iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students: Which iPad is the Best?

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Title: iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

Students who are confused about which iPad pro to pick for taking notes, drawing, and illustrating, etc. are reading the right article. In this article, we will compare both the iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch iPad pro (M1 and M2), and students will get a complete idea about which iPad Pro is better for them.

Since there are two different sizes of iPad Pro present in the market, it gets trickier for a buyer regarding which one must be purchased.

iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

With the launch of M2 chip iPad Pro models, it is now more confusing for the students to choose the right iPad pro for them.

This article will make college and university students decide which iPad pro is the right pick for them. So, keep Reading.

M2 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

M2 iPad pro 11 and M2 iPad pro 12.9 are the latest and fastest apple tablets now. But they are not much different from the previous M1 models.

Display and Camera: M2 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

Like M1 models, 12.9 inch has the same mini-LED display and still apple don’t give the mini-LED to the M2 ipad pro 11 inch model.

12.9 M2 iPad pro has a peak brightness of 1600 nits as compared to the 600 nits of the 11 inch M2 iPad pro. The display of the M2 iPad pro 11 looks a little yellowish as compared to 12.9 inch model.

Also, we don’t get any camera difference in M2 iPad pro models as compared to M1 iPad pro models. They are basically the same

12MP Wide camera, 10MP Ultra Wide back camera, and LiDAR Scanner at the back. And 12MP Ultra Wide camera with Center Stage on the front.

M2 Chip: M2 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

One of the big differences between the old iPad pro models and the new ones is the M2 chip. M2 chip is slightly more powerful than M1 Chip and will help students in many ways, especially in productivity.

Apple Pencil: M2 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

Nothing has changed in the M2 iPad pro models. But we notice some new features for the Apple pencil which you will not notice in the M1 iPad pro models.

The first new feature for apple pencil is hover. You will find the hover option in the apple pencil settings. Before you press the pencil on the screen, you will see a little shadow (Hover). This will help students where to point the pencil while taking notes or drawing anything.

Another thing we notice while using the apple pencil is when we move the pencil close to any app icon, the icon gets larger.

iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

Which M2 iPad Pro is good for students?

Honestly, we think that the main thing for students is the probability and the 11 inch iPad pro is more portable than 12.9. Also, students can buy 11 inch ipad pro model for $300 cheaper rate as compared to the basic 12.9 ipad pro model.

Link we said already, nothing has changed in this year M2 ipad pro except the M2 chip. Now the decision is yours, which iPad Pro you want to purchase. The M1 or M2 model. But if you already have M1 ipad Pro, there is no need to upgrade to M2 iPad Pro.

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M1 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

Camera: iPad Pro 12.9 vs 11 for Students

In 12.9 inch iPad Pro, Apple made a drastic change in the Front camera quality, as it changes the camera’s hardware from a ƒ/2.2 7MP camera to an ƒ/2.4 12MP ultra-wide one that comes with a 2x optical zoom out. That makes a massive difference in the quality.

Students who make lots of video calls can have a significant benefit from the 5th generation iPad Pro. It will adjust itself by zooming in and out according to your movements so that you can remain inside the frame.

Speed: M1 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9

Both the iPads have the same Apple M1 processor, wireless connectivity, but the estimated battery life of the two is not nearly the same. Which states that both the pro iPad are at their maximum speed. Yes, the 11 inch iPad Pro is faster but not as fast as the M1 iPad Pro 12.9 inch, which is at its par with a MacBook Pro.

Liquid Retina XDR: M1 iPad Pro 12.9 vs 11

There are two significant differences in the display, size, and brightness of these two great iPads. The iPad 11- inch has Apple’s Liquid Retina LCD, wherein the 5th generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch model apple introduces Liquid Retina XDR, which is very similar to a regular HDR.

Using the term XDR, Apple is trying to showcase itself in a higher position and formulates a good marketing strategy. The 10,00,000:1 contrast ratio, P3 wide color gamut, and full-screen brightness of 1,000 nits make it the best HDR if we remove True Tone and ProMotion. Whereas the 11 inch iPad pro can handle HDR video content, its peak brightness is just 600 nits.

Battery Life: M1 iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9

Most people feel that a 12.9 inch iPad Pro would have a better battery life as it has a bigger battery than the 11 inches iPad Pro. But this isn’t true. The bigger battery of 12.9 inch 5th generation iPad Pro has to drive a more prominent display and mostly runs on high brightness because of the mini LED panel. Thus, the battery drains faster. Moreover, it has been proven that the 11 inches iPad Pro lasts about 30 minutes longer than the 12.9 inches iPad Pro.

Aspect Ratio to Watch Videos

Although the 12.9 inch iPad Pro has a much brighter, bigger, and better-looking display, that doesn’t mean that it is perfect for watching video content. If we compare both the iPad Pro’s by keeping them side by side in landscape mode, it shows that the 11 inches iPad Pro has a bit larger and more comprehensive display than 12.9 inches iPad Pro.

This is because the 11 inch iPad Pro comes with a 1.43:1 screen aspect ratio, and on the other hand, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro features a 4:3 display. This means that you will see more oversized black bars on the side of the 5th generation iPad Pro while watching video content on any online streaming platform. Moreover, in 12.9 inches iPad Pro, you can zoom into the video but it will crop some content due to a 4:3 screen aspect ratio.

Display: M1 iPad Pro 12.9 vs 11 for Drawing

A larger display of a 12.9 inch iPad Pro M1 may undoubtedly be more beneficial to utilize. However, it is not as small as the 11 inches iPad Pro. The 11-inch is an entire workhouse in a small body. The 11-inch 3rd generation iPad Pro is more attractive because of its portable size. The icons and the texts are a bit smaller which looks good. Draw like a pro and on both the iPad pro.

 We also prefer the 3rd generation iPad pro 11 when it comes to media intake. It is lighter and much more comfortable to hold for lengthy bouts of time while analyzing, playing video games, or unwinding to watch a video clip.  
iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

Conclusion: iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 For Students

We love the M1 And M2 iPad pro models for their display screen, attractive design, and interface. The Pro models have all the features that anyone wants.  Both are perfect for sketching, drawing, and note taking.

But if you are just a student, we will recommend you to go for either M2 ipad pro 11 or M1 ipad pro 11. They are portable enough to carry and easy enough to use while studying.

We don’t think M1 and M2 ipad pro 12.9 is the right choice for the students. 12.9 inch screen is way bigger for students. 12.9 inch models are made for creatives and professionals.

So, we hope that you have got an idea about which iPad will suit you best by going through our article on iPad Pro 11 vs 12.9 for students.

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