Best Evaporative Air Coolers: Cool Breeze Appliance 2022

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As the hot days are not too far, it is time to prepare yourself to face summer weather. To tackle the hot and dry weather evaporative air cooler plays an effective role.

They are Cheaper than an air conditioner and emit a gentle cool breeze that spread all over the room. 

Best Evaporative Air Coolers 

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TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler (45")

Best Evaporative Air Coolers US 2021
BREEZEWELL Portable Air cooler

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TaoTronics Air Cooler for Room (43")

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TRUSTECH Air Cooler Mini (40")

The reason why an evaporative air cooler is best is because it is environmentally friendly and saves energy. It delivers chilled air by absorbing heat via evaporation.

Just add ice cubes to the water inside the cooler and the cold air will blow out to make the summer heat disappear. 

In our article, we will present the brand new and best evaporative air coolers available in the market. Let’s check them out.

1. TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler (45″)

Best Evaporative Air Coolers US 2021

Brand – TaoTronics | Colour – White | Control – Remote/Control panel | Oscillation – 80° | Water tank capacity – 6L/1.59 Gal | Timer – 1-15 hours | No of speeds – 4 | Package Dimension – 47.5 x 14.3 x 12.8 inches | Weight – 11.4 Kg

  • TaoTronics Air Cooler is a 3-in-1 Appliance. 
  • Use it as an evaporative air cooler to create a cooling effect.
  • Or use it as a tower fan to circulate indoor air.
  • Also, use it as a humidifier to keep air hydrated.
  • The evaporative air cooler provides 7hrs of continuous cool and fresh air with one fill.
  • Add ice packs to cool your surrounding air down within seconds.
  • 80° oscillation distributes air with a velocity of 25ft/s to increase airflow.

 Our Thoughts  

The TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler is 45″ high and is very economical. Various features like auto shut, 4-speed mode, and sleep mode add an extra reason to buy this air cooler. It is cylindrical in shape with a round base and its airflow covers a wide range. 

It is a quality air cooler with a sleek design. The Water tank is detachable as well as cooling pads and back cover. The air cooler package includes 2 ice packs to experience more cooling.

Overall TaoTronics best Evaporative Air Coolers are high-class coolers that perform exceptionally well during summer.

2. BREEZEWELL Portable Air cooler

Best Evaporative Air Coolers US 2021

Brand – BREEZEWELL | Colour – White | Control – Remote/Control panel | Oscillation – 65° | Water tank capacity – 1 Gallon | Timer – 1-12 hours | No of speeds – 3 | Package Dimension – 11 x 10 x 22 inches | Weight – 9   pounds

  • The evaporative cooling process of the cooler naturally humidifies dry air.
  • It delivers a stream of smooth, therapeutic, and high-velocity air.
  • Easy to control with 3-speed settings of portable air cooler.
  • 65° automatic swing to give all the comfort you need – low, medium, or high speed.
  • Bladeless design is much safer to use in a household that has children or pets.
  • Just a click to control your fan from 20 feet.
  • Automatic shutdown in 1 to 12-hour intervals.

 Our Thoughts  

BREEZEWELL portable air cooler is a high-rated cooling machine. The beautiful design and slim body deliver a relaxing cool breeze which the costly AC can not deliver.

It not only lowers the temperature but also enhances the looks of the room. The 65-degree swing function will swing the cool air to spread across every corner of the room with ease.

The 3 different modes make it better than any other air cooler out there. The heat of this summer will not be a problem anymore when the BREEZEWELL air cooler is at your home.

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 3. TaoTronics Air Cooler for Room(43″)

Best Evaporative Air Coolers US 2021

Brand – TaoTronics | Colour – White | Control – Remote/Control panel | Oscillation – 60° | Water tank capacity – 7L/1.85 Gallon | Timer – 30 mins-10 hours | No of speeds – 3 | Package Dimension – 13 x 10 x 43 inches | Weight – 25.35 pounds

  • TaoTronics Air Cooler is a 43-inch tower fan with 3 speed and running settings.
  • It is also a humidifier with 800ml/h moisture output.
  • Also, a swamp cooler generates a cool breeze, this feature works well with AC.
  • Low noise will quietly supply fresh and moist airflow on hot nights.
  • The tank, back filter, and cooling pad are removable.
  • Remote control with 20-ft range help to quickly adjust all settings.
  • Move the portable air cooler anywhere with the handle and 4 heavy-duty casters.

 Our Thoughts  

This TaoTronics Air Cooler for room is 43″ tall and doesn’t occupy too much space. The built quality is so good and the cold water is enough to check the cooling power of this air cooler.

In the low fan speed, the air cooler is very quiet but as the speed increases, it will produce some noise. The cooler is portable and easy to clean as well.

It is recommended to clean the filter regularly for better cooling efficiency. The product is not harmful to the atmosphere at all and its maximum energy consumption is 80W/h means that it is an energy-saving air cooler.

Overall the TaoTronics is a great machine for summer weather and the best air cooler for room.

4. TRUSTECH Air Cooler Mini (40″)


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Brand – TRUSTECH | Colour – White | Control – Remote/Touch Panel | Oscillation – 70° | Water tank capacity – 2L | Timer – 1-8 hours | No of speeds – 3 | Dimension – 40 x 8.4 x 7.3 inches | Weight – 11.97 pounds

  • TRUSTECH Air cooler mini is 2 in 1 appliance.
  • A tower fan can be used alone or as an evaporative air cooler.
  • Trustech oscillating tower fan has 3 modes (normal wind/natural wind/ sleep wind).
  • It comes with 3 wind speed settings (low/middle/high).
  • Air cooler adds Moisture To Dry Environment.
  • Lightweight design and a convenient carry handle on the top.
  • Tiny fence design eliminates the risk of children’s finger inserting.

 Our Thoughts  

TRUSTECH Air cooler mini is small but effective. Provides cool air but with ice packs, it will cool more. It also depends on where the air cooler is kept. If it is placed closer to the window then obviously more cooling it will give.

The water level window is there to indicate the level of water and prevent any spillage. Control the air cooler mini manually or in case don’t wanna get up then use remote control. The range of the remote control is 6 meters. 

TRUSTECH manufactures the best Evaporative Air coolers that work well to make hot days cool and the appliance is worth every penny.

TaoTronics vs TrusTech vs BreezeWell Air cooler

 TANK CAPACITY : Want a bigger tank capacity (1.85 gallons) air cooler than TaoTronics Air Cooler for room(43″) will be the best choice.

Also, TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler (45″) comes with 1.59 gallons capacity tank. Whereas BREEZEWELL portable air cooler has 1 gallon and TRUSTECH Air cooler mini has 0.53-gallon tank capacity. 

 SWING : Better the swing means better the airflows in all the directions. For better oscillation go for TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler (45″) which has a swing of 80°. Whereas the TRUSTECH air cooler mini has a swing of 70° and the BREEZEWELL air cooler swing is 65°. 

 FAN SPEED : TaoTronics Evaporative Air Cooler (45″) has 4 fan speed levels( low/medium/high/turbo) whereas the other three best evaporative air coolers have 3 fan speed levels. Want better fan speed? then you know which air cooler to pick.

  In the end, No matter which one you choose, these 4 best evaporative air coolers are perfect to shut the heat out of your room during the summer season. It is time to make a move and finalize your favorite air cooler. So what are you waiting for?  

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