6 Best Electric Scooters for Campus (2023)

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For personal transportation, electric scooters are a great source. They are portable, affordable, durable and most importantly they are eco friendly.

Electric scooters are built with a one step folding system with a large range and a better brake system for daily commuting. The dual motor inside generates plenty of power and torque. The sturdy steering and the flat strong base make any scooter stable for having an extremely smooth riding experience. Front and rear shock absorbers in the tires provide better traction and turning ability on steeper and uneven roads just like e-bikes.

Tons of electric scooters are now available in the online market. And we have picked some of the best electric scooters for our visitors. Before buying, the things to look for in an electric scooter are:

  • Must have lots of space for feet.
  • Breaking system and stability.
  • Large air filled tires grip and strong frame.
  • Good battery life with fast charging.
  • Adjustable and foldable seat.
  • Electric scooter range. If you’re going to use your e-scooter regularly, you’ll want something that will last a long time without needing to be recharged.

Best Electric Scooters for Campus

Adults Electric Scooter
VDEOI Adults Electric Scooter

segway e scooter
SEGWAY Commuting Electric Scooter

hiboy escooter
HiBoy Off Road Electric Scooter

heavy duty electric scooter
Fieabor Heavy Duty Electric Scooter

long range electric scooter e1635151467590
TODIMART Long Range Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter e1635156039696
REDDYDY Fastest Electric Scooter

These 6 e-scooters are super smooth and easy to ride. They all have a well designed braking and shock absorption system. Traveling hundreds of kilometers with these electric scooters on rocks and cracks causes no trouble. The added safety features make riding a great experience.

Even at high speed never lose control over these 6 best electric scooters. For better clarity let’s have a look at 6 e-scooters in detail.

1. VDEOI Adults Electric Scooter

6 Best Electric Scooters

Brand – VDEOI | Color – Black | Power – 400 W | Max Speed – 18.6 MPH | Tires – 9 Inch | Range – 15 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 440 Pounds | Water resistant – Yes

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 20 degrees of strong climbing ability.
  • Ultra bright LED headlight and taillight.
  • Multifunctionla LED display and removable battery.
  • Triple Braking system – Foot brake, front brake, rear disk brake.


VDEOI adults electric scooter is very quick on the flat surface as well as at 20 degrees of inclination. It performs really well due to its powerful 400 w motor and all the power gives a great range. It is very well built and is capable of achieving 15 miles of long range.

Not the fastest electric scooter but it does climb better than most electric scooters and hoverboards. Tires absorb the shock and take the bump very well even at a high speed. The frame is solid to carry anyone and the folding mechanism feels sturdy. VDEOI is one of the cheapest adult electric scooters and worth spending money on.

2. SEGWAY Commuting Electric Scooter

segway e scooter

Brand – SEGWAY | Color – Dark Grey | Power – 350 W | Max Speed – 18.6 MPH | Tires – 10 Inch | Range – 40.4 Miles | Suitable For – Adults/14+ Kids | Max Load – 220 Pounds | Water resistant – Yes

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Dual Braking system – Front drum and electric back brake.
  • 3 riding modes – Eco, sports, and standard.
  • Fast charging – Charges in 6 hours approx.
  • Climb 20 degrees with ease.


Segway commuting electric scooter has a big standing area for commuters. It performs very well in hilly areas and won’t have any issue while riding it for a long time. The battery life is good and it depends on which mode is on on the electric scooter. The sports mode consumes more battery and the eco mode with less speed uses way lesser battery.

It is the perfect scooter for commuting and built to last for a long time. Its rum brake is really impressive and has excellent stopping performance. The headlights are good enough but not made for dark. So it is important to carry safety lights or reflectors for night riding.

Overall it is the best segway electric scooter for commuting for under $1000.

3. HiBoy Off Road Electric Scooter

hiboy escooter

Brand – HiBoy | Color – Black | Power – 2400 W | Max Speed – 32 MPH | Tires – 10 Inch | Range – 40 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 286 Pounds | Off Road – Yes | Water resistant – Yes

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Wider 10in Off-road Air Tires
  • Anti-slip stand deck for larger feet support.
  • 2 Powerful brushless motors of 1200 W.
  • 35% hill grade and three lights system.


Hiboy off road electric scooter with titan pro powerful motor can go on anywhere without any problem. It is not the lightest e-scooter but is very easy to carry once folded. 32 MPH speed is insane for off road and the stopping power is really good as well.

Check all about the speed, miles, and battery on the display. Hiboy claims 40 miles of range but honestly, the range will depend on the weight of the rider. On flat roads, it touches 35 Miles very easily. The built in charger is the best thing about this electric scooter. Just carry the wire with you and charge it at any place.

Overall, Hiboy off road electric scooter is a good solid scooter for adults. Not made for kids and teens.

4. Fieabor Heavy Duty Electric Scooter

6 Best Electric Scooters

Brand – Fieabor | Color – Black | Power – 5600 W | Max Speed – 43.4 MPH | Tires – 11 Inch | Range – 43 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 551 Pounds | Off Road – Yes | Water resistant – Yes

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Battery with overcharge protection, overcurrent protection.
  • Oil brake and C type shock absorber for more comfort.
  • Thickened explosion-proof Street tires.
  • Detachable seat and foldable design.


Fieabor heavy duty electric scooter is suitable for heavy adults. 3 types of lights system in the scooter makes riding safe at night. At the fastest speed, the scooter will not shake as the tires are bigger and wider. No doubt the motor generates so much power but is a little bit noisy as well.

Displayer is on the right handle of the e-scooter and the horn/headlight is on the left handle. The built quality is very solid but if the battery discharges the scooter does not give indications sometimes. This heavy duty electric scooter is specially made for heavy users and is not that cheap. But still, the comfort and looks are superb. Highly recommended for heavy adults and youngsters.

5. TODIMART Long Range Electric Scooter

long range electric scooter e1635151467590

Brand – Todimart | Color – Black | Power – 350/500/1000 W | Max Speed – 28 MPH | Tires – 10 Inch | Range – 19/25/40 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 330 Pounds | Off Road – Yes | Water resistant – Yes

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Dual brake system (disc brake for the front and rear).
  • With Two LED indicator lights and an alert bell.
  • 10% hill grade and has a Maximum long range of 40 miles.
  • Adjustable handlebar and adjustable seat.


Todimart is a long range electric scooter with a removable seat. It is available in 3 different models, so as the price increases the battery life increases as well. Once the scooter is charged, the charge stays for a long time. The controls and the switches are very user friendly.

The ride quality is a big plus and the air filled tires do a great job in providing comfort even on uneven roads. Todimart is a nice mid level commuter scooter that simply collapses into an easy carry system. Even though it is portable still it is a heavy and bulky long range electric scooter under $600.

6. REDDYDY Fastest Electric Scooter

6 Best Electric Scooters

Brand – ReddyDy | Color – Black | Power – 6000 W | Max Speed – 65 MPH | Tires – 11 Inch | Range – 55 – 65 Miles | Suitable For – Adults | Max Load – 440 Pounds | Off Road – Yes | Water resistant – Yes

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • It easily handles 45° steep slopes with two 3000 w motors.
  • Hydraulic+160MM disc brake and EBAS electronic brake system.
  • Front fog lights and pedals lights for a clear view at night.
  • Dual hydraulic shock absorbers and IPX5 waterproof.


ReddyDy is the fastest electric scooter in the market. This e-scooter gives a lot of power but is very costly. More power means the batter will also discharge quickly. Everything is best about this scooter: the Tires, battery, brakes, built quality, and even the lights and horn. In second and third gears it flies like a beast.

Made for light as well heavy weight adults. The foot frame and the seat handles 300+ pounds very easily. Even up the steep slopes, the acceleration is great. As it is an off road electric scooter the shocks do feel but they are soft. ReddyDy is the heaviest scooter on our list but also portable.

Overall, it is very well designed and drives smoothly with great inclination performance.

Electric Scooters for Campus: Buyers Guide

Before you buy an electric scooter there are a few things you need to consider. An electric scooter can be a great option for many people, and it’s becoming one of the most popular ways to get around.

However, if you’re thinking about buying one it is important that you do your research first. Each year more and more companies release new models in order to compete with their competitors.

So how do you make sure that you’re getting a good quality model? What features should you look out for? And how much will they cost? This guide will cover all of these questions so that by the end of it, you should know everything there is to know about buying an electric scooter. Let’s get started!

Types Of Electric Scooters

On-Street vs Off-Road: All of today’s models come in two different varieties; on-street or off-road. In general, off-road units offer increased power as well as thicker wheels which give them added grip while also allowing them to be ridden over rougher terrain.

The downside of off-road units is that their thickness makes them wider than on-street equivalents which may mean you cannot use them on public pathways (although we have certainly seen more and more aggressive designs). Street legal versions typically allow for smoother handling because their wheels are thinner although you’ll sacrifice some power compared to an off-road unit due to restricted size options.

Buying an electric scooter

An electric scooter can be a great gift or investment for someone who lives in a city. A motorized ride-on toy that is designed to look like a motorcycle, scooter, or quad bike.

Most are powered by an electric motor with rechargeable batteries and some have advanced features like headlights and digital displays. Electric scooters help you get where you want to go while being cost-effective and fun!

How far can you go?

Most electric scooters can travel around 10 miles per hour, which is plenty fast enough to get you from point A to point B.

However, these machines come in various sizes and can be classified into three different categories: lightweight scooters (about 20 pounds), mid-weight scooters (around 30 pounds), and heavy-duty models (around 50 pounds).

While lightweight scooters are great for going short distances, they don’t have a very long range before they need to be recharged.

Mid-weight scooters, on the other hand, are great for people who have longer commutes or just want something that’s faster and more powerful than a traditional kickboard. Heavy-duty models will go much further but also require a lot more strength to operate.

How long do Electric scooters last?

The largest question surrounding electric scooters is how long they last. Unfortunately, there’s no answer to this. A one-size-fits-all lifetime isn’t possible when it comes to electric scooters because they can be used in so many different ways, in so many different scenarios, and by people with such diverse experiences.

People who ride their electric scooters every day will get more use out of them than people who only use them once or twice a month.

Similarly, someone who rides on smooth sidewalks and paved bike trails will get far more mileage out of their electric scooter than someone who rides over muddy dirt paths and uneven cobblestone streets. To find out how long your electric scooter lasts you’ll have to do some research before you buy.

What maintenance do Electric scooters require?

Like other electric vehicles, e-scooters need to be charged regularly; most models can run up to 20 miles on a single charge. In order to maintain that battery life, users must keep their scooter plugged in after each use and store it indoors (preferably at room temperature).

Also like other electric vehicles, e-scooters require little maintenance. Just be sure to check for rust and wear and tear before each ride. And as with anything else you ride around on—if it doesn’t feel safe or comfortable, get off!

Electric scooters are typically more maintenance-free than their gas-powered counterparts. They don’t require fuel, air filters, oil changes, or tune-ups. Still, you will want to clean them after every use and perform basic checks before each ride to ensure that nothing is loose and everything is functioning properly.

Do Check your brakes—and make sure you can bring your vehicle to a complete stop before embarking on a trip.

How much does the Electric scooter cost?

Prices range widely among electric scooters, with some costing well over $1,000 and others as little as $100. It’s also important to consider whether you want a brand-new scooter or a refurbished one—often found for less than half of what a new one costs.

Prices will also vary depending on your location; those in major metropolitan areas tend to be more expensive than rural ones. Weigh your options based on where you live and use it (since most can travel up to 20 miles) when looking at prices.

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