Best iPad Stylus For Note Taking 2022

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Do you own an iPad or iPad pro but still take notes on a notebook? Using a pen and notebook is an old thing now. The world is changing and so is the way of studying.

Make a habit of working on the iPad by using a palm rejection stylus pen. These stylus pens are best for note taking, drawing, or sketching.

Best iPad Stylus For Note Taking 

5170pZ1XCS. AC SL1500
JAMJAKE Palm Rejection Stylus

516Gt9CNMhS. AC SL1500
SUOLONG iPad Stylus for Drawing

712BbyiwztS. AC SL1500
CAMRILEND iPad Stylus Magnetic

It is very easy to use a stylus pen on the screen as compared to use a pen or pencil on paper as the touchscreen offers less resistance. 

Add as many notes, make proper notes, and write smoothly with the best 3 iPad stylus for note taking. 

Let’s have a look at them one by one in detail.

1. JAMJAKE Palm Rejection Stylus

Best iPad Stylus For Note Taking 2021

Brand – JAMJAKE | Colour – White | Compatible with – iPad Tablets after 2018 | Battery Required – Yes | Charging method – USB C Cable | Wireless Charging – No | Standby Time – 180 days | Dimension – 8.4 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches | Weight – 2.39 ounces

  • Palm rejection stylus is perfect for drawing, note taking, and more.
  • Put hand comfortably on the screen when drawing or writing.
  • No need to wear gloves for more convenient writing or drawing.
  • Tilt it at different angles to draw different strokes of thickness and depth.
  • Precise point control writing, no scratches on the screen, no lag, offset or break.
  • Turn on the palm rejection Stylus pen by simply touching the cap button.
  • Charge it for 1 hour and will work continuously for 10 hours.
  • High sensitivity with no resistance.

 Our Thoughts  

The JAMJAKE palm rejection Stylus is a highly popular device compatible with the iPads of 2018 and later versions. Smooth writing is possible with a 1.2mm point tip of the stylus pen with zero lag.

Also, the tip of the pen is replaceable. No Bluetooth connection is required to connect the pen with the Apple iPad.

The body of the stylus pen is made of aluminum alloy which is very easy to handle and operate. Under the USB C port, there is a blue light that will light up when the pen is in use and charging.

Overall the JAMJAKE palm rejection stylus portable pen is no doubt the 5star pen for taking notes etc.

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2. SUOLONG iPad Stylus for Drawing

Best iPad Stylus For Note Taking 2021

Brand – SUOLONG | Colour – Blue/White | Compatible with – Designed for iPad 2018-2021 | Battery Required – Yes | Charging method – Charging Cable | Wireless Charging – No | Standby Time – 365 days | Dimension – 8.94 x 7.72 x 1.02 inches | Weight – 5.6 ounces

  • Palm rejection technology provides a natural writing feeling.
  • Real-time display of battery power when in use.
  • 3 blue lights Indicate the power is between 70%-100%.
  • 2 blue lights indicate the power is between 40%-70%.
  • 1 blue light indicates the power is between  1%-40%.
  • Use iPad Stylus for drawing on the iPad with a glass screen protector.
  • The larger the tilt of the stylus pen, the thicker the line drawn.
  • No need to install Bluetooth or Apps
  • 20 hours continuous working with 90 mins of charge. 

 Our Thoughts  

There is another best iPad Stylus for drawing in the market which is of SUOLONG Brand. Write, draw, make notes or play games without any delay with this stylus pen.

1.5mm fine point tip will run smoothly without any doubt and yes the tip can be changed as usual if not working the way you want it to.

There are 3 lights which will tell about the charging condition of the pen. The red light will indicate that it is time to charge the stylus pen now.

Overall this stylus is going to transform the way you work as it is very accurate. You will forget about the Paper when you will handle the SUOLONG iPad stylus for note taking.

3. CAMRILEND iPad Stylus Magnetic

Best iPad Stylus For Note Taking 2021

Brand – CAMRILEND | Colour – White | Compatible with – Designed for iPad 2018-2021 | Battery Required – Yes | Charging method – Charging Type C USB Cable | Wireless Charging – No | Standby Time – 90 days | Dimension – 7 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches | Weight – 0.634 ounces

  • Use a pen to turn pages, watch movies, draw pictures to avoid leaving fingerprints on the touch screen.
  • Ipad Stylus Magnetic with Palm rejection to rest your hand comfortably on the iPad screen.
  • Magnetic design, attached to the iPad Pro (3rd Gen only) side face.
  • No USB or Bluetooth connection required.
  • Double touch the top of the stylus to turn it on and off.
  • The best iPad stylus for drawing comes with extra 2pcs of point tips.
  • 10h continuous use only needs 1 hour charging time.
  • It will Auto-off after for 20 minutes to save power with sleep function.

 Our Thoughts  

The 3rd pen we present to you is CAMRILEND iPad Stylus magnetic. The best thing about this pen is that it is very lightweight.

It slips like butter on the iPad screen with a 1.2mm point tip. Connecting it to the iPad is very easy. Fast charging of a stylus pen is possible with the type C USB cable which comes in the package.

There is a light indicator that turns blue when while working, red while charging the pen, and green when the pen is fully charged.

Overall this apple pencil is really impressive. Even the design of the CAMRILEND iPad Stylus magnetic Pen is better than the others in the market.


 LIGHT OR HEAVY : Which stylus pen will you choose? light or heavy. The CAMRILEND iPad Stylus magnetic is very light whereas the SUOLONG stylus pen is a bit heavy and the JAMJAKE palm rejection stylus is neither too heavy nor too light. What do you think? Making notes will be easier with which stylus pen?

 STANDBY TIME : The best StandBy time is of SUOLONG (iPad stylus for Note Taking) which is 365 days. On the other hand, the JAMJAKE palm rejection stylus will standby for 180 days, and the CAMRILEND iPad Stylus magnetic for 90 days. So if you are looking for a better standby time, go for the SUOLONG iPad stylus.

 EXTRA TIPS : The JAMJAKE palm rejection stylus is giving 3 extra tips in the package whereas the CAMRILEND iPad Stylus magnetic comes with 2 extra tips for replacement. And the SUOLONG (iPad stylus for drawing) is offering just 1 replacement point tip.

  No matter which one you choose, these 3 iPad stylus pens are perfect for making notes, having a natural and realistic experience while drawing, and changing the work-life of others as well by showing them the power of working with the best iPad stylus and motivating to jump into the digital world with iPad stylus.  

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