Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen for Reading 2023

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Apple has released the brand-new Apple iPad mini 6th gen. Compared to other Apple Tablets, the iPad mini 6 is way smaller yet the perfect size tablet. It is the ideal apple tablet for those who take notes, sketch, read, and write down things all the time. For MacBook or laptop lovers, this apple tablet can be quite handy.

6th Generation iPad mini is the first iPad mini with the camera bump. The 12 MP camera will be at the back of the iPad mini and the volume buttons will be at the top along with the fingerprint touch ID.

Its screen size is bigger than the 5th generation iPad mini and the best part is that it supports apple pencil 2nd generation. The pencil sticks magnetically to the right side of the iPad mini 6 and charges alongside.

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Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen for Reading: Specs

iPad Mini 6th Gen for Reading

  • Record 4K videos with HDR.
  • Fast A15 Bionic chip with Neural Engine.
  • 12 MP Ultra wide front and back camera.
  • 2 Models Available – WiFi/ WiFi+Cellular.
  • Available in 2 sizes – 64 GB/256 GB.
  • 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display (60 Hz Refresh Rate).
  • Supports Apple pencil (2nd gen) and BlueTooth Keyboards.
  • USB-C connector for charging and Touch ID For security.
  • Available in 4 colors – Pink/Purple/Starlight/Space Gray.
  • 0.65 pounds (Wi-Fi)/ 0.66 pounds (Wi-Fi + Cellular).
  • 10 hours battery life on WiFi and 9 hours on cellular.

iPad Mini 6th Generation for Reading: Display

iPad Mini 6th Gen for Reading

The screen of the iPad mini 6th generation is stretched to 8.3 inches from 7.9 inches (last year). The corners are rounded and the home button is not there anymore. Drawing on the display of iPad mini is such a magical experience. The display is retina with true tone and its viewing angles are noticeably improved but the refresh rate is only 60 Hz.

Still, the 60 Hz display does well for note taking and if you are looking for smooth/better scrolling you need to spend more to buy iPad pro 11/iPad pro 12.9/iPad air. Since the home button is not there, the fingerprint touch ID is moved on the top of the apple iPad mini 6 gen.

The aspect ratio is a little bit taller which is best for watching movies and TV shows. The screen looks good and the bezels are big and still not very noticeable.

Apple iPad Mini 6: Processor

mini 6 apple e1632470250843

Apple iPad Mini 6 is powered by an A15 Bionic chip or processor with 6 core GPU and 5 Core CPU. It flies/runs fast as compared to the A14 bionic processor and this chip makes the iPad mini 6 slightly faster than iPad Air.

Video editing, multi tasking, and launching games are significantly faster now with the A15 Bionic chip. Playing high quality games and using multiple apps at once is now an easy thing to do. It’s all because of the A15 powerful processor of iPad Mini 6th Generation which delivers faster CPU and graphic performance.

Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen: Camera


The 12-megapixel camera on the front and back of the Apple iPad mini 6 can be used in different creative ways. Also, there is a smart HDR 3 tech for photos and a 12 MP Back camera for 4K video recording. The ultrawide angle front camera with a center stage feature is a deal breaker.

The center stage adjusts to keep you in a frame and pulls out the moment it detects the other person. The Centerstage feature is too smart for the price and is the big reason to upgrade to Apple iPad mini 6th gen. The front camera center stage works with all the video calling apps out there.

Apple iPad Mini 6: Battery Life

The battery life depends on how often the Apple iPad mini 6 is used in a day. After continuous use of social media apps, watching videos on YouTube, and playing games for more than 3 hours, it is noticed that the battery of the iPad mini still stays up to 60% which is quite impressive.

But still, it depends on how the iPad is being used. Apple claims that mini 6 gives battery backup of up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi and 9 hours on using a cellular data network.

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iPad Mini 6th Generation for note taking: Apple Pencil

mini 6 apple 1 e1632470447713

Apple iPad mini 6 works with second generation apple pencil. The Apple pencil runs smoothly on the display with no noticeable lag. It is a bit more comfortable to hold than the first Gen apple pencil and 100% responsive.

Apple pencil is a good option for note taking, sketching, and e-signing but you have to spend 129$ more. The best part about the Apple pencil (2nd gen) is that it charges magnetically. Just make it snap to the side of the iPad Mini 6th generation.

What is the RAM of iPad Mini 6th Gen?

The Apple iPad mini 6 comes with 4GB RAM. The previous 3GB RAM is now upgradable to 4 GB RAM, which is best for multitasking.

Does iPad Mini 6 Support 5G?

Yes, the Wifi+cellular model of the Apple iPad mini 6 supports 5G. This model has a sim slot and the 5G makes the streaming and downloads super-fast.

Does iPad Mini 6 have a Lighting or USB-C Port?

The all new Apple iPad mini uses the USB-C connector where you can plug-in hard drives, SD cards via adaptors, and most importantly use it for charging laptops and phones.

Do Accessories Come With iPad Mini 6?

No, accessories like Apple pencil and magic keyboard are sold separately. It means you have to purchase the accessories by spending more dollars.

6th gen iPad Mini for Note Taking?

The iPad mini 6 is useful for those who take notes all the time. It is the best tablet for note takers, kids, students, professionals, and people who are out in the field for their work.

Final Thoughts: iPad Mini 6th Gen for Reading

The smallest size iPad mini 6th gen is one of the most powerful Apple iPad outside of the pro models for reading and taking notes.  For anyone who wants a portable tablet that can be used as one handed as well, the iPad mini 6 is the one. It is the cheapest and worth spending money on.

Also, the speakers on both sides of this mini-iPad make the movies or video watching experience much much better. This tablet has the latest chip which means it is going to get software support and iOS updates for many years for sure.

The mini 6 starts at 64 GB and upgrades to 256 GB. The 128 GB variant is missing for a reason. So Which model and storage size of Apple iPad mini 6th generation you are planning to buy?

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