How To Create A Youtube Channel To Make Millions (2022)

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So You have finally made a decision to create a Youtube channel and get started on making videos to share with the world.

However, creating your first Youtube channel can be quite daunting if you’ve never done it before and aren’t sure where to start or how to do it properly.

This article will guide you through how to create a Youtube channel in a few simple steps.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube channel is an extremely effective way to reach potential customers and grow your brand or business!

However, if you’re like most people, creating and launching your own Youtube channel can seem intimidating and confusing at first. For this reason, we have put together the following step-by-step guide.

1. Create Google Account

The first step of making a youtube channel is to create a google account.

To create a google account simply go to this webpage or link directly.

Or directly go to In the top right corner of the youtube page, click on the sign-in button.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

On the next page, click on “create account”. Want to make an individual or business account? Totally depends on you.

To know how to make a google account step by step please click here.

2. Create Youtube Channel/Account

After creating the Google account, sign in to youtube using a google account.

Once signed in, click on your google account photo on the top right corner of the youtube page.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

And to make a youtube channel just click on “Create a channel”.

The window will pop up, then you need to fill in your channel name and upload your brand profile picture for your channel.

After reading the youtube terms of service, click on “create channel”.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

Congratulations, your first youtube channel is created. To view your channel, again click on the google account photo in the top right corner.

And then tap/click on “Your Channel” to view your channel.

The youtube channel is a channel that will represent your business and brand. So basically, your youtube channel is your brand account.

3. Youtube Channel Customization

The job is not done yet, the main thing while creating a channel for youtube is to properly customize it afterward.

Go to your channel and Click on the “customize channel” button to make your channel fully prepared for the world.

channel customization

In the channel customization, you will find the three tabs – Branding, layout, and basic info.


The branding of your channel is very important to attract viewers. Upload a picture that will represent your brand such as your brand logo.

The profile picture is main as it will appear everywhere on youtube.

Next, choose a nice picture to set as a banner for your youtube channel. The banner image will appear at the top of your channel. Right above your profile picture.

And lastly, upload the video watermark. The video watermark will appear at the bottom right corner of every video you upload.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

So, don’t forget to do branding for your youtube channel. By doing this, people on youtube will know about you and your channel.

Branding is very important.


After uploading 10 to 15 videos on your youtube channel, make sure to set a layout of your channel.

Fill your channel with short videos (Youtube Shorts), uploads, and the main featured video. This approach will leave an impact on your channel visitors once they will open your channel.

And this will also boost your youtube subscribers.

Channel customisation Layout

Basic Info

Fill out the basic information such as your channel name, and write what your channel is about in the description.

Add links to your websites. Adding links will drive your visitors to your website. And don’t forget to add email to your channel.

Email is very important to get in touch with your viewers. This will help them to approach you easily.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

4. Create your first youtube video to upload

After customizing your channel, now is the time to create your first video for the channel.

Once created your brand new video, click on the video icon on the top to upload it.

create YouTube video

The window will pop up, Select your youtube video file from your computer or simply drag and drop it to upload.

Please make sure that the video you are uploading is not against the youtube guidelines. Make sure the video content is original and is not copied from anywhere.

Otherwise, youtube will catch you. If not, it will not let the youtube video rank higher.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

Youtube will take some time to upload the video. Till then, Add the title and description for the video.

Make sure the video title is catchy and unique. And the description is long enough.

title and description

And finally, use the attractive thumbnail for your youtube video. And add some tags as well. And you are ready to upload the video on youtube.

To create a thumbnail for a youtube video please click here.

To create animated videos for youtube please click here. If not you can try Toonly or Doodly animation maker software.

Read full review of Toonly / Read Full review of Doodly

And to rank youtube videos fast on google/Youtube please click here.

No matter what video you create (vlogging or any), the hard work is what that matter.

Is there any cost to set up a YouTube channel?

It will cost not even a single dollar to start a youtube channel. Create as many youtube channels as you want to by using different google accounts.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?

To make lots and lots of money you need millions of subscribers. To get to this level you need to work hard for at least 2 years.

And to get paid by youtube you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers.

Final Words

Creating a youtube channel in a proper way will not make you a millionaire. Putting the right and high quality videos every day will do the job for you.

It can be really difficult to make sure that your Youtube channel succeeds because there are so many other Youtube channels out there competing with you. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to put in some serious work.

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