Doodly for Teachers: Best Whiteboard Video Maker (2023)

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Doodling is a fun way to visually communicate a concept or message. Doodling on a whiteboard can be just as powerful—especially when it comes to engaging audiences and telling stories in unique ways. It can also help connect visual learners with material that is difficult to learn from reading alone.

Big companies use doodle videos to attract more and more customers. Professional whiteboard videos are gaining popularity. It is more effective than ever for sales and marketing. And the best tool for whiteboard animation is Doodly software.

Doodly for Teachers: Best Whiteboard Video Maker

Doodly is whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board animation software. But it is popularly known for its whiteboard drawings. Doodly lets you quickly create videos for teaching that look like they were hand-drawn on a whiteboard.

Doodly makes it super easy to add text, shapes, doodles, drawings, animations, and effects to your whiteboard videos with the simple click of a button. It’s perfect for companies looking to make their work more collaborative.

Doodly empowers doodlers with a platform where they can turn their doodles into professional-quality video content in less than 30 seconds without any programming knowledge required.

Doodly for Teachers

About Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard video is a short video based on a story and drawn or animated in whiteboard animation. In contrast, to live-action videos that show people, places, and things in real life, whiteboard videos are made up of only drawings.

They are like short TV commercials that tell a story and get an idea or emotion across to its audience. These sketches make for an entertaining way to promote products or explain services for any business.

Doodly for Teachers

Typically speaking, whiteboard animation is a great technique for explaining processes that require specific visual aid. The innovative nature of these videos attracts viewers’ attention better than traditional advertisements do since they capture their attention more visually.

Furthermore, they are easier to create than live-action videos and help communicate your message faster and with fewer production costs as well. And Doodly makes the whiteboard animation much more simple with its smart draw technology.

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Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software Features

When it comes to creating animated explainer videos or marketing videos for a youtube channel, you’re looking at a process that might take weeks, months, or even years of production time (not to mention cost). Doodly is designed specifically for people with limited time and resources.

You can use this online tool to create your own whiteboard video by using its advanced features discussed below.

1. Tons of Images, Characters, and more

Add thousands of images, scenes, characters, and props from its huge media library. Or add images from a computer.

In the standard plan of Doodly, get 1164 character images and in the enterprise plan, you will get 3959 character images.

There are 1260 props in the standard plan as compared to 3341 props images. But both plans have equal scenes templates. The number of scene templates is 84.

2. Smart Draw Technology

Draw any image with the smart draw technology of Doodly software. Make Doodly videos with this technology in minutes. No matter if the image is from its library or uploaded from the device.

Smart Draw technology makes Doodly unique and helps in drawing any image correctly.

3. Male & Female Hands

Use hand in your Doodle videos. A number of female and male hands are available in the doodly software. Choose the color and size of the hand depending on what video you are making.

These hands make videos much more attractive and interesting to watch. In case you don’t want to use cartoon hand in your video, just turn off this feature.

4. Add Voiceover to Doodly

Give your voice to the doodly videos with a click of a button. Hit the record button to start recording your voice. Or upload any other voice/ track for the video.

5. Background Music Tracks

Give background music to the video by choosing your favorite music track. 150 royalty-free music tracks are available in the premium plan and 250 royalty-free music tracks are available in the enterprise plan.

Apply music track to the video timeline by just dragging and dropping.

6. Prebuild Doodly Templates

Pre-build Doodly video templates are also available to save time for users. Choose a template that best fits your brand. 20 video templates in standard plan and 40 video templates in enterprise plan are more than enough for beginners to put their first Doodle video on the internet.

7. Unlimited Installation

As doodly software is a computer tool just like toonly. Just download it and install it on as many computers ( MacBook, pc, laptop). There is no restriction on how many computers you install this whiteboard drawing software.

How Does Doodly for Teachers Work?

Through a simple interface, users can quickly and easily animate static images. The process is very user-friendly and intuitive, allowing even beginners to use doodly with ease. A single click is all it takes to begin animating an image; there are no complicated processes or settings to navigate.

1. Creating a new video

In the Doodly dashboard go to the section of my videos. There is an option to create a new video. Click on it and a window will pop. Further, Set the Title of the video, resolution and choose the style i.e Whiteboard, blackboard, etc.

Click on continue and enter the Doodly interface where you will find the characters, props, images, text, and more. Start creating videos according to your niche.

2. Adding Voiceover to Doodly and Using Hand Motions

After creating your video you can add as many scenes to the Doodly timeline. And adding a combination of your voice and hand motions to make it look more attractive.

3. Exporting Video

Exporting a created video is very easy. just click on the export button on the top right corner and select the resolution in which you want your video to export.

It’s very simple to do and will take a click of a button.

For Complete Tutorial – Click Here

Doodly Add ons

Addons are one of those things that are not always necessary but sure make things a lot easier. Doodly further offers 4 addons. You have to purchase them separately. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Image Bundles

In case you want more images do Purchase doodly image bundles from the doodly marketplace. The standard bundle costs $27 and Premium costs $37.

2. Audio Sound Effects Bundle

Both premium and enterprise plans have royalty-free soundtracks. But if you think they are not enough then purchase the mega bundle of audio sound effects at $97 from the doodly marketplace. The mega bundle contains 756 sound effects.

3. Doodly Templates

Also, purchase the templates from the marketplace at just $27 per template. If you think there is no template available related to your niche then do purchase add-on templates.

4. Doodly Rainbow

The addon named Doodly rainbow is available at one-time fees of $67. With this add-on, users can change all the images in their library to color images (and back to black-and-white again) with just the click of a button.

Benefits of using doodly over other tools.

Doodly is designed to be used by everyone, meaning it’s flexible enough for all needs. Whether you’re trying to brainstorm an idea with a client or are creating animated sales videos for your website, doodly helps you get your ideas on screen easily and quickly.

Its benefits are:

  1. Create unlimited videos in standard as well as premium plans.
  2. Use the software on multiple computers. No restriction ever on installation.
  3. 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  4. Every week the software is updated with new features.
  5. Get free online Doodly tutorials to learn this whiteboard software.
  6. Live chat option to chat with the team.

It’s perfect for people who want to create short animated explainer videos but don’t have time or budget to use expensive software. So if you need a great way to turn your boring product videos into amazing animated videos fast and easy then doodly is just what you need! Try out today.

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How much does doodly cost? Doodly Pricing

The basic standard account starts at $20 per month (billed annually) or $39 per month (billed monthly). The Pro enterprise account will cost you $40 per month (billed annually) or $69 per month (billed monthly), and it includes all of Doodly’s advanced features.

Additionally, Doodly supports their customers with their premium team via live chat from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Is Doodly Worth It? Why Choose Doodly for Teachers?

You might be asking yourself, is Doodly worth it? After all, isn’t animation and video design expensive? And what if I don’t like my product? With Doodly, you get your money back. You see, they love their customers!

Doodly is really easy to use; it takes only a few minutes before most people get started. Using Doodly for whiteboard videos at teaching can help your students in learning things easily and making their knowledge grow.

With Doodly you can create engaging presentations that your students can’t wait to see and all without having to write anything down, sketch anything out, or remember what you said! Because all you need is your computer and an internet connection! The magic behind Doodly is simple…just speak into your computer’s microphone and doodle on screen as you go along!


Why Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Why not? In today’s tech-forward, fast-paced, and short attention span world, whiteboard videos are more powerful than ever. According to Infogram, Video marketing is important for every business since it helps to enhance brand awareness and also educates viewers about a particular product or service.

Also, when you consider that statistics show that one minute of video can convey more information than one million words, whiteboard animations and videos make sense!

What are the Advantages of whiteboard videos?

An enormous amount of research shows that visual elements are more memorable than text, and they significantly increase comprehension. If your company needs to communicate important information, whiteboard videos may be a better choice than a text-based presentation.

Not only will viewers retain more information from a video in which graphics and images play an integral role, but it is also easier for them to engage with and understand what you’re trying to say. This can help your clients or customers digest what you want them to know before moving on or taking action.

What makes doodle videos special?

When you are passionate about an idea, doodle it. When you want to express a new method, doodle it. When your hands crave to build something but words are not enough, grab a pen and paper and start drawing.

Not only does Doodly bring animation back into business communication but also creativity in general. With Doodly you will never run out of new ideas ever again! With this Whiteboard creativity and collaboration platform, all of your ideas can be brought to life, whenever inspiration strikes!

Doodly Export Doodle videos in which file type?

This whiteboard animation software exports videos in MP4 / MKV / OGG / WebM basic file types.

Doodly Export Doodle videos in which resolution?

Doodly animation software exports videos in 360p – 1080p & even custom.

Doodly Export Doodle videos in what Sizes?

Doodly animation software exports videos in 24-60 frame per second.

How many types of backgrounds does Doodly have?

It has multiple background types such as whiteboard, glass board, chalkboard, green board, and even custom.

Can I get Doodly For free?

Doodly is a powerful whiteboard animation software and it is not available for free. It is available on a monthly or annual subscription.

How to Sell Doodly Videos?

By purchasing an enterprise plan, it is possible to sell the doodly videos to make money. Once creating the content video on the doodly platform, sell rich content videos to anyone.

What is Doodly Club?

Get Doodly club inside the enterprise plan of doodly. Without any additional cost, get tons of new characters and images under the doodly club every month.

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