GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot Review (2023)

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GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot is what we are reviewing in this article. This slow cooker is known for cooking delicious food with just the press of a button.

No need to use the stove to brown the meat or veggies when the GreenPan slow cooker is in your kitchen. This slow cooker comes with various presets and many other advanced features which we will discuss later in this review.

But the question is, Is the GreenPan 6 quart slow cooker really a high-quality cooker or not? Read our full review to know.

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot
Brand GreenPan
ColorBlack / White / Purple / Blue / Green
Capacity6 Quarts
Total Presets & wattage10 Presets / 1350 Watts
Max Temperature 400˚F
Material Ceramic and Stainless steel
Weight 13.69 pounds
Cooker Dimension 18.98″ L x 13.43″ W x 10.94″ H

Features: GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot

  • 10 Preset menus are: Brown, Sauté, Slow Cook, Steam, Simmer, High, Low, Warm, Reheat, and Buffet
  • The cast-in green element inside heats quickly and evenly
  • Easy one-touch presets and easy-to-read LCD Display for smart cooking
  • Its insulated housing does not let the heat escape
  • Its Features Thermolon Volt, a ceramic nonstick coating which is tough and easy to clean
  • Comes with the heat-resistant base with firm silicone feet and a tempered glass lid
  • When pot is hot, remove it easily with silicon handles


  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Splatter-proof and shatter-proof
  • Nice bright display
  • Keep an eye on food with glass top
  • Vibrant stainless steel body
  • Multi-functional
  • Slow cook everything
  • Move easily when hot
  • Food will not stick


  • None

GreenPan slow cooker different parts

The GreenPan 6QT slow cooker is divided into different parts that are:


The tempered glass lid is on the top of the cooker which is used to keep an eye on the food cooked inside.

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot

Removable pot

Greenpan non stick slow cooker also includes 6QT hard anodized rod. This aluminum crafted pot heats up the food quickly and spreads the heat evenly.

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot

Steam Rack

Then there is stainless steel steam rack that can be used to steam cook veggies, shellfish, dumplings, meat, and more.

Slow cooker base

Finally, the slow cooker base is left. The base is fitted with a green backlit LCD display and one-touch presets.

How to use the browning feature of GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker?

The browning feature simply adds a flavor to the food. Brown your meat and veggies with the touch of a button. But how to use the browning feature?

  1. To use the Browning feature of GreenPan slow cooker, simply add butter or cooking oil at the start.
  2. Turn on the GreenPan Slow cooker and press the Brown/ Sauté” button.
  3. Remove the tempered glass lid while using the browning feature.
  4. Once the oil is hot, add meat or veggies with ingredients into the Anodized pot.
  5. Sear for some minutes and once browning is done, switch the “brown” mode to “slow cook” mode.
  6. Add the rest of the ingredients and now cover the meat or veggies with lid.
  7. Adjust time and temperature and Slow cook it for the best results.
GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot

GreenPan 6QT slow cooker is the best slow cooker with browning feature. The temperature range in browning mode is 120˚F to 400˚F.

What are the various slow cook modes of GreenPan 6 Quart slow cooker?

The slow cook mode of GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker is perfect for foods like stews, soups, beans, and fattier meats such as roasts, pork shoulder, and ribs that requires long time and low heat cooking.

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot has 5 slow cook modes.

Mode 1: Low (LO)

Low slow cooking mode is for foods that take time.

Mode 2: High (HI)

High slow cooking mode is for foods that are made quickly.

Mode 3: Reheat

Reheat slow cooking mode is best for already cooked foods. Reheat them using this mode.

Mode 4: Simmer/Buffet

Use the Simmer/Buffet slow cook mode while serving. It will keep the food warm.

Mode 5: Warm

The warm slow cook mode will automatically start to keep the already cooked food warm after the cooking time is ended.

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot

What things to use while cooking in GreenPan slow cooker?

Make sure to use heat-resistant gloves or oven mitts while cooking in the hot pot. And always try to use silicone, wooden, or plastic utensils while cooking in the slow cooker.

Is Hard Anodized Pot of GreenPan Slow Cooker oven safe?

Yes, the inner Hard Anodized pot of GreenPan Slow Cooker can be used in oven and stove top. The pot is coated with Thermolon Volt coating which is nonstick, scratch resistant, and high heat conducting.

What to do when a slow cooker produces excessive smoke?

It is normal for a slow cooker to generate a limited amount of smoke. But if it starts emitting excessive smoke, turn it off and unplug the Slow Cooker until it subsides.

Is GreenPan 6QT slow cooker dishwasher safe?

Yes, the GreenPan 6QT slow cooker is dishwasher safe. The lid, steamer, and inner hard Anodized pot are dishwasher safe but not the base of a cooker.

But you can wipe the base of a slow cooker with a damp cloth as well as other things.

Is GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot the best slow cooker?

GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker with Hard Anodized Pot is a great upgrade. It is heavy duty appliance with ceramic coating which is healthy. It is going to save you a lot of time in the kitchen.

This GreenPan slow cooker is worth spending your money on even though it is a little more expensive than most of the available slow cookers on amazon.

The things that make the GreenPan 6QT Slow Cooker the best is its performance, versatility, durability, heat conducting ability, quality, non stick feature, multiple features and presets, and most importantly its extra tough exterior.

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