Apple iPad 9th Generation for Students (2023)

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Title: Apple iPad 9th Generation for Students

The Apple iPad 9th generation for students is a pack of great features and performance at a very low price point. It is the worthy apple tablet for those who are looking for a bigger screen, better battery life, and fast reliable processor.

The iPad 9 has a definite improvement from the older generation iPads. If you are not a professional music or video editor and don’t do any kind of heavy-duty stuff then this entry level iPad is definitely for you.

We are going to cover everything about the Apple iPad 9th gen in this review. Why it is best Apple iPad to purchase along with its downsides.

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Apple iPad 9th Generation for students

Apple iPad 9th Generation for Students

The Good About the iPad 9th generation

The iPad 9 gen exceeds expectations as an entry level iPad. It is a great tablet to do normal stuff like emailing, web surfing, watching movies and TV shows, everyday work, photo editing, Zoom calling, etc.

Let’s check out all the good things about the iPad 9.

1. A13 Chip

The iPad 9th gen is powered by an A13 chip as compared to A15 chip on iPad Mini 6, M1 chip on iPad Air 5, iPad Pro 12.9, and iPad Pro 11.

Though the other iPads are bigger and more powerful in terms of performance, if we use common apps, browse web or do multi-tasking on iPad 9, there is hardly any lag noticed. Which shows how impressive the A13 Chip is also.

a13 chip

The benchmark score of A13 iPad 9 in terms of multicore CPU performance is 3274 and in terms of GPU performance it is 7076. Both its CPU and GPU performance is only 2x to 3x lower than the M1 iPad Air.

2. Gaming Performance

Though the A13 chip is not as powerful as compared to M1 chip but it handles gaming pretty well on the 9th generation iPad.

The games like call of duty, league of legends, Pokémon unite, etc. runs at 60Fps on this entry level iPad. Even at the Maximum graphic settings, A13 chip handles most of the games very well. The frame rate drops are minimal.

The previous iPad 8 was the worst in gaming whereas the 9th gen iPad totally kills it in terms of gaming.

3. Cheap Price

The cheap price of iPad 9 is another good thing about this apple tablet. It’s 64 GB Wi-Fi Model is available at the price of just $299.

Whereas, it’s 256 GB Wi-Fi model is available at $429.

4. Camera and Touch ID

The major upgrade of the iPad 9th gen is the camera. The front facing camera is now 12 MP with a center stage feature. This is a big upgrade from the previous 1.2MP camera.

The front-facing camera is now ultrawide which will follow you around the room with the help of a new center stage feature. The video camera quality has also improved allowing the extended dynamic range as well as 1080p Video recording at 30fps.

Apple iPad 9th Generation for Students

The best thing is that its 12MP selfie camera is exactly the same as the iPad Pro 12.9.

On the other hand, it has an 8MP rear camera at the back. Anyone will be astonished at the quality and the beauty of the pics taken by the 9th generation iPad.

5. Display with true tone technology

The display size is 10.2 inch and as compared to the previous generation the display now supports the true tone technology that really shines throughout the tablet.

Viewing the pictures and watching videos using true tone technology is an amazing experience.

Apple iPad 9th Generation Review

There is also a Touch ID button at the bottom of the screen for security.

The Bad About the Apple iPad 9th Gen

Now coming to weak points of the 9th gen entry level iPad. The things that are not improved or upgraded. Let’s take a look at some of the bad things about the iPad 9.

1. No 128 GB Storage

The iPad 9 was launched in 2 storages, one is 64GB and the other is 256GB.

64GB is not enough storage to handle more apps these days. So instead of 64 GB, there should be a 128GB variant. But you will get the maximum storage of 256 GB which is not expandable.

2. No 2nd generation Apple Pencil Support

Unlike the big iPads, iPad 9th gen only works with the 1st generation apple pencil. But it works with other cheap third-party pencils which is pretty cool.

ipad 9

Also, this iPad works with only third-party smart keyboards unlike the other iPads.

3. Design is Outdated

Design wise, the 9th gen iPad is very outdated. The screen is square and the big bezels look very ugly as compared to the other apple iPads.

The screen does not give the high-quality feel and the button is still there under the screen. Specs are also outdated such as Bluetooth and old processing A13 chip.

4. No USB-C port

The iPad 9 entry level tablet doesn’t come with the USB-C port which is a big downside of this tablet. Almost all the other apple iPads comes with the USB-C port.

It comes with the old lighting port. But in the box, you will get the lightning to USB-C cable, 20W USB-C Power Adapter and the iPad itself.

Is It Worth Purchasing an Apple iPad 9?

If you just need a basic iPad for a great price then the iPad 9 is made for you. It is available in sliver and space grey colors and has up to 10 hours of everyday battery life to stream, play games, browse, listen music, watch videos, take notes, and more.

This iPad 9th generation is an old designed tablet, with a powerful A13 processor, and awesome battery life. If you want to buy an iPad 9 then it is a good choice but only for those who don’t do heavy duty work.

It will work great not only for students but for anyone. The display is good but not great as the other iPads. But performance-wise, it is definitely worth purchasing.

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