Toonly, The Answer To Your Animation Dilemma (2022)

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Have you ever wanted to promote your business with animated explainer videos? We don’t think so! It’s one of the most effective ways to get your point across, and quickly too. But making animation videos yourself can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive, right?

There has to be an easier way! Enter Toonly. This Explainer Video Software tool allows you to easily make custom animation in just minutes, without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

These days, having an animated explainer video or two on your website makes it easier to achieve higher conversion rates, rank higher in search engines, and attract new customers at a lower cost. So what’s stopping you? An all-in-one online platform like Toonly can help turn your idea into reality without ever having to leave home.

From concept development through content production, sound effects selection, Voiceover, and final delivery—Toonly animation maker take care of everything so that all you have to do is use it as soon as possible!

The Magic Of 2D Animation Maker – Toonly

Animation has long been synonymous with children’s programming and cheesy music videos. While most people assume it’s too time-consuming or expensive for use in professional settings, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many business owners are surprised to learn that 2D animations can be a valuable asset; they’re visually appealing and fun to watch, so viewers will often remember them longer than other content.

This means that using a 2D animation tool like Toonly could help you: Boost conversions by adding a bit of personality to your landing page or website; increase traffic by including explainer videos on key pages; improve branding by developing unique cartoon sales videos in a few minutes to attract more followers and new customers.

Toonly, The Answer To Your Animation Dilemma

Toonly is an animation software that enables anyone to create explainer animation videos without any prior experience or knowledge. In fact, you don’t even need fancy equipment or office space because all you need is a laptop!

No wonder why startups and SMEs find Toonly as an excellent service because they can easily afford it, very easy to use yet professional-looking results are guaranteed every time. Whether you want to promote your business by explaining your services and value proposition or showcase your product features & benefits – Toonly has got you covered!

Toonly Animation Software – Features

When it comes to creating animated explainer videos or marketing videos for a youtube channel, you’re looking at a process that might take weeks, months, or even years of production time (not to mention cost). Doodly is designed specifically for people with limited time and resources.

You can use this online tool to create your own whiteboard video by using its advanced features discussed below.

1. Tons of Backgrounds, Characters, Objects and more

Add various Character images, characters, objects, and props from its huge media library.

In the standard plan of Toonly, get 30 character images and in the enterprise plan, you will get 80 character images.

Toonly, The Answer To Your Animation Dilemma

There are 1058 props in the standard plan as compared to 2028 props images in the enterprise plan. But both plans have Premade scenes. The number of premade scenes in the standard plan is 10 compared to 20 in the enterprise plan.

Talking about the backgrounds. Get 71 Backgrounds in standard plan and 139 backgrounds in enterprise plan. With the huge library of toonly you will never run out of media.

2. Interactive Interface

The Interactive and intuitive interface of Toonly software Makes things easier. Simply drag and drop the text, objects, and characters on the selected background, and With a click of a button animate them.

3. Add Custom Voiceover

Give your voice to the Animation videos with a click of a button. Hit the record button to start recording your voice. Or upload any other voice/ track for the video.

4. Royalty Free Music Tracks

Give background music to the video by choosing your favorite track out of 100+ Royalty free music tracks. 20 royalty-free music tracks are available in the Standard plan and 142 royalty-free music tracks are available in the enterprise plan.

All you need to do is simply drag and drop the music track to the video timeline.

5. Multiple Computer Installations

As Toonly is a computer Software like Doodly. After purchasing a suitable plan, download it and install it on as many computers ( MacBook, pc, laptop). There is no restriction on how many computers you install this Explainer video software.

Check out  – Toonly!

How Does Toonly Work?

With the user-friendly and intuitive interface, even beginners can use Toonly with ease.

1. Creating a new video

In the Toonly, go to the section of my videos. There is an option to create a new video. Click on it and a window will pop. Further, Give the name to your video.

Click on create and this will take you inside the Toonly interface where you will find the characters, backgrounds, objects, text, and Audios on the left side.

2. Select A Background

For creating a video add the background to the toonly timeline first. Choose the background according to your niche. Then drag and drop the Media over the Selected background.

Toonly Video Maker Software Easily Make Videos Animated Presentations

3. Insert Characters, Objects, Text, and More

After Choosing a Background, Click on characters and drag and drop them in the background. Extend the scene length and animate every inserted character. In this way add objects, texts, audio, and voiceovers to the video.

Add as many Scenes to the Timeline by clicking on Add new Scene button on the right side of the interface.

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4. Export Video

Once you Finish creating the video, click on the save button and hit the export button. Export the video in various resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, even custom), in file sizes (24-60 fps), and in low or max quality .

Toonly Pricing

The basic standard account starts at $20 per month (billed annually) or $39 per month (billed monthly). The Pro enterprise account will cost you $40 per month (billed annually) or $69 per month (billed monthly), and it includes all of Toonly’s advanced features.

Toonly, The Answer To Your Animation Dilemma

Additionally, Toonly supports their customers with their premium team via live chat from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Is Toonly Worth It? Why Choose Toonly?

So is toonly really worth purchasing? Yes, it is the best way to generate more sales and produce traffic by creating unlimited cartoon videos. And hence it is worth using. Reasons To choose toonly Are:

1) It is an affordable solution to creating animated videos that don’t look cheap.

2) It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because it’s so easy to use!

3) Get free future updates. Any features updates will not cost you.

4) Get a 100% money back guarantee for 30 Days.

5) Toonly created Animated eye-catchy videos reduces bounce rate.

6) It offers one-time fee purchase.

If you are looking for a fast way to create high-quality animated explainer videos without going over budget or spending time learning complicated software, Toonly is your go-to app. Try it today! Click here


Is toonly a Cloud Based Software?

No, Toonly Animation maker is not cloud based. It is downloaded on a computer and can be installed on multiple computers. So it is not web-based. It requires installation.

Can we Import Video into toonly?

No, The video cannot be imported into Toonly. Maybe it will get an import feature in future updates. But at present video importing into the software directly is not supported.

How to Animate characters in toonly?

Simply click on the character you want to animate and then click on the settings icon. The animation settings window will pop up. Changes to animation settings will animate each character in the scene.

What Should be the resolution of Uploaded Background Image?

720p and higher resolution images should be uploaded. At present, Only PNG and JPG images can be uploaded to toonly.

What Type of Audio Files can be uploaded To Toonly?

Mp3, Wav, Ogg, WMA, FLAC, and aac Audio File types are compatible with toonly.

What Type of Font Files can be uploaded Into Toonly?

At present otf, ttf, and woff Font File types are compatible with toonly.

Does Toonly Support text-to-speech option?

No, The text to speech is not supported by Toonly animation maker yet.

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