3 Best Dash Cam Front And Rear 2022

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A good dash cam offers protection and security to the vehicle. The dashcam is not just a cam but a  lifesaver.

Installation of a dash cam is very much important to a vehicle in order to record front and rear views while traveling.

No chance of collision when a quality dash cam is attached to the windshield. They reduce car accidents by up to 90%. 

3 Best Dash Cam Front and Rear

TOGUARD Front and Rear Dash Cam

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Kingslim 2.5K Dash Cam for Car

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CHORTAU Parked Car Dash Cam

While driving keeping an eye on the front is easy but on the rear is a bit difficult. So a driver must not take a risk and must drive with an extra level of security i.e dash cam. 

A dash cam is also one of the most potent and robust proof to defend yourself in court against a car crash.  And thus an important tool to solve accidental cases as well.

For the best visual experience on the road we are presenting the 3 best dash cam front and rear, have a look.

1. TOGUARD Front and Rear Dash Cam

3 Best Dash Cam Front And Rear 2021

Brand – TOGUARD  | Color – Black | Screen Size – 2.45 Inches | Video Resolution – 720p/1080p | MicroSD Card – Up to 128 GB | Audio recording – Yes | Working temperature – – 20°C~60°C | Dimension – 2.55 x 1.57 x 0.55 inches | Weight – 13.9 ounces

 7 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 170° wide view front camera record 1080p HD videos.
  • 140° wide view rear camera record 720p HD videos.
  • Advanced WDR technology to shoot videos at night.
  • Has Motion detection, Parking mode, screen saver, etc.
  • Prevents overexposure, such as driving into the sun.
  • The rear car camera is waterproof with IP68 technology.
  • Front and Rear Dash cam has wide Angle Loop recording feature.

 Our Thoughts 

TOGUARD dual dash cam has a lot of reasons that make it worth purchasing. Some of them are compact size, excellent video quality, and wide-angle shooting.

Very easy to set up and stick the suction pump to the windshield. Its wide-angle 3 lane Coverage is really impressive.

This front and rear dash cam have an auto turn-on and off feature every time the car engine starts and stops.

For High security, it is highly recommended to the people who spend most of the time on the road.


  • Record simultaneously from the front and inner area at Full HD.
  • It has four infrared LED lights with an f2.0 aperture.
  • Record a short video with Parking Mode if a collision happens.
  • Motion detection to avoid a collision.
  • Balances the overexposure and is Audio Capable.


  • The cable that comes within the box is very thick and bit unmanageable.

Should you get it?

The TOGUARD front and rear dash cam is an excellent dashcam when it comes to features and video quality.

Overall this dual mode camera record like a professional and is a 5-star rated car dash cam. Worth spending money.

2. Kingslim 2.5K Dash Cam for Car

3 Best Dash Cam Front And Rear 2021

Brand – KINGSLIM  | Color – Black | Screen Size – 3 Inches | Video Resolution – 1080p/1440p | MicroSD Card – Up to 128 GB | Audio recording – Yes | Working temperature – – 4°F~140°F | Dimension – 5.71 x 4.72 x 3.62 inches | Weight – 1.04 pounds

 7 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 170° wide view front camera record 1440p HD videos.
  • 170° wide view rear camera record 1080p HD videos.
  • 1.6 large aperture camera captures clearer and brighter videos.
  • Built-in G-sensor detects a shake or collision.
  • Automatically overwrite the oldest unlocked videos with the newest.
  • Dash cam for a car has Waterproof rear camera with IP67 technology.
  • Loop recording for protecting important video evidence.

 Our Thoughts 

The Kingslim Dash Cam for car records crystal clear quality video even at night time. 2.5K HD camera is what makes it better than other dash cams in the market.

Record the license plates of the vehicles with the rear-facing 1080p camera even on a heavy rainy day with ease.

Long cables make the installation process a matter of just a few minutes. On bouncy or terrible roads, the recording will not blur at all which is quite impressive.


  • High-resolution videos with 2.5K and 1080p cams.
  • Sony IMX335 sensor for low light.
  • H.265 video compression for smoother loading.
  • Withstand extreme temperature conditions.
  • Cheap Price.


  • Sometimes it shows a Format SD card error.

Should you get it?

The Kingslim dash cam for cars is built to save you from any accident scam. The camera is worth the price by all means.

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3. CHORTAU Parked Car Dash Cam

71C4tTMoBnL. AC SL1500

Brand – CHORTAU  | Color – Black | Screen Size – 3 Inches | Video Resolution – 1080p/720p | MicroSD Card – Up to 32 GB | Audio recording – Yes | Working temperature – -86°F~158°F | Dimension – 3 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches | Weight – 6.45 Ounces

 7 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 170° wide-view front camera records 1080p HD videos.
  • 130° wide view Rear camera record 1080p HD videos.
  • 6 pcs IR LED night vision technology to capture clear videos.
  • It saves the video when the car engine shuts off.
  • Parked car Dash cam Monitor car 24 hours by parking monitor. 
  • Pick 1 minute, 2 minute, or 5-minute file size for loop recording.
  • The rear camera is totally water-resistant.

 Our Thoughts 

The CHORTAU is one of the best-selling and top-rated cameras of the dashcam industry. It has a premium look and excellent build quality.

Both front and rear cameras of this parked car dash cam serve well at nighttime. Switch to a full screen while using a rear camera for a perfect and clear view.

Also, the rear camera comes with 4 LED lights that are very most effective in low light and rain. 

Comes with lots of features which are uncountable.


  • Can shoot from both sides at the same time.
  • Fast motion detector.
  • It has a loop and G-sensor.
  • Supports ultra-wide recording.
  • 30s emergency recording on parking mode.
  • Parked car dash cam installation is easy.


  • It does not support a microSD card of more than 32 GB.

Should you get it?

The CHORTAU Parked car dash cam is very good for insurance purposes, video evidence, and security.

This camera does not really disappoint and must be first priority of every driver because of its popularity and the quality recordings it provides.

Final Thoughts

No matter which one you pick all the 3 dash cams are good in their own way. If one offers high-quality video recording then the other offers a wider view. 

 If one provides large storage for saving videos then the other provides smooth video loading. They all are unique and they all are winners in terms of giving full security. 

Buying One of these front and rear Dash cams is better than suffering an accident.

So why take a risk? choose your favorite one now out of the 3 Best Dash cam Front And Rear.

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