stay active, energized, and focused throughout the day.

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