Apple Watch Series 7: Worth Upgrading Or Not? (2022)

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The apple watch series 7 is on the market now. Apple built a few special features into the series 7. The display is now bigger and the edges are more curved. So the glass will basically go edge to edge. Series 7 watch is now available in five new colors with a Stainless Steel+Titanium finish.

This new apple watch is more readable as compared to the older series when the screen is tilted or dimmer. It is now 41 mm and 45 mm in size with 33 percent faster charging than series 6. The eight minutes of charging is enough to get eight hours of sleep tracking.

The improved GPS and new watch faces make series 7 the best apple watch to date. The display is much brighter with 1000 nits and the front is now 50% thicker which adds strength and durability to the Apple watch series 7. As always apple watch has 2 models: GPS and GPS+Cellular.

apple watch series 7
Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS)

Apple watch series 7 gpscellular
Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS+Cellular)

Apple Watch Series 7: Display

Apple Watch Series 7: Worth Upgrading Or Not?

Apple has increased the display size of series 7 to 20 percent more than series 6. The whole UI is bigger, the icons look bigger and neat, the typing keyboard looks large. So everything inside the new display is big now with smaller bezels.

The Apple Watch 7 also has always on Retina display with IP6X dust resistant technology. The always on display will not look dimmer anymore with 1000 nits brightness. The display is also 50 m deep water resistant which is a plus point for swimmers.

Now the display has 2 new watch faces: Contour and Modular Duo. In the contour face, the numbers will wrap around the corners/edges of the Apple Watch as we rotate the dial. And when we tap on the screen the numbers will bounce around. Looks very attractive.

Whereas Modular duo face has 2 larger data rich complications. So never miss reading the health related data when the Apple Watch 7 is on modular duo face.

Apple Watch 7 Series: Battery/Charging

pexels dario fernandez ruz 9130515 scaled e1634641733986

Apple claims that the battery life of the apple watch 7 series is 18 hours which means the battery life is almost the same as the series 6. It is disappointing that there is no change in battery life but the charging is going to be significantly faster on the apple series 7. About 33% faster than before.

The 8 hours sleep tracking session with just 8 minutes of charge time with display off can be the reason to purchase this apple series watch. The magnetic charging puck has also been upgraded as now it has a new aluminum casing compared to plastic. And the charging cable is now USB C instead of USB A. So with these additions, the apple watch 7 does charge faster.

Honestly, the series 7 apple watch is still going to take an hour to get fully charged from zero. So this watch is perfect for those who hate to wait for a long time when it is on charge.

Series 7 Apple Fitness Tracker: Sensors

pexels torsten dettlaff 437036 scaled e1634718984693

The brand new apple fitness tracker has multiple inbuilt sensors. Every sensor has been improved and performs better now. A barometric altimeter will detect the height more accurately now. A third generation heart rate sensor (optical) is more capable of measuring the beats per minute. 

Improved Gyroscope now detects the movement of any part of the body more accurately. In case you are sleeping, working out, or doing something else, now the Improved accelerometer will detect these more precisely. The best thing about this watch is that the sensors are now protected with IP6x dust resistant technology.

The two sensors: A blood oxygen sensor and an electrical heart sensor are a new addition to the apple watch series 7. Even get notifications of low, high and irregular heart rhythms.

Apple Watch Series 7: Specs/Features

Apple Watch Series 7: Worth Upgrading Or Not?

The specs of the apple watch 7 are not changed much as expected by apple watch lovers. Now there is a change in the case size from 40 mm to 41 mm and 44mm to 45 mm. With this, the case thickness has also been increased by 0.3 mm. Now case thickness is 10.7 mm from the previous 10.4 mm.

S7 dual core processor is 20% faster than the S6 processor. Tai chi and pilates workouts are a new addition to the previous workouts like yoga, swimming, and running. The front crystal is now crack resistant and stronger than ever.

The speaker on the left is now a single slot and sounds ridiculously good. Previously this apple fitness tracker was a double slot.

Is it Worth Upgrading To Apple Watch Series 7?

Those who are confused about various watch brands must purchase the series 7 as it is the best fitness tracker in the market.

And those who are using the series 6 apple watch need not upgrade to series 7. Everything is the same in the apple watch 7 except it has a larger display and thin bezels, 33% faster in charging with 2 new sensors.

Those who still use old apple watches ( series 5 or Garmin or any) must upgrade to apple watch series 7 without any question.

Is Series 7 compatible with Apple bands from older models?

Yes, the older bands of previous models will work with the apple watch 7.

Is the USB C charger included with the series 7?

The apple watch series 7 do come with the USB C Cable instead of the USB A. So charging can be a bit of a problem for those who do not have a USB C charger. So before purchasing this new apple fitness tracker, make sure you have a USB C-type charger at home.

Final Thoughts

Apple 7 watch has more features than any apple watch. It is more durable and shock resistant. For those who play lots of sports, do lifting in the gym and do tough outdoor workouts, this series 7 watch is made for them. A bigger screen, a louder mic, and more space than series 3 make it worth upgrading.

Check tie, weather, emails, and texts without touching the phone. Use the inbuilt swipe keyboard or Siri for replying the texts and emails. The accuracy of the sensors in this watch is very impressive. 18 hours of battery life is more than enough for any normal or athletic person.

Now is the time to switch your old watch with the brand new apple watch series 7. Its price is exactly the same as the previous series. Want to stay fit and healthier? Invest your money in the right thing.

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