Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5000 for Adults in 2024

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Title: Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5000 for Adults

Electric Motorcycle Scooters are the perfect solution for an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient way to get around. With their combination of power and portability, Electric Moped bikes make it easy to cover short distances quickly and easily.

Whether you’re looking to get to work, school, or just want to explore the city, an electric motorcycle scooter is sure to get you there in style and comfort.

Electric motorcycle bikes are the future of commuting but they are little more expensive than electric bikes and electric scooters.

If you are someone who loves riding or just want to have a motorcycle experience, read this article. We are going to review the Best Electric Motorcycle under $5000 for Adults in this post.

Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5000 for adults – eAhora M1P 37Mph 2000W Electric Motorcycle for Commuting

Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5000 for Adults
Brand eAhora
ColorBlack, Silver, Blue, Wine Red, Green
Motor2000 W
Weight Capacity 440 Pounds
Recommended HeightOver 4’6”, Two People can sit
Max Speed37MPH 
Wheel MaterialRubber

Features: Best Electric Motorcycle under $5000 for Adults, eAhora M1P 37Mph 2000W Electric Motorcycle for Commuting

  • eAhora motorcycle can climb 30 degree slope.
  • The motorbike comes with 67.2V 5A fast charger and 60V 30Ah capacity battery.
  • All the controls are provided on the handlebars.
  • Hydraulic disk brake system and foldable footrest.
  • It has a kickstand with electric cut off.


  • The moped comes 95% assembled.
  • Suitable for all terrains.
  • Comfortable ride and seat.
  • Highly efficient motor.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • More than 40 miles of range.
  • Durable hydraulic break.
  • Strong grip tires.
  • Waterproof seat.
  • Lockable steering.
  • Comes with an alarm.


  • Takes long time to charge

What’s included in the eAhora M1P electric motorcycle box?

You are going to receive a huge box to unbox once you purchase this motorbike. The box includes:

  1. eAhora electric motorcycle x 1(includes Front Fender x1; Handle Bar x1; Front Tire x1)
  2. Assemble tool bag: Phone Holder x1, User’s Manual x1, Assemble Tools.
  3. Small Box: Rearview-Mirrors x1 pair

In case you want more accessories like saddle bags and side trunks to install on the M1P bike, you can find them at the official website of eahora.

Best Electric Motorcycle Scooter for Adults

eAhora M1P Motorcycle has how many levels of speed limit?

The M1P bike has three levels of speed limit. With the red button you can change the speed of the moped. The speed button is on the right-hand twist throttle. The Bike will start at level two speed (35-36 mph).

To change the speed level, press the red button. From level two, it will move to level three speed (43-45 mph) and on pressing it again, the speed will change to level one (25-27 mph).

Don’t get confused when the display shows you the level four speed. The level four speed is not active on M1P Motorcycle scooter.

What are various parts of the M1P moped that need to be protected while washing?

The five bike parts that must be protected from water while washing is battery, motor, display, charging port, and controller.

So, keep in mind to remove the battery first, prevent water from entering the display, controller, and charging port. And don’t splash water directly on the motor, else it will get damaged easily.

Can we ride M1P electric motorcycle bike in rain?

You know already that the seat of the M1P moped is waterproof but not the whole bike. As the bike is fully electric and not a CC bike, it is not recommended to stand it in rain outside.

Yes, you can ride the Motorcycle in the rain but at your own risk as the M1P motorcycle is fully electric.

Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5000 for Adults

What parts of the eAhora M1P motorbike do we need to attach?

The motorcycle mostly comes assembled. You only need to attach the front wheel, battery, and the handlebar. You can do this on your own just by reading the instructions in the manual or watching the assembly video.

What things do users dislike in the eahora M1P motorcycle?

Some users face issues in tightening the handles. So, if you are facing the same problem, you need to check out the proper assembly video of the M1P motorbike.

People that are over 6’2” height say that the bike is small for their body. And for some people handlebars are far too long. They feel fatigue in their hands and arms if they hold long handles for a long time.

Some users face issues of losing the mirror grip and its misalignment. The mirror is attached to the handlebar. Whereas, some group of users think that the foldable pedal placement is not right. The pedals are directly below the knees and they prefer pedals slightly forward for comfortable feet rest.

Best Electric Motorcycle Scooter for Adults

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery has a long life if you take care of it properly. On bad weather always remove it and it is better to charge the battery after removing it.

Within six hours you can charge the battery to full. And in 4 to 5 hours, it will attain 85% of battery life.

Do the tires of the bike perform well in extreme conditions?

The fat 12 inch tires perform very well in conditions like thick Mud, snow, grass fields, and steep incline hills. The motor torque is good enough to take the M1P motorbike up the hills. But never go above 30 degree slope hill as this can damage the motor.

Always Maintain the 33psi pressure in front tire and 22psi pressure in the rear tire.

Do you need to register to drive this electric motorcycle for commuting?

You need to call DMV first to confirm whether you need to register or not. Because there are different rules for different states in the United States.

You need to send them VIN number of the bike for registration and you’re driving license.

Conclusion: Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5000 for Adults

Electric Motorcycle Scooters are changing the way we commute. In a world of rising fuel prices and increasing environmental concerns, more and more people are turning to electric vehicles for their everyday transportation needs.

The eAhora M1P Electric Motorcycle we reviewed in this article is the best electric motorcycle for adults. It has every feature that any modern bike has. And most importantly it is environmentally friendly.

Yes, it is an expensive electric scooter but worth spending your money on. The design of the bike is going to shock people in your area.

Also check out some other models of electric motorcycle:

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  2. eAhora M2 3000W 46Mph Electric Moped for Adults
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