iPad Pro 11 Review (3rd Generation) 2023

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For those who love using tablets and want to upgrade their old tablet, iPad Pro 3rd Generation will be the best option. The new M1 Chip makes the iPad Pro 11 super responsive and the killer 120 Hz display makes the experience much smoother. It is the cheapest Apple iPad pro with the best quality hardware.

The plus point of Apple 11 inch models is that they don’t drain fast. Also, the iPad’s small size makes it easier to put in a handbag or smaller bag. The HDR content looks really good on the 11″ M1 iPad pro even without a Mini LED. In daily usage, it feels incredibly snappy and fast.

The M1 chip not only kills multitasking but also runs pro apps like affinity photo, luma fusion, and video editing apps like a breeze. All the bigger things now can be easily done on apple’s smallest all-in-one 11-inch iPad pro 3rd generation. Read our full iPad Pro 11 review.

iPad Pro 11 Review M1

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In this iPad Pro 11 review, we will discuss the changes in the software and hardware over the previous generation iPad Pro, what are the improvements in the cameras and the processor, whether battery life is good or worse, is 11-inch Liquid Retina display stunning?

We cover everything about iPad Pro 3rd generation in our review.

iPad Pro 11 Review (3rd Generation) 2022

Brand – Apple | Color – Space Grey/Silver | Operating System – iPad OS | Screen Size – 11 inch | Storage – 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB | Video recording – 4K | Camera – 12 MP | Apple Pencil – Yes (2nd generation) | Models – Wifi/Wifi+Cellular | Weight – 1.04 Pounds

 Pros – iPad pro 11 

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Good quality Speakers with clarity
  • Fast Charging Speed and refresh rates
  • Intuitive Operating system of iPad pro 11
  • The powerful M1 chip offers great speed

 Cons – iPad pro 11 

  • Low Camera Resolution
  • No mini LEDs

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 11 inch is the Cheapest M1 iPad Pro.
  • ROM Upgradable to a Maximum of 2TB.
  • 1TB/2TB variants features 16GB RAM.
  • 11-inch iPad tends to last a little longer.
  • M1 chip improves the performance of the device.
  • 11 inch Equally capable compared to 12.9 iPad pro.
  • Apple iPad Pro 11 inch is thinner, lighter, and portable.
  • WiFi+Cellular model now offers 5G connectivity.
  • Front camera with new center stage feature.
  • 10 hours of battery life on Wifi and 9 hours on cellular.

Apple iPad Pro 11 inch: Display

ipad pro 12.9 display e1633160111415

The 11 inch display is vibrant and bright even though this iPad pro lacks the Mini LEDs. It is not XDR but it is still the liquid retina display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. For a smoother experience, the 120 Hz refresh rate is almost perfect and yes, the display looks fantastic.

The display gets bright up to 600 nits and it has a resolution of 1288 by 1668. The display has a more fluid user and viewing experience and its 120 Hz refresh rate feature is able to conserve battery life as well. The blacks look a little purplish as compared to the mini LED XDR screen. But the HDR content looks amazing.

iPad Pro 3rd Generation: Processor

ipad pro processor 1 e1632756912735

iPad Pro 11 inch uses the newer M1 Chip with the 8 core GPU and 8 core CPU. Doing heavier tasks on this iPad is possible now with the M1 chip and it handles everything like a pro. Running heavy software, apps, and games on this iPad Pro model is so much smoother now. Games even at the highest of settings run flawlessly.

And the best thing about this M1 chip is that no matter how long the software and games you run on this iPad, it doesn’t get hotter. The M1 chip is a beast that has the potential to run all your creative suites and more. For a tablet, it is too powerful. The chip also has an image signal processor that improves photos and video quality.

Without any question, the 2021 M1 iPad Pro is a more powerful device than the last one and worth upgrading.

M1 iPad Pro 11: Camera

iPad Pro 11 Review (3rd Generation) 2022

The next thing we will focus on in our iPad Pro 11 Review is the camera. The back camera set up of 11 inch iPad is a combination of 12 MP wide, 10 MP ultrawide, a flash, and a LiDAR scanner. And the front facing camera is a 12 MP true depth ultrawide.

The smallish upgrade to the front camera is center stage which keeps you in focus during video calls and in the frame. The camera will follow you and will expand the frame the moment it captures other faces besides you. The feature is cool and very effective for video calling and zoom meetings.

The camera will not be the deciding factor but still, it has been improved a lot compared to the 2020 M1 iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 3rd Generation: Battery Life

Answering emails, web browsing, and note taking on the M1 iPad Pro does not consume the battery that much. The 30 to 40% battery will be saved on doing the normal stuff all day on iPad Pro 11. Even the Liquid retina display doesn’t drain the battery that much as compared to the mini Led display of iPad Pro 12.9.

The M1 Chip probably adds battery life to the 11″ iPad Pro and the retina display does not suck away the battery like the XDR display which is why it is worth buying. But at max brightness, the battery does drain fast but it charges quite normally. Apple claims the standby time of 10 hours on Wifi and 9 Hours on cellular.

Does the M1 iPad Pro have GPS?

Yes, only the Wifi+Cellular model of the M1 iPad pro has built-in GPS.

Is The 11″ iPad Pro the Perfect Size Tablet?

Yes, the Apple iPad Pro 11 inches is the perfect sized tablet. It is portable and way more comfortable to hold. It is 75% lighter than 12.9-inch model.

Does The iPad Pro Have Overheating issues?

After running heavy software, apps and playing games for a couple of hours the iPad Pro doesn’t even get hot. Yes, it does get warm but there is no chance that it will get overheated.

Does the iPad Pro 11 come with 5G support?

Yes, the M1 iPad pro does support 5G and gives away the fastest speed possible.

Final Thoughts

The Apple iPad Pro 3rd generation is a super thin, light, and small-size tablet the same as iPad air. It has excellent speakers and a camera set up with good battery life. It offers a great form factor and various additional features compared to the previous generation. It is like a mini laptop.

Typing, reading, note taking, drawing, and even gaming feel so much fun on iPad pro 11. Now is the best time to invest your money in the Apple top notch pro tablet.

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