iPhone 13 Pro Max Hidden Features And Tricks

The ultra-wide camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has Autofocus. With autofocus, the camera will adjust by itself while taking closer pictures of objects

In the camera app of iPhone 13 pro max, swipe up to see a new toggle for photographic styles. These are basically filters that you can use while taking pictures

In the safari browser, keep the address bar at the bottom now to easily swipe between the tabs. 

Swipe down from the dock area to pull the screen down. This feature (Reachability) will help to Access the notifications with one hand easily. 

13 Pro max has a Visual look-up feature to identify any object. Just take a picture of a dog and this feature will identify the dog breed. 

Hold your camera to any picture and you can copy the text inside in real-time. This feature is known as live text feature

Double tap and triple tap at the back of the iPhone to open any app, control centre or notification centre instantly. Find this feature in settings. 

Tap And hold the spacebar on the keyboard to swipe throughout the text

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