Best Electric Skillet for Travel (2023)

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Title: Best Electric Skillet for Travel

An electric skillet is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can own. Not only does it allow you to prepare wholesome meals, but it also works well for baking desserts, cooking pancakes and waffles, and making omelets and frittatas.

Whether you’re traveling or just want to eat healthier at home, an electric skillet provides versatility with minimal countertop space required.

However, not all electric skillets are the same size or shape, so if you’re looking to make healthy meals while traveling, consider the best electric skillet for travel below before making your purchase.

Best Electric Skillet for Travel – Electric Frying Pan

An electric skillet can be your go-to appliance while on the road, whether you want to reheat leftovers or cook a simple breakfast every morning. We reviewed three best electric skillets in this article.

Let’s check them out in detail.

1. GreenPan Electric Skillet with Lid

electric skillet for travel
Brand GreenPan
ColorBlack / White / Purple / Blue / Green
Capacity6 Quarts
Total Presets10
Special Feature Healthy Ceramic PFAS Free Nonstick
Material Ceramic
Weight 16.12 pounds
Pan Dimension 8″D x 16″W x 12″H

Features: GreenPan Electric Skillet with Lid, Electric Frying Pan

  • The cast-in green element inside heats quickly and evenly
  • 10 Preset menus are: Stir-Fry, Sauce, Soup, Steam, Simmer, Warm, Sear/Sauté, White Rice, Brown Rice, and Grains
  • Its Features Thermolon Volt, a ceramic nonstick coating which is tough and easy to clean
  • Easy one-touch presets and easy-to-read LCD Display for smart cooking
  • Its insulated housing does not let the heat escape
  • Comes with the heat-resistant base with firm silicone feet and a tempered glass lid


  • Durable and tough
  • Splatter free design
  • Green element eliminates hot & cold spots
  • Toxic-free cooking appliance
  • Intuitive backlit display
  • Material is very easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wide and big
  • Heats up quickly
  • Non-slip feet


  • Cord is not long

2. GreenPan Stainless Steel 8-in-1 Non Stick Electric Skillet

electric skillet for travel
Brand GreenPan
Capacity6.5 quarts
Total Presets8
Special FeaturePFAS-free Ceramic Nonstick
Material Ceramic
Weight 15.27 pounds
Pan Dimension 10″D x 16″W x 14″H

Features: GreenPan Stainless Steel 8-in-1 Non Stick Electric Skillet

  • Its ceramic nonstick coating specially designed to withstand the strain
  • 8 Preset Menus are: Sauté, slow cook, grill, stir-fry, steam, stew, rice, and keep warm
  • It has a removable pot to reveal a grill and griddle plate for pancakes, eggs, veggies, shrimp, chicken, and more
  • Included Accessories: Die Cast Grill, Griddle Plates, Stainless Steel Steamer Racks, and Tempered Glass lid
  • Keep the appliance in control with its large, easy-grip handles
  • Includes extra-large touch controls on the LED display


  • Powerful heating coil and fan
  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Splatter-proof and shatter-proof
  • Nice bright display
  • Keep an eye on food with glass top
  • Adequate cable length
  • Multi-functional and lightweight
  • GreenPan Slow cook everything


  • Handles get a little warm

3. Elite Gourmet Portable Electric Skillet for Travel

electric skillet for travel
Brand Elite Gourmet
Capacity7.5 / 8.5 / 10.5 quarts
Total Settings5
Special FeatureManual
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 11.3 ounces
Pan Dimension 3.2″D x 12″W x 12″H

Features: Elite Gourmet Portable Electric Skillet for Travel

  • Control the temperature with its trigger-Release control probe and prevent hot spots and scorched food
  • Skillet has 3.15″ splatter-proof walls and cool-touch knob plus handles
  • Skillet has multilayer and PFOA free marbleized non-stick coating
  • Included Things: Base, Removable Thermostat, Tempered Glass Lid and Instruction Manual with Recipes
  • Its thick cast aluminum body with Black lacquer finish resists rusting


  • Scratch resistant and Splatter-proof surface
  • Perfect for a family of 4 to 6
  • Not for deep frying but can be used to bake
  • Can be used with or without lid
  • Compact appliance for small spaces
  • Heats evenly and easy to clean


  • No temperature controls
  • No Auto shut off

Electric Skillet Buying Guide – Electric Frying Pan

You know how to cook the perfect steak on your countertop electric skillet at home, but what about when you’re on the road? Here is a complete guide to help you choose the best electric skillet for travel.

What is an electric skillet?

Electric skillet is a great kitchen tool or appliance to cook an array of foods from breakfast to dinner. The skillet is known for Stir-Frying, Saucing, Souping, Steaming, searing, Sautéing, baking, and many more things.

Skillets feature a ceramic nonstick coating which is dishwasher safe, tough, and always cooks healthy food.

What can you cook in an electric skillet?

You can cook almost everything in the smart electric skillet. The things you can make in skillet are cakes, biscuits, rice, chicken, muffins, Brownies, fish fillets, meat loafs, snacks, fries, pancakes, eggs, pizza, roasts, bacon, pork chops, potatoes, burgers, popcorn, steaks, and the list never ends.

How to use an electric skillet?

Not every electric skillet is the same. It depends on which brand’s skillet you are using. Every skillet comes with temperature settings. Plug in the skillet and set the ideal temperature depending on which food you want to cook.

Once the food is cooked, turn the skillet off and wait for it to cool. Make sure to use wooden or plastic utensils and wear gloves while using electric appliances like skillets.

Things to consider while choosing an Electric skillet for travel

Electric skillet is all in one portable appliance and is affordable one. Consider the following things when choosing an electric skillet.


Picking the right skillet for your everyday needs is important. You need to think if you need a small, medium, or large sized non stick electric skillet. Deciding a skillet size will depend on how many people you are traveling with.

Cooking options

If the skillet is electric and is not offering some inbuilt preset cook menus then it is worthless. Make sure the non stick electric skillet you purchase has at least 8 preset cook functions.

Heat-resistant base

Now the modern electric skillets come with a heat-resistant base. Don’t go for old fashioned electric skillet. Do research and make sure the skillet you are buying has a heat-resistant base and handles. And, it also has a dishwasher safe non slipping base.

Conclusion: Best Electric Skillet for Travel

If you’re traveling and don’t have access to an oven? Fear not when electric skillet is here. Using electric skillets will make things easy while travelling so you can still eat good food while exploring the world.

All three electric skillets we reviewed are the best on the market. But from our point of view, no skillet is as good as GreenPan electric skillet. It has almost all the features and is also a little costly than most electric skillets. But it is worth spending your money on.

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