5 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000 (2024)

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An electric bike or e-bike has been catching people’s attention for the past few years. Riding an electric bike requires much less effort than a regular exercise bike. As it includes a motor and a battery, there is no need to pedal around while going up the hills, slopes, and even on flat surfaces. The motor will do most of the work and makes the pedaling effortless.

For daily commuting and adventures, an electric bicycle is a great alternative to a regular bike or a scooter. E-bikes are an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation with a fast charging ability. They have a display system as well that simply shows the battery life, distance covered, speed, and more.


Electric bicycles have tough frames which are much more capable of carrying large loads/Weights. Every e-bike now comes with puncture resistant tires, disc brakes, and Integrated LED lights that make every ride comfortable especially at night time.

Before buying an electric bike the things to look for are:

  • The charging time of the e-Bike.
  • Must have a portable and foldable design.
  • Check the load capacity of the electric bike.
  • Check the mileage and the maximum speed.
  • Must have an Ergonomic Seat and anti skid wide tires.


Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

TotGuard 350 W Electric Bike e1635407771274
TotGuard 350W Electric Bike 

VELOWAVE 75oW Fat Tire Ebike
VELOWAVE 75oW Fat Tire Ebike

ECOTRIC 500W Electric Bike
ECOTRIC 500W Electric Bike

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike e1635423799924
PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Electric Bike
ANCHEER Electric Bike

These 5 bicycles are the best electric bikes under $2000. They all have a solid frame, shock absorbing tires, various levels of pedal assistance, and a powerful motor with a large battery. These bikes are suitable for adults, seniors, every single commuter, and even professional riders.

The large tires with a unique disc braking system add much more comfort and stability to these e-bikes. Now let’s have a look at the 5 best electric bikes in detail.

1. TotGuard 350W Electric Bike 

5 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

Brand – Totguard | Color – Orange/Red/Blue/White | Power – 350 W | Max Speed – 19.8 MPH | Tires – 26 Inch | Range – 20.5miles/33km- 37.3miles/60km | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 300 lbs/135kg | Charging time – +5 hours

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 3 e-bike modes – Electric, normal and pedal assist mode.
  • Bright LED headlight for the night and 3 Speed LCD display.
  • 21 Speed Gears and Maximum 15 grade uphill slope.
  • 1 to 3 level of pedal assist with mechanical disc brakes.


Totguard is a 350W electric bike with off road pedal assistance. The motor starts within a second when the pedals are given some momentum. 37.3 miles of long range is achieved when the Totguard e-bike will be in pedal assist mode.  The battery of the bike can be locked and unlocked with the key.

This 350W electric bike has an ergonomic adjustable seat but the handlebars are not adjustable. In the e-bike assist mode, the bike catches the speed immediately as the button is pressed. The display is in the center and readable even in the daylight.

Overall, the Totguard e-bike is very easy to charge, and 26″ tires handle bumpy roads very well. It is the best electric bike under 1000 and worth spending money on.

2. VELOWAVE 75oW Fat Tire Ebike

5 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

Brand – Velowave | Color – Black/Silver | Power – 750 W | Max Speed – 20-25 MPH | Tires – 26 Inch | Range – 25-40+ Mile | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 300 lbs/135kg | Charging time – +4 hours

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Adjustable suspension fork for more comfort.
  • 4 inch wide tire and 7 speed rear gear controls.
  • 2 modes – Throttle and pedal assist mode.
  • Hydraulic disk brake system and waterproof removable battery.


Velowave fat tire e-bike is a large and heavy bike that is appropriate for men. Even though it is heavy, it speeds up very quickly and maintains stability at higher speeds. In the throttle mode, there is no need to pedal for going uphill or traveling a long distance on the road.

The Max speed (20 MPH) by a throttle is not adjustable like the Max speed (from 25 to 28 MPH) by pedaling. The handlebar is 680 mm long with a fixed height. Stop the bike easily with the brake on the left side of the handle. The tires are very fat, perfect for mountains and bumpy roads. The side horn and the mirror are very much useful in traffic.

Overall, Velowave fat tire e-bike is a great value electric bicycle under $2000. Highly comfortable and will last for a long time like a hoverboard.

3. ECOTRIC 500W Electric Bike

ECOTRIC 500W Electric Bike e1635419112496

Brand – Ecotric | Color – Black/Gold/Black+Blue | Power – 500 W | Max Speed – 20 MPH | Tires – 20 Inch | Range – Max 48 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 260 lbs | Charging time – 6 to 8 hours

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • Battery lock and power lock function.
  • Shimano External 7 Speed Gear and dual disk brake.
  • Big battery life and variety of pedal assist levels.


Ecotric 500W electric bike is suitable for both males and females. It has small tires but wide enough for snowy and sandy roads. It is decently fast which is why it is also known as the girls’ electric bike. It due lacks the front suspension but still feels comfortable.

Do not ride the bike on rainy days as the battery is not fully waterproof. the range of the Ecotric 500W electric bike depends on the mode. In the electric mode, the bike range will be 23 to 28 miles, and in the pedal mode, the bike range is 44 to 48 miles. Do not ride only too long and steep roads with a slope of more than 15 degrees.

Overall, Ecotric is the best bike under 1000 and inexpensive. Assembling takes less than an hour.

4. PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike

5 Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

Brand – Paselec | Color – Black/Grey | Power – 500 W | Max Speed – 25-28 MPH | Tires – 27.5 Inch | Range – 40-50 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 220 lbs | Charging time – 5 to 6 hours

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 8 Speed gears and the 5 level of pedal assistance.
  • Totally waterproof and dustproof with IPX5.
  • 3 Riding modes: human, electric, and power assist mode.


Paselec Electric mountain bike is the most advanced bike on our list. The bike is very big and suitable for tall people. With power assist, moving uphill is very easy and 8 gears are more than enough for the road. The display has a USB for charging the phone but there is no phone holder to mount the phone.

The tires are not that fat but they have a strong grip on wet and snowy roads. The power assist boosts the bike speed and this is very useful for those who have bad knees or any leg problem. The headlight, taillight, and suspension work really well. Anyone who loves to ride, Paselec electric mountain bike is for you. Not the one with a powerful motor but one of the fastest electric bikes.

5. ANCHEER Electric Bike

ANCHEER Electric Bike e1635434973696

Brand – Ancheer | Color – Black+Blue | Power – 350W/500 W | Max Speed – 22 MPH | Tires – 27.5 Inch | Range – 22-38 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 330 lbs | Charging time – 6 hours

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Speed gears increase stronger hill-climbing power.
  • 21/24 manual speed and 5 electric speed options.
  • Carbon steel shock absorbing fork and Strong aluminum frame.
  • 20 degrees of hill grade and aluminum double walled rims.


Ancheer electric bike is the silent gear bike. The motor accelerates to the maximum speed without causing any problem and selecting the gears is a smooth process. As the brake system is mechanical, the bike does take some force to stop and is very much compatible with a normal rider.

Both the throttle and pedal assist are very much responsive. It is the 5 star 500W electric bike for smoother rides on straight roads but for bumpy roads, you need to be careful. The battery life is average and on a full charge, the bike can travel up to 20 miles.

The Parts quality of the Ancheer electric bike is great but it will take time to understand the LCD Display Settings. At maximum speed, this e-bike will stay stable and very easy to ride without power as well. Overall, the bike gives a solid performance and is one of the best electric bikes under 2000$.

The Electric Bikes Guide

A lot of people see the word electric and immediately think that these newfangled bikes are only good for disabled or elderly people who can’t pedal on their own.

However, the truth couldn’t be further from this idea; electric bikes are actually much easier to ride than traditional bikes, and they add a ton of value to your commute or casual rides around town.

If you’re curious about electric bikes but aren’t sure where to start, read on to learn more about these unique machines!

Types of Electric Bikes

Know which type of electric bike is best for you. We’ll look at their differences, and which ones might suit your lifestyle best. The first thing to decide is what type of electric bike you’d like to buy.

The market currently offers a wide variety of different electric bikes, but there are some main categories that divide them into types: e-bikes, pedal-assist bikes (pedelecs), and regular bikes (gears or chain).

1. e-bikes

E-bike – an e-bike uses an electric motor to help you pedal. eBikes with throttle mode don’t require pedaling.

2. Pedal assisted bike

Pedal-assist bikes also use electric motors to provide assistance to your pedaling, but they don’t have throttles or levers, meaning that you always maintain control over how fast or slow you go. You can ride a pedelec just like a normal bike.

3. Regular bike

Regular bikes don’t have throttles or levers, but they do have pedals; when you push down on your foot and start pedaling, you are riding it as if it were any other bicycle.

Finding the right electric bike

There are a few different things to look out for. First and foremost, battery technology. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that any given bike has an effective way of attaching a rear rack or fenders (for panniers or skirt guards).

As well as tires that won’t slip on wet or bumpy roads. You may also want lights for riding at night. Depending on where you live, you may need to register your bike with your local government and obtain a license plate; some areas require a helmet as well.

Be aware of these regulations when buying an electric bike online (or off) in order to ensure that you’re getting one that is safe and legal to operate.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike?

You should plan on charging a fully depleted electric bike battery anywhere from six to eight hours. That said, charge times can range anywhere from one to four hours, depending on whether you plug your e-bike into a wall outlet or a floor-mounted docking station.

The latter will be more efficient and faster, but will also use up electricity that you could have used for other things around your house.

Charge times for electrical vehicle batteries vary depending on multiple factors including temperature, speed of riding, and more — so check with your supplier for specifics about which of their models come equipped with rechargeable batteries and how long it takes to charge them.

Do I need special clothes for cycling on an electric bike?

When most people see an electric bike, they assume you’ll need special clothing/Camera for cycling. The truth is you can wear whatever you want when riding an electric bike; it doesn’t matter if you wear dress pants and a button down shirt or a pair of jean shorts and sneakers.

Unless you have some major mechanical issues, your clothes won’t get ruined while riding your e-bike. Wear what you like while riding! If your thighs chafe on long rides, buy padded bicycle shorts to give yourself some extra padding, but keep in mind that these are one-time use and will eventually wear out.

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