Best 4K TVs With HDR for Gaming 2023

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Everything on the TV looks dull without HDR (High Dynamic Range). HDR content enhances the dark as well as bright pictures. So basically, HDR adds more detail to any pictures, movies, and streaming content. And the combination of 4K ultra HD TV and HDR offers great picture quality in any surrounding.

Besides delivering stunning pictures through their HDR modes, 4K TVs have slim and sleek designs with wide viewing angles. Their motion clarity is superb and their compatible voice assistants make apps/movies/music easily accessible with voice.

Things to look for before buying one of the Best 4K TVs With HDR for Gaming are:

  • TV’s Processor
  • No of HDMI Ports
  • Compatible devices with TV
  • Refresh rate and display resolution
  • Has adaptive and crystal clear sound

4 Best 4K TVs With HDR for Gaming

Samsung 4K UHD TV
Samsung 4K UHD TV

Sony Bravia Led TV e1630501593619
Sony Bravia Led TV


TCL Android TV
TCL Android TV

These 4 best 4K HDR TVs have lots of great smart features and most importantly their picture quality is absolutely stunning which is best for gaming and movies. The sound is so good that there is no need for external speakers, unlike projectors.

Also, these ultra HD TVs come with no connectivity issues. They do have Bluetooth and mirroring features as well.

Now let’s have a look at the 4 UHD TVs we picked after doing a lot of research. They are the latest models and yes, they are available in various screen sizes.

1. Samsung 4K UHD TV

Best 4K TVs With HDR 2021

Brand – Samsung | Color – Black | Display Size – 43 inch/50 inch/55 inch/65 inch/75 inch/85 inch | Connectivity – HDMI/WiFi | HDMI Ports – 3 | Resolution – 4K | Refrest Rate – 60 Hz | Weight – MAX ‎43.5 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Intelligent, ultra-fast optimization with Crystal UHD processor.
  • Smart TV with Voice assistants like Bixby/google assistant/Alexa.
  • Samsung 4K UHD TV has Slim fit wall mount design.
  • Motion Xcelerator to experience fast moving action.
  • Adaptive 4K upscaling for crisp details.


Samsung 4K UHD TV is a very thin and visually appealing HDR television. It comes with a thin smart remote with some buttons. No numbers addition is the down side of the smart remote. But still the remote works great with the Samsung TV.

No need to worry about the 60 Hz refresh rate as it works great as well, no problem experienced. Casting the TV with the phone is too simple. Samsung 4k TV is impressive in terms of picture quality, colors, and contrast. If the room is big then it is recommended to turn up the volume high for better sound quality.

3 HDMI ports are more than enough to connect devices with TV. Also, Bluetooth works with no syncing problem. Overall, TV is well worth the money and is one of the best Samsung 4K UHD TV of 2021.

2. Sony Bravia Led TV


Best 4K TVs With HDR 2021

Brand – Sony | Color – Black | Display Size – 50 inch/55 inch/65 inch/75 inch/85 inch | Connectivity – HDMI | HDMI Ports – 4 | Resolution – 4K | Refresh Rate – 120 Hz | Weight – ‎Max 137 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • The powerful 4K HDR processor gives smooth and clear pictures.
  • Acoustic Multi Audio speakers on the sides for theatre like experience.
  • Advanced X-Motion Clarity technology for moving pictures.
  • Sony Bravia LED TV Works with Alexa, Google assistant, and apple airplay 2.
  • Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, the Apple TV app, etc.


Sony Bravia LED TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate is perfect for gaming. The cinematic quality of sony TV makes it perfect for movies/TV shows as well. It has a 4K upscaling feature that makes the Non-HD streams crystal clear. The HDR modes make the pictures, videos, and games look amazing.

The Sony Bravia LED TV achieves excellent contrast levels with a full array of LED Backlights. Easy navigation is possible with the large remote included. The television runs fully on Google TV software, which means all the streaming services will be available. No external streaming device is needed.

Overall, Sony TV with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision gives an excellent viewing experience. For those who don’t want to spend extra money on an OLED TV, go for the best Sony LED TV i.e Sony BRAVIA LED TV.



Brand – LG | Color – Black | Display Size – 43 inch/50 inch/55 inch/65 inch/75 inch/86 inch | Connectivity – HDMI/Wifi/Bluetooth/Ethernet | HDMI Ports – 4 | Resolution – 4K | Refresh Rate – 120 Hz | Weight – ‎Max 101.20 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • A powerful AI processor enhances both picture and sound.
  • TruMotion 240 technology sharpens every detail and reduces blur.
  • The thin design and sleek bezel of the LG 4K UHD TV offer clear pictures.
  • Supports Services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, etc.
  • DOLBY vision adjusts pictures and DOLBY atmos adjusts the sound.


LG UHD TV 4K offers stunning black and sharp details. The TV works on artificial intelligence technology that controls the picture settings. Remote is of great quality but very difficult to understand. There are no clear buttons for smart features on the magic remote. But the remote works fast and fine.

The sound is incredible and the best thing about LG is that they update or make changes to the software quite often. Talking about the picture quality of the LG UHD 4K TV, it is excellent as the colors are vibrant and deep.

No doubt this cinema HDR TV is one of the best LG 4K UHD TV with built in Alexa and google assistant. The price is cheap compared to the competitors. Truly a 5 Star 4K UHD HDR TV.

4. TCL Android TV

TCL Android TV e1630566983464


Brand – TCL | Color – Black | Display Size – 43 inch/50 inch | Connectivity – HDMI/Wifi/Bluetooth/Ethernet | HDMI Ports – 3 | Resolution – 4K | Refresh Rate – 60 Hz | Weight – ‎Max 29.70 pounds

 5 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Get entertainment recommendations and access media playback controls.
  • Stream 700,000+ movies and TV shows, live sports, and news.
  • Cast movies, shows, and photos from Android or iOS devices to TCL Android TV.
  • Stunning picture and motion clarity with high dynamic range (HDR).
  • Supports Services like Hulu, Google Play Store, YouTube.


TCL Android TV is the cheapest and one of the best 4K TVs with HDR. The Android TV is fast and the best part is that it allows you to install third party apps. The quality of the pictures is great and they are bright with no dark spots visible on the display.

Setting up the TCL android TV, Connecting Bluetooth, and signing in to the various streaming apps is too easy. No issue of lag in the android operating system was noticed. The inbuilt speakers produce good sound but the soundbars take the bass to another level.

Google Play store, games, and various apps are easily accessible. Remote performs beautifully as well which is why this is the best TCL 4K TV for a reason.

Final Thoughts: Best 4K TVs With HDR for Gaming

The 4 TVs we have just listed are the best on the market. They all produce a clean sound like any HDTV. The picture quality they offer does full justice. And browsing the home screen filled with tons of streaming apps is too simple to use.

Out of Samsung, Sony, LG, and TCL Android TV it is very difficult to pick the winner. But it is true that they all are winners in terms of features.

So why take too long to decide? Now is the time to invest and pick one of the Best 4K TVs With HDR for Gaming.

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