4 Best Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Of 2022

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The trend of adjustable dumbbells is taking over the fixed dumbbells. This is because one adjustable dumbbell fulfills the need for many fixed dumbbells. Increase or decrease the weight of adjustable dumbbells accordingly while doing arms workouts.

There is no doubt that the Fixed dumbbells are easy to use without making weight adjustments but they cost more. To buy fixed dumbbells of different weights require more money than buying a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Another thing is the space, adjustable dumbbells take less space than different sets of fixed dumbbells.

 The things to look for before buying adjustable weight dumbbells are weight options, anti-slip design, safety lock, and durable body.  

Best Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

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Hhusali Smart Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

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Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells

Lifepro Adjustable Weights

These 4 best adjustable weight dumbbells are available in different weight options. They all are good for loosening up the muscles before doing some serious workout at home gym. Modifying the weight of these dumbbells is too easy with the weight dial system.

Let’s have a look at 4 premium pairs of adjustable dumbbells.

1. Hhusali Smart Adjustable Dumbbells

4 Best Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Of 2021

Brand – Hhusali | Color – Black | Weight Range –  6.6 lbs to 44 lbs | Five Weight Settings – 6.6 lbs, 15 lbs, 25 lbs, 33 lbs, 44 lbs  | Available style – Single/Pair

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • The non-slip comfortable handle for a safe workout.
  • While assembling the dumbbell plates won’t hurt hands.
  • Made from solid steel with an anti-rust finish.
  • Smart adjustable dumbbells have 8 security lock slots.
  • Helps strengthen the upper body, core muscles, and lower body.


Hhusali smart adjustable dumbbells are extremely comfortable and easy to use. No matter what the weight is set, these adjustable weights feel secure and balanced. The construction is solid enough but never drop these dumbbells if want to use them for the long term.

The tray to hold the smart adjustable dumbbells is too tough and the weight dial system is too smooth to jump to any weight out of the five weight options available. Use these portable dumbbells at home, the gym, or any place. They save a lot of time and space while adding and removing weights.

Overall these Hhusali smart adjustable dumbbells fit for the purpose and are highly rated weights. Highly recommended.

2. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

4 Best Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Of 2021

Brand – Bowflex | Color – Black | Weight Range –  5 lbs to 52.5 lbs | Fifteen Weight Settings – 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 52.5 lbs  | Available style –  ST 1090 Dumbbell (Single)/ ST 552 Dumbbell (Pair)

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Increament the dumbell upto 25 lb.
  • Durable and functional for years to come.
  • Just need a twist of the dial to lock it better.
  • Rubber-wrapped handle provides proper grip.
  • 15 sets of weights in one Bowflex adjustable dumbbells.


Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are the best in the market. They are fast enough to adjust than grabbing different pairs of dumbbells from the dumbbell rack. The plates click in immediately the moment you dial a certain weight. Though they are pretty wider they slide in and out of the cradle smoothly.

The best thing about Bowflex dumbbells is that they will not feel off balance while doing different types of workouts. This one smart adjustable dumbbell is equivalent to 30 dumbbells ranging from 5-52.5 lb which is a big space saver for a reason. So why spend extra money on plates every time when it is a better choice.

Overall the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are worth spending every penny on. They are sturdy, accurate, fast adjustable, perform a smooth operation, and have no disengaging complaints.

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3. Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells

4 Best Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Of 2021


Brand – Ativafit | Color – Black | Weight Range –  5.5 lbs to 71.5 lbs | Thirteen Weight Settings – 5.5, 11, 16.5, 22, 27.5, 33, 38.5, 44, 49.5, 55, 60.5, 66 and 71.5 lbs  | Available style –  55 lb/70 lb/71.5 lb (single/pair)

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Quicky switch the weight in 3 seconds.
  • 10 lock groove prevents dumbbell from falling.
  • Wear-resistant and durable dumbbell material.
  • Smooth dial and anti-skid handle for a strong grip.
  • One Ativafit adjustable dumbbell plays the role of 17 Fixed dumbbells.


Ativafit adjustable dumbbells come with an easy twistable knob and a variety of weight options at a very genuine price. Using this pair of adjustable dumbbells is too easy and moving to the desired weights is also very simple. They are available in pounds as well as kgs.

Just press the red button to switch to the different weights. Also, these adjustable weights are not too long and the handle feels way better while doing different positions. The high-quality tray will keep a hold on unused plates while exercising.

For those who are passionate weightlifters, the Ativafit adjustable dumbbells will fit best for them. They are compact, space savers, feel well built, and well worth the investment. One of the best adjustable weight dumbbells to work out.

4. Lifepro Adjustable Weights


Brand – Lifepro | Color – Black | Weight Range –  5 lbs to 25 lbs | Five Weight Settings – 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 lbs  | Available style –  pair (A Set of 25 lbs)

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Move the slider to increase or decrease the weight.
  • One Lifepro adjustable weights are equivalent to 5 dumbbells.
  • Weight never shifts while working out with a strong lock.
  • Textured steel handle that looks as good as it feels.
  • The compact and portable design of pair of adjustable dumbbells.


Lifepro adjustable weights are the cheapest among the 4 best adjustable weight dumbbells. They only come in a pair and are suitable for both men and women. They adjust in increments of 5 and are perfect to use for core exercises. While doing a workout it does make a click sound but nothing moves at all.

The best thing about Lifpro adjustable weights is that they are fully made of metal and no cheap plastic is used. Unlike most dumbbells, these have a slider to move to the desired which is better addition over a button. The chrome handle grip is as strong as the costly pair of adjustable dumbbells.

Overall Lifepro adjustable weights are way quicker to adjust. So those who want to save their precious workout time go for Lifepro powerful dumbbells. Use them once and see the results.

Guide to Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

If you’re a beginner and only planning on doing simple exercises like bicep curls and triceps extensions, then standard dumbbells would work just fine. However, most men are looking for something more challenging—the ability to train every muscle group in their body using an all-in-one system.

An adjustable set of weights will allow you to increase or decrease weight without having to constantly add or remove plates from a barbell; rather, you can simply turn a dial!

The Benefits of Buying Adjustable Weights

There are many benefits to buying adjustable weights.

1. For one, it’s incredibly cost-effective: if you buy dumbbells separately, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on all of those weights.

2. The other benefit is that adjustable weights allow for more convenience: different exercises require different weight amounts; by having multiple weight options available, you can use them all in a short period of time and don’t have to change your routine every time you want to use something new.

3. If there are certain exercises or routines that you frequently do, it could be worth investing in an adjustable set because they won’t wear out as regular dumbbell sets will.

Note, however, that adjustable dumbbells don’t necessarily come with stands—you might need to buy stands separately as well. This will double your costs (at least) but also help prevent injury and save space in your workout area.

The Advantages of Adjustable Weights Over Fixed Weights

To get a look at why adjustable dumbbells are gaining so much popularity, we’re going to need to delve into some of their advantages.

The two main advantages that stand out are ease of use and versatility.

1. When using fixed weights, you’re locked into the amount of weight being used. With adjustable weights, you can adjust up or down depending on your strength level at any given time.

2. It also makes it easier when wanting to change up your workout routine as you don’t have to buy new weights every time.

3. Instead of having one specific size option for each piece of equipment, adjustable-weight dumbbells give users more options for exercising with them.

Choosing the Best Adjustable Weight Dumbbells for You

Buying an adjustable weight dumbbell set can be a daunting task. With so many different options out there, how do you know what to look for? What questions should you ask before buying?

When looking at any potential adjustable weight set of dumbells, it’s important to consider three key things: Price Point, Style, and Maintenance Requirements. For example, if your budget does not allow for a full set of Olympic-style weights, then it’s probably best to consider a fixed weight pair instead.

Final Thoughts

No matter which adjustable dumbells you will pick they all are best in their own way. Hhusali smart adjustable dumbbells are extremely comfortable and well designed.  Bowflex and Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are available in a variety of weight settings and best sellers for many years. Whereas Lifepro adjustable dumbbells are cheap and faster with all features included.

So which one is your favorite adjustable weight? Make a one-time investment in one of the best adjustable weight dumbbells and use them for decades. Hurry up before they get out of stock.

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