5 Best Playpens for Babies in 2023

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A playpen is a secure space for infants, babies, and toddlers to play, nap, and crawl around. They are comfortable for sitting and feel soft with a light cushiony bottom just like Convertible car seats. Playpens have plenty of room and are useful to store toys as well. They will contain the little ones while moms can free their hands to do their housework.

Whether on a family trip, camping, sitting outside in the garden, or traveling, a playpen makes any place secure for babies and toddlers. The little ones learn to crawl inside the play fence and even learn how to stand/Walk taking the support of the walls. So the playpen is basically a learning experience for a young child.

The things to look for before buying the best playpen for toddlers, babies, and infants are:

  • Must be easy to assemble.
  • Must be lightweight.
  • The bottom, sides, edges must be padded.
  • Fabric must be waterproof and machine washable.
  • Long height so the baby won’t escape.
  • Big enough for multiple babies.

Best playpens for babies

toddler playpen e1634469014541
Goreson Toddler Playpen With Mattress Pad

Portable baby playpen e1634544990316
Hiccapop Portable Baby Playpen

Doctor playpen e1634550471912
Doctor Dolphin Foldable Baby Playpen

jovvy indoor outdoor playpen e1634555732354
Joovy Indoor Outdoor Playpen

large baby playpen e1634567917303
ANGELBLISS Large Baby Playpen

These 5 play yards are the best playpens for babies under 200$. They are lightweight, Comfortable, sturdy, and durable. They are made of fabric that is tear resistant and they all come with 2 security locks for the complete safety of a baby and a travel bag.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the 5 best playpens that will contain your child safely in 2022.

1. Goreson Toddler Playpen With Mattress Pad

5 Best Playpens For Babies 2022

Brand – Goreson | Material – Fabric | Color – Grey | Dimension – ‎78 x 59 x 27 inches | Weight – 13.62 pounds

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Goreson has a large play space for 2 kids and 1 adult.
  • Fabric is sturdy and easy to clean.
  • The mattress is included and will cover the bottom.
  • Assembling is easy and its saves time.

 Our Thoughts 

Goreson toddler playpen is a 2 door playpen that makes the babies go in and out with ease. No doubt it is a sturdy playpen as it is possible to sit comfortably with the back against the corner while playing with the baby inside. Even the mesh is strong enough for the baby to grab.

It also comes with some handy handles which help the crawling baby to stand up on their own. The mat is 15.75 MM thick and reversible. Everything is foam padded, so if the baby falls the soft foam is going to give him/her protection. Overall, Goreson toddler playpen is worth every penny.

2. Hiccapop Portable Baby Playpen

5 Best Playpens For Babies 2022

Brand – Hiccapop | Material – Fabric | Color – Grey | Dimension – ‎‎69″ W x 30″ H | Weight – 21.6 pounds

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Machine washable industrial-grade nylon fabric.
  • Portable baby playpen with tear resistant see-through mesh.
  • Anti slip feet will prevent the sliding of the playpen.
  • Extra large doors and buckles at the top of zippers.

 Our Thoughts 

Hiccapop Portable Baby Playpen without a dome is a well-designed playpen with a lifetime warranty. The little ones will not be able to unzip the doors as the zippers are outside, covered, and can be clipped.  There are no crossbars to obscure the view or for a baby to climb on.

Straps help to fold and unfold the baby play yard easily. Enough space is there to load the toys, balls, and blankets. The material wipes up with no difficulty and the bottom mat is thick enough for the baby to jump and sit comfortably. Overall, Hiccapop portable baby playpen is a deal breaker and highly recommended to parents.

3. Doctor Dolphin Foldable Baby Playpen

5 Best Playpens For Babies 2022

Brand – Doctor Dolphin | Material – HDPE | Color – Blue | Dimension – ‎‎63 x 63 x 22.8 inches | Weight – 31.6 pounds

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Make a rectangular, square, or hexagon space with 14 panels.
  • Non slip silicone base will not tilt or shake easily.
  • Kids arms will not be stuck as it is properly spaced.
  • The surface is smooth and will not harm the baby’s skin.

 Our Thoughts 

Doctor dolphin foldable baby playpen is a complete set of 12 panels, 1 gate, and 1 toy board. The panels are made up of high quality material but locking the panels will take some time. Shape them in any way to cover plenty of room for the baby to play, walk and crawl.

Every panel has a height of 22.8 inches, good enough for toddlers and babies under the age of 3 years. The foldable colorful playpen looks attractive and will grab the attention of the baby. In case, those who don’t want their baby to sit on a hard floor they have to buy the mattress separately.

Remember not to put this foldable baby playpen on the carpet as it will shake a little. Overall, the doctor dolphin is the best playpen for toddlers.

4. Joovy Indoor Outdoor Playpen

jovvy indoor outdoor playpen e1634555755831

Brand – Joovy | Material – Cotton/Mesh | Color – Charcoal | Dimension – ‎‎39.8 x 31 x 39.8 inches | Weight – 29.6 pounds

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Foldable and water proof material.
  • Strong mesh and cushiony cotton mattress.
  • 10 square feet size large enough for multiple kids.
  • 360 degrees field of view and 4 wheels to move it with ease.

 Our Thoughts 

Joovy indoor outdoor playpen is one of the smallest play yards for babies and toddlers. The crib is a little heavy but the wheels make transportation very easy for moms as well. The package includes a soft bottom and a thick sheet to cover it which makes it more cushioning.

Traveling can be difficult with this indoor outdoor playpen due to its weight and size. Not over expensive and it is durable than most of the playpens out there. But remember, it is not fit for a baby with a height above 35″ and weight above 25 LBS. Overall, it has a classy solid built and is one of the best playpens for babies.

5. ANGELBLISS Large Baby Playpen

large baby playpen e1634567917303

Brand – AngelBliss | Material – 300D oxford fabric | Color – Grey | Dimension – 59 x 27 x 71  inches | Weight – 16.87 pounds

 Reasons To Purchase 

  • 4 safety suction cup tee on each corner.
  • Easy installation with patent connectors.
  • The stitching quality of fabric/mesh is excellent.
  •  Sturdy, wipeable, portable, and cheap toddler playpen.

 Our Thoughts 

AngelBliss large baby playpen is much more comfortable and safer play yards ever. The frame quality is superb as it is made up of metal poles and the connectors are plastic to hold them together. Crawling and playing will be fun with this baby play fence.

Setting up the playpen will take at least 2 people and its size is perfect for a busy toddler. The 4 suction cup at the bottom prevents it from shaking or moving. But at this price, it doesn’t come with the mattress so it can be really hard to find the play mat for AngelBliss playpen.

Overall, this large baby playpen is the safest playpen in the market. It is very easy to clean and fits perfectly anywhere. Worth purchasing.

Final Thoughts

The parents who want their babies to be safe while playing must opt for one of the above playpens. They are the best on the market and will help to create a mini playground for babies in the home as well as the outdoors. They all have their own features and design.

Under 200$, these playpens will educate the babies to stand, crawl, and make them strong. If your baby is smaller than 4 years, now is the right time to invest.

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