UHD vs OLED vs QLED TV: Which TV Is Best? (2022)

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In this article, you will know which TV (UHD vs OLED vs QLED) you should buy according to your watch type preferences and basic knowledge related to the generations of the TV i.e [UHD /4K, OLED, QLED]. Also, there will be an overview of the differences and working functions between them.

Except for the OLED TV, every TV is an LCD, i.e. it may be [ 4K, FHD, UHD, QLED, or HD ready]. All these have LEDs present at the back of the screen or at the side edges through which they brighten up, and the picture is visible on the screen.

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Best 4K TVs With HDR

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What is UHD TV: Basics Explained

The UHD [ultra high definition] or 4K is the screen resolution that is the upper generation of FHD or HD resolutions. Today it’s the most favorite choice for everyone who wants to watch the movie in a crisp and more detailed quality format.

UHD vs OLED vs QLED TV: Which TV Is Best? (2022)

The term 4K is the screen resolution where the images are nearly 4000 pixels wide, the same as UHD. It can be known as 4k, 4k ready, or 4k UHD by some brands. This resolution is also preferred in PC monitors too.

Your favorite TV shows or movies in the HD format get optimized by your TV to look regular and clear on the UHD screen. They can display the lower-resolution pictures in an optimized way to look at what it was meant to.

What is OLED TV: Basics Explained

It stands for [Organic Light Emitting Diode]. A display screen is built in a completely different manner than the popular LED or LCD display screens. The OLED generation boosts and lights up every single pixel individually through this one by one light source, the screen delivers rich contrast with a fantastic color spectrum.

UHD vs OLED vs QLED TV: Which TV Is Best? (2022)

In the LCD or LED screens, a single backlight flows through the pattern of filters and polar layers that delivers optimum display resolution but is not much advanced compared to OLED.

All the OLED technology tv supports 4K UHD or 8K UHD, but not all 4K or 8K are OLED’s. They also support High Dynamic Range picture quality lower than the above one, but not all the OLED TVs are brighter than LCD or LED.

What is QLED TV: Basics Explained

The Quantum dot [QLED] is the tiny dots from a layer in the front side of the backlight through which the color creation process is done. The QLED display screens produce more detailed and vibrant colors to enhance the picture quality.


QLED is the technology brought by Samsung, which is the latest generation in the markets, these use a metallic quantum dot filter to improve the color and contrast of the display screen [HDR+4K] compared to the other generation display panels.

These quantum dots are the tiny particles that glow when the light is focused on them, the size of the dots is precisely controlled under an actual size because the output lights can also be handled accordingly.

Difference between UHD vs OLED vs QLED

Working: Requires a normal LCD monitor Requires a normal LCD monitor with self emitting pixels Requires normal LCD+Light emitting Quantum dot pixels
Contrast: Optimum contrast quality Best in providing contrast Does Not provide enough contrast
Brightness: Average brightness Normal brightness QLED TV produces more brightness
Viewing Angle: Suitable for central watchers Suitable for corner + central watchers Best Suitable for central watchers

What TV brand is the best? [Our top recommendations]

Shopping for a new TV can be a difficult task in 2021 due to so many different models that have a variety of different features, it can be a challenging task to choose one which would be the best.

The performance of the TV changes according to the models launched in different generations. Some of the budget friendly TV brands are creating waves in the market by their top releases that are competing with the expensive ones.

So finding the best tv brands in the USA is getting complicated, keep reading below to get a more in depth idea on which one you should consider.

SONY [Best in Image / Sound Quality]

This brand launches a wide range of products [display units, cameras, headphones] and also have their own entertainment services named “SONY LIV”. The TV produced by SONY is best known for its top accuracy in image and sound quality, they provide the picture quality at its best.

The models made by SONY are tested to deliver extreme image quality, recently the model A90J OLED is the premium 4K OLED by SONY in 2021 that delivers the same top-quality pictures and audio.

Monitor 8.5
Sports 8.7
Video Games 9.2
HDR Gaming 8.6
TV shows 9.3
HDR Movies 9.7
Total Score: 9.0

LG [Best in Display]

This company is one of the largest consumer electronics producers in the world, and today they are famous for making the OLED in the market that was first released in 2013.

In the current year, LG is the prime manufacturer for OLED panels used in TVs and supplies the majority of the manufacturers around the world.

Few of the models released recently by LG use the Evo panel known for providing brighter panels for exclusive gaming experiences and controllable refresh rates for PC gamers.

Monitor 9.3
Sports 9.2
Video Games 8.5
HDR Gaming 8.2
TV shows 9.1
HDR Movies 8.3
Total Score: 8.7

SAMSUNG [Best in Long-run Performance]

Introducing another great international electronics company that is dominant in making smartphones, home products, and display units. First, one in the market who was popular in launching the 4K variants in 2010.

The QLED models launched by SAMSUNG are topmost demanded by the consumers because it’s based on new technology that delivers wide detailed color experiences for HDR movies, shows, or gaming.

It makes both 4k+8k models, currently, they launched mini LED technology-based TVs in the market that has good control over contrast and brightness. For optimum gaming experience, one can opt for higher end variants that provide extreme refresh rates.

Monitor 9.3
Sports 8.1
Video Games 9.3
HDR Gaming 8.5
TV shows 8.7
HDR Movies 9.7
Total Score: 8.9

Winner: SONY [Total Score Obtained= 9.0]

With over testing on six different parameters, we came to the conclusion that SONY can be a great choice if you are concerned about HDR content and games. However, our recommendations stated above are what we think are currently the best TV brands in 2021.

No TV is perfect on the other hand, most of them are great enough to provide you with almost every feature and the differences are not noticeable unless you compare them with each other.

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