Best Video Camera for Travel Vlogging in 2023

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Title: Best Video Camera for Travel Vlogging

A vlogging camera is an essential tool to help you build your brand and make an impact on the web. When it comes to making videos that people want to watch, you want to make sure that your equipment will make the difference in keeping your audience engaged.

Having the right camera can go a long way to helping you create videos that your followers will want to watch, share and come back to watch again and again. So, what’s the best 4K 60Fps Vlogging Camera?

After searching the web, we are successful in finding the two best beginner friendly vlogging camera for youtubers. The camera’s brand names are SPRANDOM and LKX.

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Before you can create high quality vlogging videos, it’s important to choose the right vlogging camera so you can start producing quality content right away.

In this article, we will show you the two best 4k cameras for Travel vlogging.

1. SPRANDOM Camcorder for Vlogging, Camcorder for Travel Vlogging

Best Video Camera for Travel Vlogging
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI
Screen Size4 Inches
Max Zoom18 x
CMOS Sensor13 MP
Max Photo Pixels64 MP

Features: Best Vlogging Camera for Travel, SPRANDOM Camcorder for Vlogging

  • Camera supports Wi-Fi function.
  • Record clips while charging the camera.
  • Use an app to transfer files from camera to phone.
  • Timelapse, motion detector slow motion, pause functions are available.
  • The camera comes with an external microphone.

What’s in the box?

  1. 4K camcorder x 1
  2. 64G SD Card x 1
  3. Lithium battery 4500mAh x 1
  4. Fill light x 1
  5. Lens Hood x 1
  6. 2.4G Remote x 1
  7. Microphone x 1
  8. USB cable x 1
  9. HDMI cable x 1
  10. User manual x 1
  11. Handhold Stabilizer x 1
  12. Cleaning Cloth x 1
  13. Velvet DV Bag x 1
Best Video Camera for Travel Vlogging


  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Good battery life.
  • Can be used as a webcam.
  • Rotatable screen up to 270 degrees.
  • Three cold shoe interfaces on stabilizer.
  • Supports autofocus.
  • Takes clear videos and pictures.
  • Control camera with XDV Pro app using phone.
  • Also, supports max 256GB SD card.


  • No night vision.
  • Just one battery included.

How to use SPRANDOM Camcorder as a webcam?

To use this 4k 60fps vlogging camera as a webcam, you need to connect the camera with your laptop via USB cable.

Once the connection is done, the camera screen will display three modes that are Charging Mode, Mass Storage Mode, and PC Camera mode.

Select the PC camera mode and press OK to use the camera as a webcam. And to go live on the YouTube.

What are the various buttons on stabilizer?

Stabilizer is used with a camera to reduce shaking, capture more stable photos and videos. This camera also comes with a stabilizer. And it has various buttons.

One button is W/T key button which is a digital zoom lever on the handle. The other button is the Shoot key button which is used to take photos and videos directly from the handle.

With the hot shoe interfaces on the handle of a stabilizer, you can connect things like microphone and light to the camcorder at the same time.

2. LKX 48MP 60FPS WiFi Vlogging Camera for YouTube, 4K Video Camera for Travel Vlogging

Best Video Camera for Travel Vlogging
Brand LKX
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Infrared
Screen Size3 Inches
Max Zoom16 x
CMOS Sensor13 MP
Max Photo Pixels48 MP

Features: LKX 48MP WiFi Video Camera for Travel Vlog, 4K Video Camera 60fps

  • Attachable carry handle for a useful action feature.
  • Camera supports Wi-Fi, self-timer, pause function, etc.
  • Connect camera with android/iOS tablets and phones with ease.
  • Ideal for making moving low angle videos and images.
  • Camera comes with remote control of 16 foot range.

What’s in the box?

  1. 1 x 4K Video Camera
  2. 1 x DV Bag
  3. 1 x AV&USB Cable
  4. 1 x Lens Hood
  5. 1 x Remote control
  6. 1 x HDMI cable
  7. 1 x Handheld Stabilizer
  8. 1 x USB Charger
  9. 1 x External Microphone
  10. 1 x User Manual
  11. 2 x Rechargeable Lithium Batteries


  • Various video recording features.
  • Extra battery for remote.
  • Great video and sound quality.
  • Responsive touchscreen.
  • Control camera with RoadCam app using phone.
  • Supports external SD cards up to 128GB.
  • Supports standard tripods.
  • Included Microphone produces really good sound.


  • No SD card included.

How long can a video be recorded with the LKX Camera for YouTube?

You can record 1-hour long videos using this camera. But the recorded video will be divided and saved into 17-minute long files.

What is the battery life of the camera if used continuously?

On the continuous video shooting with this camera, the maximum battery life will be around 1 Hour to 1 Hour 30 minutes. And if you are using the camera with Wi-Fi and night vision on, the battery life will reduce further.

Is the external microphone necessary to make videos on the LKX 4K camcorder?

Yes, you need to install the external microphone to improve the sound quality of the videos you are making with this camcorder. Because the built-in mic in the camera is not good enough to record clear sound.

And if you are using the camera as a webcam, then you can also attach the external mic to a PC or a laptop.

Conclusion: Best Video Camera for Travel Vlogging

In conclusion, it is up to you as to which vlogging camera for travel is best for you. Both the 4k camcorders we reviewed in this article are the latest and the best vlogging cameras on the market.

The SPRANDOM Camcorder for Vlogging has a bigger battery and bigger screen with the special Auto Focus Feature, whereas the LKX Vlogging Camera for YouTube has infrared and night vision as a special feature.

Both of these cameras support connections to your computer using WI-FI, HDMI and USB. These camcorders are going to fulfill your video recording needs for a long time. But if you still want to check out some more vlogging cameras, you can click here.

And if you are looking for vlogging laptops for YouTube, click here.

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